Glenn Winningham Fearn of Arizona Accused of Trying to Smuggle Weapons Into Canada

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Glenn Winningham; house of Fearn
Glenn Winningham Fearn, a sovereign-citizen nut from Arizona and Texas, has been accused by Canadian authorities of trying to smuggle banned weapons across the international border.

Fearn, who in his many civil court filings over the years refers to himself as "Glenn Winningham; house of Fearn," was caught on October 11 at the Coutts crossing just north of Sweetgrass, Montana. Fearn's illegal stash, (see picture below), resembles the legal contents of a typical Arizonans' hobby cabinet: Several high-capacity magazines for semi-auto rifles, a blowgun and a couple of knives. But in the gun-less utopia of Canada, apparently, those items aren't allowed.

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Arizona's Nutty Republicans Star in Anti-Agenda 21 Hearing: The Highlight Reel

A man in a blue shirt takes a nap during this thought-provoking hearing on Agenda 21.
Members of the conspiracy-theory wing of the Republican Party in Arizona, sometimes referred to as the "Black Helicopter Caucus," gathered last week at the Capitol to discuss Agenda 21 and their fears of the plan that appears to have been adopted from Glenn Beck.

Republican State Senator Judy Burges headed up the meeting, which also featured former legislative wingnut Sylvia Allen, and there's a hilarious highlight reel (or depressing, depending on how seriously you take these things) of how it all went down.

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Carl Seel, House Republican, Hates Agenda 21, but Doesn't Know What He's Talking About

Representative Carl Seel, confused and getting testy.
Republican State Representative Carl Seel just detests the United Nations' Agenda 21 -- he and his pal, Senator Judy Burges, have been trying to prevent part of that agenda, the Rio Declaration, from being used in Arizona.

On the House floor yesterday, however, Seel was unable to produce the reasoning as to why he was trying to amend a bill to ban any government agents in Arizona from implementing any aspect of the Rio Declaration.

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-Judy Burges, Republican State Senator, Claims Agenda 21 Will Turn Arizona Into Commie-Land

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Judy Burges, Republican State Senator, Claims Agenda 21 Will Turn Arizona Into Commie-Land

State Senator Judy Burges explains a lot of things she doesn't know much about.
Do you hear that? That's the sound of a black helicopter landing at the state capitol for the Senate Government and Environment Committee's hearing on a conspiracy theory bill about the United Nations' "Agenda 21."

Yes, Republican state Senator Judy Burges is still trying to warn everyone that the United Nations is trying to turn Arizona into a land of communism like Brazil, which Burges insists is a communist nation, for some reason.

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Obama Haters Are So Upset That They're Asking the White House to Let Arizona Secede

History's a bitch, isn't it?
Why would out-of-towners ever write off Arizona as a place just full of bozos and lunatics?

Well, the petition to the White House requesting that the Obama administration let Arizona secede from the Union and start its own government is a good place to start your research.

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Allen West, Congress' Resident Goof, Turns to Arizonans for Campaign Cash

Desperate-for-cash Florida Congressman Allen West
It's a sad day when you find out that Republican Florida Congressman Allen West is trying to squeeze some bucks out of Arizona residents.

West -- for those not familiar with him -- is the most outspoken member of Congress, a tea-party king who has a penchant for making things up (see: Rep. Allen West Says Up To 81 House Members Are Communists), and resorts to name-calling for any reason he can find.

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Jan Brewer Unveils New Plan to Get Rid of Illegal Immigrants (Not Really)

OK, so that's not really Governor Jan Brewer explaining her new method of getting rid of illegal immigrants, but it's hilarious.

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Rolling Stone Recaps the "Really Crazy Stuff" Going On in Arizona Politics

Rolling Stone.jpg
Rolling Stone did a wrap up about Arizona's "really crazy" political climate -- not that we needed a reminder.

But, yeah, this is why the rest of the country is laughing at us.

Bennett the Birther? Gould the Gunman? Kelly and his M-16s?


Read the Rolling Stone recap below:

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Arizona Senator John McCain Second-Most-Disliked U.S. Senator in the Country; Jon Kyl "Well Below Average," According to Poll

What voter apathy looks like.
Just three days after Public Policy Polling found that just about no one likes Sarah Palin or Donald Trump, the pollsters say today that Arizonans don't like their senators either.

Arizona Senator John McCain -- who had a 40 percent approval rating in the firm's January polling -- now has a 34 percent approval rating, the second-lowest among U.S. senators in the nation.

"[McCain] has improved considerably with the GOP after a bruising primary battle last summer and his White House loss, but he is in the basement with everyone else," the pollsters say in a statement.

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Arizona Does "Not Have a Single Common Sense Gun Law" On Books, Brady Center Finds

For a state that recently became only the second in the  country to pass a law that names an official state gun, it shouldn't come as much of a shock that Arizona scored a whopping zero points on this year's Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence annual scorecard -- and that's out of 100.

Arizona joins Utah and Alaska on the group's list of states that "do not have a single common sense gun law on their books," and are considered "do-nothing" states in terms of gun-control policy.

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