Tempe Cop Accidentally Hits 14-Year-Old Girl With Taser Probe

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By Junglecat via Wikimedia Commons

A Tempe police officer accidentally discharged the probes from his Taser while showing it to a middle school class, police say.

One of the probes hit a 14-year-old girl in the arm, while the other probe struck a wall. The girl was not hit with the electrical current, since both probes need to hit someone for that to happen.

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Christine Jones, GOP Candidate for Governor and ex-Go Daddy Exec, Arrested for DUI in '04

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Christine Jones, featured at right in a Go Daddy ad, is running for Arizona governor.
Christine Jones, a GOP candidate for governor in 2014 and former lawyer for Go Daddy, was popped for DUI in 2004, records show.

That's right; the woman who was singing for Sheriff Joe Arpaio at a charity event a few days ago was singing the blues in his jail a few years ago.

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Fired Prosecutors Satisfied With Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles' Public Clarification of News Release That "Tarnished" Reputations

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Image: Facebook
Lando Voyles, Pinal County Attorney
Six lawyers fired by Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles are satisfied with Voyles' public "clarification" of a news release that dissed them, their lawyer says.

Michael Manning, the lawyer representing the six former Pinal prosecutors, tells New Times that his clients were "never in it for the money" -- which, he adds, they probably would have been awarded if they had decided to sue.

The six "career prosecutors" who felt defamed by Voyles are Paul Ahler, Kristy Perkins, Stacey Heard, James Heard, Neil Miller, and Susan Crawford.

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Lando Voyles, Pinal County Attorney, Says Fired Prosecutors Were Never Suspected of Crimes; Earlier Statement May Have Left "Mistaken Impression"

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Lando Voyles, Pinal County Attorney, Says Fired Prosecutors Were Never Suspected of Crimes; Earlier Statement May Have Left "Mistaken Impression"

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Lando Voyles, Pinal County Attorney, said in a statement on Friday that a January 2nd email he sent to reporters may have left a "mistaken impression" about a group of fired prosecutors.
Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles wants the public to know that a group of prosecutors he fired a few months ago were never suspected of any crimes.

The unusual email blast sent to reporters and others today is intended to clarify a January 2nd email that "may have left the mistaken impression" that the prosecutors were involved in an embezzlement case he mentioned in the same January email.

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Gerald Lee Culverson of Chandler Released from Jail Without Charge; Cops Back Off Murder Accusation, Retract Worst Details of Victim's Bitten Breasts

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culverson gerald 1.JPG
Gerald Lee Culverson of Chandler was released from jail Monday, and police are backing off on the accusation that he killed his girlfriend.
Gerald Lee Culverson of Chandler has been released from jail without any pending charge, despite Monday's allegation by police that he killed his girlfriend.

Based on preliminary information from the county medical examiner, Chandler police today retracted two key details from the probable-cause statement from which we quoted in Monday's blog post about Culverson:

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James Drorbaugh, Child-Porn Defendant Facing Four to Six Years in Prison, Says Others Responsible for Illegal Downloads

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Image: Facebook
James Drorbaugh says that he's about to be sentenced to at least four years in prison -- all because someone else downloaded child porn on his computer.
James Drorbaugh describes every computer user's worst nightmare:

While he was away or inattentive, an unscrupulous, perverted acquaintance downloaded hundreds of disgusting images and videos of child pornography, resulting in a raid of Drorbaugh's home and, ultimately, a pending prison sentence of at least four years.

We wrote about the Arizona man on Friday, and Drorbaugh contacted us today to take issue with a couple of aspects of our article, notably the headline that calls him a "child-porn collector." The article reports the recent plea agreement by Drorbaugh, who's admitting to the possession of at least one image of child pornography in return for a four- to six-year prison sentence.

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Man's Partner Murdered in Drug Deal, He Gets Charged

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daniel alvarado2.jpg
Phoenix Police Department
Daniel Albert Alvarado
Phoenix police arrested a man suspected of murder, after he and his partner - who eventually died from his wounds - were shot during a drug deal in June.

Daniel Albert Alvarado, 29, has been charged with murder and two counts of intent to sell marijuana. According to a police report, Alvarado admitted he and the deceased, Danny Tineo, had arranged to sell about 15 pounds of weed to three men and were meeting inside a house near 91st and Vernon avenues.

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Bryan Teague of Peoria Accused of Starting 5,220-Acre "Mistake Peak Fire" With Propane Tank in Tonto National Forest

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Image: AZ Department of Corrections
Bryan J. Teague of Peoria was arrested on February 8 and accused by the United States Forest Service of kicking a propane can into a campfire on August 8, sparking the 5,220-acre "Mistake Peak Fire" in the Tonto National Forest.

Putting a propane tank in a campfire turns out to be an even stupider idea than we thought.

After Bryan J. Teague of Peoria put a 16-ounce tank in a campfire on August 8 while on an off-roading trip in the Tonto National Forest, the predictable explosion sparked the 5,220-acre "Mistake Peak Fire," court documents state.

Investigators quickly figured out where the fire, which had started at about 6 p.m., originated. Later that same night, Teague, 56, was caught skulking in woods and questioned. He lied initially about the details of the incident, records state, but confessed a week later to kicking the propane tank in the fire ring, watching it explode, and leaving the site after the fire grew out of control.

The U.S. Forest Service filed a federal criminal complaint against Teague on Thursday, and he was arrested in Peoria on Friday, court records show.

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Lisa Aubuchon Didn't File Motion to Stay in Appeal to Get Prosecutor Job Back -- We Screwed Up

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Sorry, Lisa Aubuchon.

Yesterday, we published a blog post stating -- incorrectly, it turns out -- that Aubuchon had filed a motion to stay her appeal to get her job back as a Maricopa deputy county attorney. We compounded the mistake by suggesting Aubuchon thought she might be disbarred when a State Bar disciplinary panel makes its decision on her potential punishment.

But she's the plaintiff in the Maricopa Merit Commission job-appeal proceedings, not the defendant, like we thought -- and it was the defendant (Maricopa County) that filed the motion to stay the proceedings.

In fact, (as we've now learned), Aubuchon and her attorney, Ed Moriarity, opposed the motion to stay, which implies Aubuchon does think she'll still have a law license if and when the Merit Commission decides to put her back on the job. Moriarity informed us of the error this afternoon and asked us to retract the earlier article, which we did.

We regret the error.

"Raven," Profiled In Our Series on Mentally Ill Homeless, Gets Chased Out

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Late last year, we published a story about a guy known as "Raven," a mentally ill man who had been living for more than a year in a central Phoenix park.

mob mentality.png
‚ÄčThe piece described how several of Raven's "neighbors," folks who live in the area around the big park, had gotten to know the usually friendly middle-aged man and helped him out with food, water and companionship.

Sadly, not a happy ending to this story. (Photographic hint to the left, i.e. an angry mob).

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