Would Bill Montgomery and Company Actually Prosecute Porn Actors for Prostitution?

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery sent out a gentle reminder yesterday that anyone paid to appear in a porno flick "may be guilty" of prostitution.

He's not saying the County Attorney's Office is going after the porno industry -- or that it isn't -- but with rumors of California-based porno companies coming over to the desert after Los Angeles' new law requiring porn actors to wear condoms, he's just sayin'.

Montgomery's office also issued the warning that soliciting someone to make a porno appearance, collecting money as a porn star's agent, bringing actors from California to Arizona to do porn, making a place available for shooting, and producing porn may all be felonies in Arizona. Again, he's just sayin'.

As you may know, pornography companies have been operating in Arizona -- or, as local talent Taryn Thomas calls it, "like a mini Porn Valley" -- for years.

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Bill Montgomery's Warning to the Porn Industry: Filming Nudie Flicks in Arizona May Be Prostitution (Even Though It's Been Happening Here for Years)

montgomery bill 1.jpg
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery says having sex for money may be illegal.
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery's heard the news that several California porn-production companies may be planning to come out to Arizona, partially due to Los Angeles' new law requiring porn actors to wear condoms.

Now, Montgomery's warning that bare-backing it on camera in Arizona may qualify as prostitution.

"Under Arizona law, anyone paid to appear in a pornographic movie may be guilty of the crime of prostitution, which carries mandatory jail time as well as the possibility of other penalties," Montgomery's office warns.

As you may know -- or pretend to not know -- several porno outlets have already been operating in Arizona for several years now, including the Scottsdale-based Backroom Casting Couch and FTV Girls.

County Attorney's Office spokesman Jerry Cobb tells New Times that Montgomery's office is well aware that some porno companies operate in Arizona, but claims they could be violating prostitution laws as well.

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Troy Puetz Caught Videotaping Ex-Girlfriend Having Sex With Other Man; Says She's Into "Some Kinky S**t"

Troy Puetz
According to Troy Allen Puetz, his ex-girlfriend -- who currently has an order of protection against him -- is into some real "kinky shit."

She's not kinky enough to ask him to stand outside her window and videotape her having sex with another man, though -- which is what police say Puetz was up to Friday night.

According to court records obtained by New Times, Puetz was found by police sitting in his parked car in a neighborhood in the 10,000 block of East Wier Avenue in Mesa Friday night -- just around the corner from his ex's house. When police found him, Puetz was watching porn on a laptop inside the car.

Puetz gave police consent to search his car -- in addition to the laptop, the officers found a video camera in the backseat.

The cops played a video that was saved on the camera and saw what appeared to be a man and a woman having sex "doggy style" on the floor of a home. It appeared the video was shot by someone standing outside the window of the room where the couple was having sex.

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Jose Olmos Breaks Into Apartment Office to Steal Drill and Look at Porn

Jose Jesse Olmos
Here's what we know: 38-year-old Jose Jesse Olmos broke into an office at the Mesa apartment complex where he lives, stole a power drill, and looked at porn on a computer in the office -- as captured on the office's surveillance camera.

What we -- and, more importantly, people who work in the office -- don't know is what Olmos was doing while looking at the porn (he conveniently turned the surveillance camera upside down while viewing the porn so it couldn't record whatever it was he was doing) and we won't venture to guess.

According to court records obtained by New Times, on November 6, Mesa police responded to a burglary call at the office of the Sunrise Manor Apartments at 1107 East University Drive in Mesa two days earlier, on November 4.

The manager of the apartment complex told police that when he went to the office on November 5, a drill, a power washer, and his jacket were missing. He also told police a pornographic website was on his computer.

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Gaylord Sports Management Accused of Using Porn Star to Lure Athletes; Same Agency Employed Guy Who Cops Say Tried to Arrange Threesome With 14-Year-Old

Porn star Bibi Jones claims a Valley sports agent used her to lure potential clients.
Gaylord Sports Management -- a Scottsdale-based talent agency for professional athletes -- has a little work to do on the PR front; in addition to once employing a guy who's currently accused of trying to have a threesome with two underage girls, a porn star is now claiming she was used by a different agent to lure in clients.

According to porn star Bibi Jones -- who's starred in such films as Naughty Nannies 3 and Amateur Action -- GSM agent Terry Bross would take her out to bars after Arizona Diamondbacks games so she could meet Major League Baseball players and lure them to GSM.

Jones says she bedded more than 10 guys while working in cahoots with Bross, a couple of whom, she says, later signed with the agent.

One of Bross' clients Jones claims to have slept with is Atlanta Braves second baseman Dan Uggla, who signed with GSM in 2010 -- three weeks after a road trip to Phoenix to play the Diamondbacks.

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Super Bowl Porn Hacker Frank Gonzalez Pleads Guilty to Computer Tampering

This is the beginning of a 37-second porn clip thousands of viewers of the 2009 Super Bowl watched following a Larry Fitzgerald touchdown.
Frank Tanori Gonzalez, the Marana man who gave thousands of viewers of the 2009 Super Bowl a 37-second dose of porn, pleaded guilty in Pima County Superior Court this morning to two counts of computer tampering, the Arizona Attorney General's Office confirms to New Times.

See the video of a guy's penis interrupting a Larry Fitzgerald touchdown here (careful, it's not even close to being safe for work).

Gonzalez, who was working for Cox Communications at the time of the Super Bowl porn incident, must pay a $1,000 fine and be placed on probation for three years, according to the terms of his plea agreement.

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Michael Surgeon Had So Much Kiddie Porn on His Computer That it Crashed

Michael Surgeon claims he collects kiddie porn so he can report it to authorities.
Mesa resident Michael Jared Surgeon had so much kiddie porn on his computer that it caused his hard drive to crash. Apparently not caring that his computer was jam-packed with kiddy porn, he took it to a computer-repair shop -- and that's why he's currently facing 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, on June 7, 2010, Surgeon brought his computer to the Data Doctors store in Tempe after its hard drive crashed.

Technicians at the store diagnosed the problem rather quickly: Surgeon had over 1,000 images and videos of kiddy porn stored on the hard drive.

Some of the titles of the videos and images include "4-Year-Old Girl Mafiasex," "Children Kids Hard," "4-year-old Jackoff Dad," and "Little Girl Rape Sex."

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Charlie Sheen "Goddess" Bree Olson on New Porn-Star Rock Band: Biggest Problem is "Being Taken Seriously."

Bree Olson and her former flame, "bitchin' rock star from Mars" Charlie Sheen.
The biggest problem porn star/former Charlie Sheen "goddess" Bree Olson faces with her new porn-star-comprised rock band is "being taken seriously," she says -- which is a legitimate concern for a rock band made up of women who have sex on film for a living.

The fact that they often show up drunk -- if at all -- get in fights, and vandalize things adds to the concern.

Olson is wrapping up filming of a reality TV show about a porn-star rock band that made a stop in Scottsdale recently.

"The band" is comprised of Olson, and fellow porn stars Monica Mayhem, Layla Labelle, Alicia Andrews, and Tuesday Cross. The "band" played two nights at Babydolls in Scottsdale. Apparently, things didn't go well.

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Backroom Casting Couch Turns to Craigslist After Top Recruiter's Kiddie-Porn Indictment

Hard times. Backroom Casting Couch's anonymous porn creep Eric Whittaker's lost his top "talent" recruiter. So he's resorting to Craigslist.
Anonymous porn "star" Eric Whittaker, from the sleazy, Scottsdale-based website Backroom Casting Couch, is apparently pretty hard up for talent now that his top recruiter, Antonio Gonzalez, is up on kiddie-porn charges.

Whittaker, who never shows his face in his porn movies, has turned to Craigslist to lure girls into porn with the promise of up to $5,000 a day.

According to one former model, she's never seen Whittaker resort to Craigslist to recruit "talent." She says he's "absolutely" getting desperate now that his top recruiter's facing some lengthy prison time.

Normally, Whittaker uses Gonzalez's modeling agencies, Mayflower Modeling and Photos by Gonzo, to recruit young girls to appear in his faux-reality porn flicks. But with "Gonzo" currently facing six counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, three counts of sexual conduct with a minor, and one count of furnishing obscene materials to a minor, his porn recruiting days may be over.

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Backroom Casting Couch Recruiter Antonio Gonzalez Faces Additional Kiddy-Porn-Related Charges

Backroom Casting Couch recruiter Antonio "Gonzo" Gonzalez.
Things just got even worse for "reality" porn recruiter Antonio Adrian "Gonzo" Gonzalez.

"Gonzo" was charged last month with several kiddy-porn-related charges for allegedly sexually attacking several underage girls he was recruiting for his websites, photosbygonzo.com and gonzomodeling.com -- both feeders for the porn website "Backroom Casting Couch" -- and now he faces even more charges.

If you're not familiar with how Backroom Casting Couch works, or how its "star," Eric Whitaker -- who's seen on the site having unprotected sex with dozens of young women -- has herpes, click here.

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