Sky Harbor Airport Passenger Found With 92 Pounds of Weed in Checked Luggage

One of the weed bags ready to fly to Pittsburgh.
A passenger on a flight out of Phoenix's Sky Harbor airport tried to check luggage containing 92 pounds of marijuana, according to the TSA.

A TSA spokesman says the Phoenix Police Department was contacted once agents made the discovery.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, 39-year-old Lauretta Blanton had actually spread the load among three checked bags, and two of the bags actually made it onto the plane.

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Phoenix-to-Las Vegas Interstate Proposal Gets Signs

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Governor Jan Brewer, standing near what may become an interstate.
Twenty-three years after the first official discussions of a straight, interstate-quality path for vehicles from Phoenix to Las Vegas, there finally is physical evidence of progress: some signs.

There's no construction date, no funding, and the studies aren't even done, but the Arizona Department of Transportation has put up four "Future I-11 Corridor" signs along the proposed path of the interstate.

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Driver Everyone Hates Admits to Purposely Clogging Phoenix's Passing Lanes

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Doug Kerr

If you'd like to make your blood boil, crack open the opinion pages of the Arizona Republic.

You know the people who like to camp out in the left-hand lane of the highway, impeding people who'd like to drive faster than them? This guy writing to the Republic admits that he does it on purpose.

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DPS Warns of Speed Patrols by Airplane This Weekend

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Peter Dutton via Flickr

If you're driving from Phoenix to Las Vegas or Kingman this weekend, beware -- the Arizona Department of Public Safety is bringing out the airplane to catch speeders.

According to DPS, the plane will be cruising U.S. Route 93, and the Highway Patrol officers on the ground will be along the highway, south of Interstate 40, outside Kingman.

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Auto Enthusiasts Want to Block Potential Toll Roads in Arizona

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CountyLemonade via Flickr
An example of an HOT lane on Interstate 15 in Utah.

A group of automotive enthusiasts is trying to prevent any roads and highways in the state from becoming toll roads.

Additionally, the proposed ballot initiative submitted by the group targets plans for potential toll lanes on highways, which would allow solo drivers to pay to use the carpool lane.

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Should the "Stupid Motorist Law" Apply to More Stupid Motorists?

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theritters via Flickr
"I'll be damned, how on earth did this happen?"

Amid reports of a tour bus with 33 people aboard essentially being washed off a Kingman road and being flipped on its side, there are mentions of Arizona's "stupid motorist law."

In many, many cases, drivers like that who decide to roll on into the flooded area don't get charged, because the state's "stupid motorist law" is kind of stupid.

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Three Possibilities for Phoenix-to-Tucson Passenger Rail Line to Be Studied

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The plans for a passenger rail line between Phoenix and Tucson are crawling at a snail's pace.

However, state transportation officials announced today that they're going to "study the feasibility" of three routes for the potential rail line.

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Three of Four People Killed in Mid-Air Plane Crash Were Flight Instructors, NTSB Says

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Three of the four people killed in a mid-air plane collision north of Phoenix late last month were certified flight instructors, according to a preliminary National Transportation Safety Board report.

The NTSB report says the planes were on a similar path the morning of May 31, before they both made turns toward one another and collided.

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Southwest Flight From LAX to Austin Lands at Sky Harbor Due to Bomb Threat

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A Southwest flight that took off from LAX and was headed for Austin, Texas, landed at Sky Harbor after someone phoned in a bomb threat.

Statements released by airport officials indicate that the plane is isolated on one of the runways, as the 143 passengers were evacuated. Police were blocking access to the airport from Interstate 10, although the airport is still operating.

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Flight Instructors Were in One of the Planes in the Deadly Midair Collision Outside of Phoenix

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Both occupants of one of the planes involved in the midair collision last week north of Phoenix were flight instructors.

Paul Brownell and Basil Onuferko, both employees of TransPac Aviation Academy, were killed in Friday's crash, as were two occupants of another small plane, whose names haven't been released.

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Planes Collide in Midair Outside of Phoenix, Four People Killed

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