Jodi Arias Trial: CNN's Dramatic Coverage Mocked by the Daily Show (Video)

Comedy Central
It seems nearly impossible to keep the state of Arizona off of Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but, for once, an Arizona-based segment isn't due to the actions of the state's elected officials.

This time, Stewart gave his analysis of the Jodi Arias trial, specifically, the over-dramatic antics employed by CNN in its coverage of the case.

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Arizona Lands on the Daily Show Yet Again, This Time for "Protecting Guns From People"

John Oliver explores the "real" victims of gun violence: guns.
Yet again, the state of Arizona is the subject of one of Comedy Central's "news" programs, this time thanks to Tucson gun advocates who are "standing up for guns."

This time, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart profiled the gun worshipers who are protesting the gun-buyback programs in Tucson, as well as Republican-turned-Democrat Tucson councilman and "gun Hitler" Steve Kozachik.

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