McLaren Dealership Opening in Scottsdale

Axion23 via Flickr
McLaren MP4-12C

If your car-buying options in Scottsdale seem to be getting a little weak, don't worry -- McLaren's coming.

Consider the McLaren P1, a 903-horsepower hybrid. Of course, you'll need $1.15 million, which is a little on the high side.

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Derek Jackson Pulled Over for DUI -- While Driving Forklift Down Scottsdale Road at 2 a.m.

Paolo Bassoli via Flickr

A Scottsdale man arrested on a DUI charge told police he was just trying to get home from a party when he was pulled over on Scottsdale Road around 2:30 a.m. Thursday.

That happens just about every day in Scottsdale, but police say 33-year-old Derek Jackson was driving a forklift that he had just stolen from a construction site outside Scottsdale Fashion Square.

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Attention, Scottsdale Speeders: City Deploying Stealthier Photo-Radar Cameras

If you speed through the streets of Scottsdale, here's a heads-up: The city will be using two photo-radar devices that aren't as obvious as the big white vans.

The city has been testing two photo-radar units that are the size of phone booths, contained in tan metal boxes that kind of resemble big trash cans and will be used to issue citations starting July 21.

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Scottsdale Agrees to Pay $4.25 Million to Family of John Loxas, Sixth Man Killed by Same Cop

Retired Scottsdale Police Officer James Peters.
The Scottsdale City Council agreed to pay $4.25 million to the family of John Loxas, who was unarmed when Scottsdale Police Officer James Peters shot him in the head in February 2012, killing him instantly.

Loxas was the sixth man killed by Peters, who has since retired with an "accidental disability," and currently collects a monthly pension check of around $4,500.

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Scottsdale Woman Makes Jodi Arias Look Like an Amateur: Shari Tobyne Chopped Up Her Husband, Scattered Him Over Three Counties

Scottsdale PD
Shari Tobyne
While everyone's caught up in the hype of the Jodi Arias trial, we'll point out a quieter case that ended on Friday with a Scottsdale woman being sentenced to life in prison.

Shari Tobyne shot her husband of 35 years, Dwight, then chopped up his body, and left most of his remains scattered over three counties in the state.

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New York Times Discovers People on Subway Don't Know Much About Scottsdale

Just another day on the subway.
Reporters for the New York Times rode a subway this week to ask riders about Scottsdale.

In the Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau's latest attempt to get New Yorkers to visit Scottsdale, it's decorated subway cars, themed with potential tourist draws, like golf. The best part of this being, of course, the people who ride the subway.

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Actor Jason London Took a Dump Inside a Scottsdale Cop Car, Said He's "Happy as Sh*t"

Scottsdale PD
Jason London
Actor Jason London best known -- and perhaps only known -- for his role as Randall 'Pink' Floyd in the movie Dazed and Confused, took a shit in a Scottsdale police car Sunday night.

According to a Scottsdale Police Department report, this was only after London sneezed in a man's face at the Martini Ranch bar, and after that guy got upset, London punched him in the face.

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Scottsdale's One of the Gayest Places in America, According to People Measuring Gayness

According to people attempting to calculate the gayest places in America, Scottsdale's pretty gay.

We're not gayness assessors, but it would appear that Advocate magazine is totally making up this shit.

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Scottsdale Police Department Has Quite a Shooting Problem, ACLU Alleges

Scottsdale police officers have had quite a few questionable shootings in recent history that have been determined by the department to be justified.

That -- along with Officer James Peters' involvement in a sixth fatal shooting -- is why representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona announced that they've filed a lawsuit against the department and the City of Scottsdale.

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Scottsdale Mayor Voted to Give Taxpayer Coin to His Campaign Consultant, Jason Rose, for Polo Tournament Run by... Jason Rose

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Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane
The Scottsdale Polo Championships will be back this fall, thanks to the Scottsdale City Council unanimously approving the use of taxpayer money to fund almost half of the event's budget.

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane -- who uses Valley P.R. hotshot Jason Rose's firm Rose, Moser, Allyn for campaign consulting -- was one of those council members who voted to give $75,000 to the Scottsdale Polo Championships LLC, run by Jason Rose, wife Jordan Rose, and partner Jennifer Moser.

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