"Dream Act" Signed by California Governor Jerry Brown. KPHO Suggests the "Dream" Could Be Coming to Arizona. Ha!

Dream Act for Arizona? Shyeah...right.
The "Dream" came true for illegal immigrants in California over the weekend -- Governor Jerry Brown signed a version of the controversial Dream Act into California law Saturday. Now, local TV news station KPHO is suggesting the "Dream" may be coming to Arizona (insert Wayne Campbell's "Shyeah...and monkeys might fly out of my butt" here).

California's "Dream Act" makes illegal immigrants eligible to receive state financial aid to attend California universities and community colleges. A federal version of the bill failed in the United States Senate last year.

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DPS Closes Highway During Rush Hour to Rescue a Wayward Rabbit. Yeah...a Rabbit *VIDEO*

The DPS shutdown a highway to save a rabbit.
As if rush hour in Phoenix isn't miserable enough, about 8 this morning, the southbound State Route 51 was briefly closed by Department of Public Safety officers as they chased a wayward rabbit off the freeway.

That's right -- they shut down the highway to rescue a rabbit.

DPS spokesman Bart Graves didn't have a whole lot of information on the road closure, telling New Times "we had a report of a rabbit scurrying about the freeway nearly causing an accident on SR 51 as drivers swerved to avoid hitting it. We tried to locate the animal and get it off the road, but it apparently hopped off before we got there."

KPHO -- always "telling it like it is" -- got its hands on some video of the officers chasing the rabbit. The TV news station hammed it up on its website with the following headline: "DPS Officers Save Rabbit From Hare-Raising Experience" (wocka, wocka, wocka).

See some video of the rabbit below.

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Mysterious Light Seen Over Valley; KPHO's Report, and the Phoenix P.D.'s (Perfect) Response

You may have witnessed a mysterious light flash over Phoenix earlier tonight. Apparently, a lot of people did. We didn't -- but a "slew" of KPHO viewers, and Phoenix Sergeant Steve Martos, the Phoenix P.D.'s Air Unit, and several other Phoenix police officers certainly did.

Of the aforementioned witnesses, KPHO's the only one taking the "event" seriously.

We corresponded with Martos about 20 minutes ago. He reports the following:

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KPHO Still Thinks Chupacabras Are Real

Unless it comes to mythical beasts that don't actually exist.
For the second time this year, KPHO is "Telling it Like it is" about mythical chupacabras. The problem, obviously, is that chupacabras aren't real.

On the TV station's website right now is a story with the headline "Teens Kill Possible Chupacabra."

It's a story about a Texas teen named Carter Pope, who claims he shot and killed "a real live chupacabra."

Again, chupacabras aren't real.

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KPHO: Child Abducted Seven Years Ago Turns Up in Chandler -- Which is Kinda True

If you checked the KPHO website this afternoon, you might be thinking a child who mysteriously vanished from Canada seven years ago turned up over the weekend with a strange woman at a laundromat in Chandler.

Here's a link (although, the story has since been changed from its original version).

That's kinda what happened -- although, it's not quite as sensational as the CBS affiliate made it out to be.

The KPHO story gives the impression that the now 10-year-old boy was abducted from his Canadian parents in 2004. What KPHO leaves out of its story is that the woman with whom he was found in Chandler actually is his mother, and the "abduction" is more a parental-custody dispute than a mysterious, Jaycee Dugard-esque kidnapping.

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KPHO Thinks Ugly Dog Might be Chupacabra

If you think you saw one of these guys galloping around Goodyear last week, you didn't.
This just in: a naked leprechaun was spotted trying to buy crystal meth from a north Phoenix drug dealer early Saturday morning -- which is about as believable as KPHO's latest attempt at "telling it like it is."

The local TV news station is under the impression that there was a potential chupacabra sighting in Goodyear last week.

As you know, chupacabras don't actually exist, and the animal seen in the video the station is citing as evidence is more likely an ugly dog, or malnourished coyote, than the blood-slurping focus of urban legends.

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