CBS 5 Claims Possible Bigfoot Corpse Coming to Phoenix


The local TV news crew that claims to be "telling it like it is" happens to be telling it like it isn't.

The local crew of Sasquatch/UFO/chupacabra chasers are touting a scoop that an "alleged bigfoot body" is coming to Phoenix. Here's a New Times scoop: There's no such thing as a bigfoot body.

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CBS 5, Local Sasquatch Authority, Shows Off Purported Photos of Bigfoot Corpse


The number-one story on the CBS 5 website at the time of this post is a report of a man who claims he has a Bigfoot corpse.

This, of course, comes from the local news station that claims to be "telling it like it is" -- with a history of reports on supposed evidence of UFOs, chupacabras, and Bigfoot.

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CBS 5 Found Bigfoot Again

Next on CBS 5: A leprechaun leaves a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

CBS 5 is once again showing purported video of Bigfoot, which is remarkable, considering Bigfoot doesn't exist.

Looks like the local TV news crew that claims to be "telling it like it is" got abducted by aliens again.

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CBS 5's Latest Medical-Marijuana Scare Story: "Dramatic Rise" in Child "Overdoses"

Good God, look at that "dramatic increase," from just 10 one year to 10 the next year.

CBS 5 -- the local news station that claims to be "telling it like it is" -- isn't stopping its anti-medical-marijuana crusade.

Take this "investigative" report from a few weeks ago, for example. "Investigative reporter" Morgan Loew claims doctors "are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of young children overdosing on marijuana."

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CBS 5 Reporter Claims Chronic Pain and Gets a Medical-Pot Card, Then Implies Wrongdoing

Reporter Morgan Loew, telling it like it isn't.
Hopefully you missed CBS 5's "investigation" into the state's medical-marijuana program, in which they claim that "young, healthy" people are getting medical-marijuana cards.

To prove it, reporter Morgan Loew, acting undercover, tells a doctor he's had back pain for months -- pain he said was "distracting." He couldn't tell the doctor whether the pain made it difficult for him to concentrate on things but admitted that it limits his ability to run.

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KPHO Not Letting Go of Belief in Bigfoot -- Alleged Sasquatch Toenail Found

The Valley TV station that claims it's "Telling It Like It Is" seems to report on mythical creatures a lot more than any other news outlet in the state.

This time, the news-hounds at KPHO -- often glorified by New Times for their ongoing Chupacabra hunts -- are reporting on the alleged find of Bigfoot's toenail.

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Conspiracy Theory Alert: People Think KPHO's Involved in Grand Obama Reelection Scheme

Folks, take your early voting ballots and throw them straight in the garbage -- KPHO, Channel 5, has already "called" the election for President Obama.

"The 2012 presidential election is still more than two weeks away, but on Friday a CBS News affiliate in Arizona called the race for President Barack Obama," writes Daily Caller "investigative reporter" Matthew Boyle.

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Cats High-Five Each Other, KPHO's on Location to Tell it Like it Is

There's apparently a chupacabra shortage over at KPHO, because the TV station is "telling it like it is" about a new animal phenomenon -- high-fiving cats.

Here's the entire story: A bobcat was on a guy's porch in Cave Creek. One of the guy's house cats goes up to the glass door, and at one point, it looks like the bobcat and the house cat high-five each other with the glass between them.

In a story the KPHO anchor says "we just have to share," the TV station's coverage of high-fiving cats is absolutely incredible: Three different videos on the high-five on the station's website, on-location reporting, an interview with the homeowner -- and the homeowner's re-enactment -- and the "back story."

Get this -- it was also Friday the 13th, which was mentioned twice in the online version.

There's no follow-up story from KPHO as of yet, but we would assume it would tackle the issue of whether cats allegedly rule, and dogs allegedly drool.

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KPHO Reporting on Mythical Creatures and UFOs Again

That's a video of something that isn't Bigfoot, as KPHO is "Telling it Like it is."
In less than a year, KPHO -- always "Telling it Like it is" -- has managed to run three stories about chupacabra sightings.

Now the local news station is tackling bigger and badder mythical beasts, hooking up with the Navajo Nation Rangers to check out "investigative reports" of other creatures that don't actually exist.

KPHO is now looking into the non-chupacabra side of the paranormal, including -- in the words of our local KPHO anchor -- "ghosts, witchcraft, UFOs, even... Bigfoot."

The Navajo Rangers have been investigating these types of things for about 10 years now, but when there are UFOs and chupacabras to be found, KPHO always seems to be there.

According to the investigative reporter in the segment, "Here in Arizona, so-called paranormal activity is abundant."

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KPHO Thinks it Saw a Chupacabra...Again

KPHO: "Telling it like it is" -- even when it comes to animals that don't actually exist.
Say what you will about the local TV news-hounds at KPHO, but the station is again leading the way in chupacabra-related journalism -- for the third time in less than a year, KPHO is reporting a sighting of the mythical animal, which doesn't actually exist.

If you're unfamiliar with the fictitious beast, click here.

Under the headline "Could it Be? Another Chupacabra Sighting?" KPHO reporter Steve Stout tells the tale of a Tucson meteorologist who claims he saw a chupacabra.

According to Stout, "some think it's the chupacabra, the creature of urban legend."

"Rumors of the mythical creature have been bouncing around the Southwest for half-century. [Chupacabras are] said to attack goats and livestock," Stout explains in the article.

Again, just to be clear, chupacabras aren't real -- but that hasn't stopped KPHO from reporting on them every time someone sees a sick coyote.

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