Arizona's One of the Most Stressed-Out States, by One Measure

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Arizonans might be some of the most stressed-out people in the United States.

That is, if working long hours or being unemployed, commuting a long way, not having health insurance, spending too much on housing, and living in a densely populated area are things that cause stress.

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ASU Research: Higher Education Levels Tied to Better Health

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It's not exactly shocking that those with higher educations generally earn more money. But a paper published through the National Bureau of Economic Research also finds that those with a higher education are generally healthier as well.

Researchers from ASU, the University of Chicago, and the University of Maryland measured levels of education against factors including pay, daily smoking, self-esteem, and physical health. They found that as education increased, so did people's pay, health, and self-esteem, while smoking rates fell. Gregory Veramendi, one of the researchers on the study, attributes the correlation in part to a greater information access.

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Survey: 21 Percent of Arizonans Struggle to Afford Food

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Liz West

More than one-in-five Arizonans reported not having enough money to buy food for themselves or for their family on at least one occasion in 2013.

That finding comes from Gallup, which polled more than 178,000 people nationwide last year on a variety of subjects. A little more than 21 percent of Arizona residents reported not being able to afford food at least once, and only nine other states had higher levels.

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Arizona One of Top States for Cigarette Smuggling, Report Says

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Arizona ranks second in the U.S. for highest levels of cigarette smuggling, with more than 50 percent of cigarettes coming from out of state, according to a study.

The report from the Tax Foundation and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy on black market cigarette sales estimates that more than 51 percent of cigarettes in Arizona were purchased elsewhere originally.

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Arizona's Education Poor, and the Future's Not Bright, According to Report

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Less than half of Arizona students meet the standards for attending Arizona universities, according to a recent report.

The "Arizona Minority Student Progress Report 2013" prepared by the University of Arizona's Center for Education also cites a warning from Arizona State University's Morrison Institute: "Arizona is at risk of becoming a second-tier state, educationally and economically."

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More Than Half of Arizonans Want to Legalize Marijuana, Latest Poll Says

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A little more than half of Arizonans are in favor of legalizing marijuana, according to the latest poll on the subject.

The Behavior Research Center's Rocky Mountain Poll asked more than 700 Arizona residents whether they believe the sale of marijuana should be made legal. Fifty-one percent were in favor, and 41 percent were opposed.

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Facebook Says Phoenix 10th-Best City for Love

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Single this Valentine's Day? No worries: According to Facebook, Phoenix is one of the top cities to find a relationship.

Facebook's researchers analyzed the 48 best and worst cities for love based on the amount of people who changed their relationship status from "single" to "in a relationship" and vice versa in a one month period. According to the study released by the Wall Street Journal, Phoenix ranks 10th in "relationship-formation rate," or the likelihood of people to seek relationships in their city.

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Maricopa County's Population Turnover Rates Among Highest in the Nation

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Arizona, and specifically Maricopa County, have some of the highest population turnover rates in the country, according to a study released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The American Community Survey shows how many U.S. residents moved from one county to another during the course of a year by collecting data from 2007-2011. The survey shows that people from 957 counties across the country moved to Maricopa County, more than any other county in the nation. But not everyone who lives in Maricopa County stays: It lost movers to 1,190 counties, which is also the largest number of any county.

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Marijuana Legalization in Arizona: Polls Come Up With Wildly Different Levels of Support

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Marijuana legalization in Arizona is either clearly supported by most people, or clearly not supported by most people, depending on which poll results you look at.

Although two polls released earlier this year seemed to show most people were on-board with legalization, a poll released today says the opposite.

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Arizonans Don't Want Military Action in Syria, According to Poll

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Syrian opposition protesters.

Despite the actions of Republican Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, their constituents oppose military action in Syria, according to poll results.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted yesterday to pass a resolution that would authorize a military strike against Syria, and both McCain and Flake, who are on that committee, voted in favor of the resolution.

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