Darnell Dockett's Tweets From Jury Duty Are at Least Partially Bogus

Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett entertained his 200,000 Twitter followers yesterday by supposedly live-tweeting his trip to jury duty.

Dockett's colorful courtroom tweets became national sports news, with media outlets like Deadspin, the Washington Post, and FOX Sports posting reports.

Problem is, at least part of Dockett's story is made-up.

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Facebook Down for a Few Minutes: Did the World Survive?

Facebook went down this morning in an apparent worldwide outage, throwing social media users into a panic and boosting the use of rival site Twitter.

With no Facebook on which to share thoughts for -- what, about 23 minutes? -- Twitter was abuzz with various quips and laments about the temporary freeze-out.

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US Airways Tweets Vagina Picture in Response to Woman's Complaint

US Airways Twitter
A woman who complained to US Airways received a shocking Twitter message in reply -- a picture of a woman masturbating with a scale model of a Boeing 777.

According to jalpoknik.com, the US Airways tweet with the X-rated photo remained up for more than 20 minutes before the company took it down.

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Tucson Swim Coach Accused of Uploading Child Porn to Social Media Website (D'oh!)

Brisbane City Council via Flickr

Lesson of the day: Social media is a good way to connect with friends but a bad way to share child porn.

The Tucson police department says a local swim coach was arrested after uploading images of child pornography to a social media site.

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Glendale Man Faces Prison Time After Cops Cruise Through His Facebook Photos

Neeraj Kumar via Flickr

A Glendale man is facing prison time thanks to being tagged in a photograph on Facebook.

Augustine Escobar, 40, is a convicted felon, and is not allowed to have any firearms. According to court documents obtained by New Times, an officer cruising Escobar's publicly viewable Facebook profile found a photo of Escobar posing with an AR-15 rifle, which had a drum magazine attached.

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Glendale Man Planning to Meet Woman He Met Online Gets Beaten With Stick, Robbed Instead


There's no doubt that many people have been disappointed by an in-person meeting with someone they met online, but a Glendale man didn't just meet up with someone who fudged their stats a little on their online profile.

Instead, police say the man -- who planned on meeting with a woman he met on a site called MeetMe.com -- met with two women -- and two men, who beat him with a wooden stick before robbing him.

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Jeff Flake's Son Pretends to Commit Suicide in YouTube Video

Senator Jeff Flake's 15-year-old son Tanner is more inept at using the Internet than we thought he was five minutes ago.

Soon after we revealed that Flake's son calls himself "N1ggerKiller" in an iPhone game, and casually refers to people as "faggots" and "Jews" on his Twitter account, we were sent this video, of Flake's son pretending to commit suicide in a YouTube video.

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Jeff Flake's Son Calls Himself "N1ggerKiller"

Tanner Flake
If you're looking for someone to play in the iPhone game "Fun Run," you can add Republican Senator Jeff Flake's 15-year-old son Tanner, who plays under the name "N1ggerKiller."

The teenager's offensive gaming screen name is just one slur he used on his Twitter account, which also includes statements of someone being a "faggot," and calling a friend a "Jew" for taking credit for good jokes.

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Laquint Cherry Arrested for Tweet Saying He Planted IEDs in Jodi Arias Courtroom

Laquint Cherry
An 18-year-old man was arrested by Maricopa County Sheriff's Office deputies after tweeting that he planted improvised explosive devices in Jodi Arias' courtroom.

Laquint Cherry, whose Twitter account indicates a severe lack of common sense, was ratted out by local TV news station ABC 15, the station admits in a story posted online.

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Jorge Valencia Busted Selling Marijuana Through His Public Facebook Page

Jorge Valencia
Phoenix resident Jorge Valencia has been conducting marijuana sales in full view of anyone who visited his public Facebook account, according to police.

"There were two conversations between Valencia and other subjects wherein they inquired about purchasing illegal drugs from Valencia and Valencia responded," state court documents obtained by New Times.

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