Joe Arpaio Says 38 Inmates Are on Diet of Bread and Water for Defacing American Flag Stickers

Cristian Ramírez via Flickr

Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that he's a patriot for putting 38 inmates on a bread-and-water diet for defacing American flag stickers.

Arpaio announced his publicity stunt of putting the stickers in each cell in November, as part of what he called a "patriotic theme" at county jails, which also includes daily sing-alongs of "God Bless America."

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Mark Kelly Won't Get His AR-15, as Tucson Gun Store One-Ups Kelly in Publicity Stunts

Mark Kelly, buying an AR-15 rifle.
Tucson gun store Diamondback Police Supply found out how to beat the Mark Kelly's anti-assault-rifle publicity stunt -- an anti-anti-assault-rifle publicity stunt.

Kelly bought the rifle, claiming that he was just experiencing the process of buying one, but now the gun shop says it's actually not going to give it to Kelly, since Kelly claimed he was going to turn over the firearm to Tucson PD once he acquired it.

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Vladimir Putin and Joe Arpaio Have the Same Strange Obsession With Steven Seagal

via @nicoenault
Vladimir Putin (left) and Steven Seagal
Stop us if you've heard this one before -- a man often accused of being a dictator is making sure the press shows up to his meetings with pseudo-celebrity Steven Seagal and claims they've been longtime friends.

You can fill in the blank on who we're talking about, because that fits the profile of both Sheriff Joe Arpaio and, more recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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PETA to Arizona's Alien-Believing Crowd: Animal Testing Is Practically Anal Probing

PETA, an organization that seems to have a never-ending supply of publicity stunts, has a new one for us -- its appeal to people in Arizona who believe in aliens.

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Tempe Pastor Who Thinks Government Should Put Homosexuals to Death Now Concerned About "Nazi" Border Patrol

It's been about a year and a half since Tempe pastor Steven Anderson told New Times he believed "the government should put [homosexuals] to death," but now he's got a new cause -- driving to Border Patrol checkpoints and letting the agents know they're pretty much Nazis.

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Randy Parraz and Friends Try to Get a Trip to Hawaii Out of Joe Arpaio

Photo by Matthew Hendley
Randy Parraz (center, black shirt) and company want to go to Hawaii too.
The best way to respond to a publicity stunt is with another publicity stunt, so the news that taxpayers are funding a Maricopa County Deputy Sheriff's trip to Hawaii for "birther" purposes led activist Randy Parraz and friends to hold a little luau at Arpaio's office in downtown Phoenix today.

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Is Joe Arpaio's "Birther" Investigation His Worst Publicity Stunt of All-Time?

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Some person.
As you may have heard, it's 2012, and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio actually thinks the President of the United States got into the White House using a forged birth certificate.

It's the latest entry in a long line of publicity stunts for Arpaio, and this one just so happened to take place while the sheriff's taking heat for the several hundred sex crimes his office bungled, and the Justice Department's claim that he's running a shop with the worst-racial profiling practices in U.S. history.

This wasn't even the only publicity stunt this week for Arpaio, who called a press conference earlier in the week to announce he put up a new sign at Tent City.

Still, for a guy who's thrown an Elvis-themed panty party at a jail, yesterday could've been the absolute worst publicity stunt he's pulled since he's been in office.

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Tent City's About to Turn 19, Which Means It's Time For Another Joe Arpaio Publicity Stunt -- Inspired By McDonald's

McDonalds Over 99 Billion Served.jpg
What inspiration looks like to Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
Tent City is turning 19 later this year, but Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is getting started early for the jail's annual birthday publicity stunt.

This time, Arpaio's putting up a sign outside the jail, displaying the total "Number of Inmates 'Served'" -- an idea stolen from what the sheriff's office identifies as the "world's most renowned fast food chain."

Of course, there's going to be an unveiling ceremony at the jail this afternoon, although we've gotten no indication that a Ronald McDonald impersonator will be present.

A press release from the sheriff's office says Arpaio admits "some may say the sign serves little purpose," but he swears there's a point in adding McDonald's-like decorations to a jail.

"[H]is point in erecting it is to underscore that Tent City remains an excellent facility to safely and cost effectively house inmates," the sheriff's office says.

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More Humiliating Act of Media Sluttiness: Joe Arpaio's "Elite Posse" Looking Into Obama's "Fake Birth Certificate," or Steven General?

"I am hoping that I can be known as a great writer and actor some day, rather than a sex symbol." - Steven Seagal
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office confirmed to New Times yesterday that he's assigned an "elite posse" to look into President Barack Obama's "fake birth certificate" before allowing his name on the presidential ballot in Arizona next year.'re not reading The Onion -- Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has assembled an "elite posse" to investigate Barack Obama's continuously debunked alleged "fake birth certificate."

Read all about it here.

We've also heard a few unconfirmed rumors that Steven Seagal might be coming back to town for a cameo appearance with the MCSO.

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MCSO Reneges on Meal For Winner of Joe Arpaio's Inmate Coloring Contest

James King
Joe Arpaio attempting to eat a Mexican pizza from Taco Bell as jail inmate Michael Wunsch enjoys a grilled stuffed burrito.
If the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office ever offers you a "meal of [your] choice," what it really means is a meal you can get at a drive-thru.

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