Poll: 71 Percent of Arizonans Think Criminal Charges Needed If VA Crisis Caused Deaths

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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

If it can be proven that veterans died due to scheduling practices at the Phoenix VA hospital, then 71 percent of Arizonans think VA employees should be charged with crimes.

The Behavior Research Center's Rocky Mountain Poll surveyed Arizonans on a few aspects of the VA scandal, finding that a majority (55 percent) have an unfavorable view of the the VA system.

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Majority Want Deportation Sped Up for Central American Kids, Even Those Eligible for Asylum

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Border Patrol's Nogales Placement Center.

A poll shows a majority of Americans want deportation proceedings sped up for the wave of Central American children showing up at the nation's border, including the deportation of kids who are eligible for asylum.

That poll was released today by the Pew Research Center, which showed that 53 percent of the people surveyed found it okay to deport kids faster, regardless of whether they have legitimate asylum claims.

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Large Majority of Arizonans Think the State Is a "Good Place for Minorities"

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Arasmus Photo

A large majority of Arizonans think the land of SB 1070 is a "good place for minorities."

Gallup polled residents of all 50 states, asking, "Is the city or area where you live a good place or not a good place to live for racial or ethnic minorities."

In Arizona, 84 percent of residents said it's a good place for minorities, which was the 16th-highest level among the 50 states.

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Arizonans Some of the Least-Charitable People in the United States, Poll Says

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Arizonans are not big on charity.

That's according to the latest Gallup poll comparing the states, which found that only 26 percent of Arizonans said they'd donated money and volunteered their time in the past month -- tied for the third-lowest rate in the nation.

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A Lot of People Don't Like Living in Arizona, Poll Says

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There are a lot of people in Arizona who'd rather live somewhere else.

According to polling done by Gallup, 38 percent of the Arizonans they polled said they'd like to move to another state. Only 11 other states had higher percentages of people who wanted to leave.

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Tucson and Prescott Residents Among People Least-Satisfied With Where They Live

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A survey of nearly 200 U.S. metro areas shows people in Tucson and Prescott aren't exactly the happiest about the city they live in.

According to a Gallup poll, no metro area was full of people who hate where they live, as the least-satisfied city in America still had the approval of nearly 73 percent of the people. Tucson and Prescott were on the lower end of the scale, with 81.5 percent of Tucson residents saying they're satisfied with their city, and 82.1 percent of Prescott residents saying they're satisfied with their city.

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Poll: 57 Percent of Arizona Residents Trust the State Government

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Matthew Hendley

Surprise of the day: More than half of Arizonans actually trust the state government.

According to a Gallup poll, 57 percent of Arizona residents trust the state government, which seems extraordinarily high, given the circumstances.

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Poll: Republicans May Pay Obamacare Fine Just Because They're Republicans

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Uninsured Republicans may be willing to pay the Obamacare fine instead of buying health insurance just because they're Republicans, a Gallup poll indicates.

If true, it makes a lot of sense why a state like Arizona, which has one of the highest rates of uninsured people in the nation, but also has a relatively low number of people buying insurance through the exchange established by the Affordable Care Act.

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John McCain's the Least-Popular Senator in the Country, Poll Finds

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Dan Bennett via Flickr

No U.S. Senator gets worse reviews from his constituents than Senator John McCain, according to poll results.

About 30 percent of the Arizonans polled by Public Policy Polling said they approve of McCain's job performance, whereas 54 percent said they disapprove.

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No One Leading Race for Arizona Governor

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DonkeyHotey via Flickr

For the second month in a row, pollsters have found that Arizonans don't really know who they'd like to see as their next governor.

In results released today, Public Policy Polling found the leader in the GOP primary to be "undecided," at 34 percent. The leading GOP candidate is Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who, at 20 percent support, is ahead of seven other Republican candidates.

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