Viral Video of Alleged Police Brutality in Mesa Doesn't Show Entire Encounter

Luis Paul Puleo Santiago/Facebook
A viral video of alleged police brutality by a Mesa police officer doesn't show the entire encounter between the officer and a teenage girl.

The video, which has been shared on Facebook more than 120,000 times at the time of this post, appears to show the officer throwing a blow at the girl before taking her to the ground.

"Just watched mesa PD punch a 15 year old girl in the face 2 times she was a runaway is this rely how we treat emotionally unstable teens?" the owner of the video posted on Facebook. "The cops wanted to delete this off my phone share the fuck out of this shit."

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Video: Police-Brutality Protesters Arrested, Shot With Pepper Balls in Phoenix

UPDATE October 28, 11:25 a.m.: The above video has been updated to include exclusive video of the incident, plus an interview with one of the people arrested.

Phoenix police shot protesters with pepper balls and arrested six people downtown on Saturday night.

The 40 to 50 protesters who were demonstrating against the Phoenix Police Department and police brutality were arrested after ignoring an officer's command not to cross Washington Street. Phoenix Police Sergeant Jonathan Howard says the pepper balls were fired after "several members of the group began to throw flag poles that they had been carrying at the officers and interfere with the arrests."

"Officers discharged pepperballs at these suspects to protect the officers, the suspects being arrested, and others in the area, Howard says in a statement. "Those suspects quickly fled the area and were not located."

One protester New Times spoke to disagrees with the cops' version of events.

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Video: Buckeye Police Officer Threatens to Shoot, Kill Immigrant

Buckeye PD/Facebook
A Buckeye police officer threatened to shoot and kill a man during a traffic stop that was captured on video.

The officer, who wasn't identified by police, said during the stop that he'd shoot the driver, Teodulo Sanchez, if he did something, and later said he'd kill him if he moved out of the car.

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Phoenix Protesters Decry Shooting of Michael Brown; More Rallies This Weekend

Ashley Cusick
Garrett Scrivner, 21, at the protest.
Robert Ramirez carried a sign that said: "Hands Up Don't Shoot."

He was among a throng of protesters gathered in Eastlake Park in Phoenix as part of the Nationwide Day of Rage, a nationally coordinated effort to protest the shooting death of Michael Brown and subsequent turmoil between police and protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Phoenix Police Roughed Up a Black Man Who Nearly Died, Witnesses Claim

Shane Yellowhorse via Flickr

Witnesses claim a black church groundskeeper in South Phoenix was roughed up by Phoenix police officers, who just left him there.

The man, Frank Morrison, suffered a stroke during his run-in with police, and has been hospitalized since early Monday morning.

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Scottsdale Agrees to Pay $4.25 Million to Family of John Loxas, Sixth Man Killed by Same Cop

Retired Scottsdale Police Officer James Peters.
The Scottsdale City Council agreed to pay $4.25 million to the family of John Loxas, who was unarmed when Scottsdale Police Officer James Peters shot him in the head in February 2012, killing him instantly.

Loxas was the sixth man killed by Peters, who has since retired with an "accidental disability," and currently collects a monthly pension check of around $4,500.

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Scottsdale Police Department Has Quite a Shooting Problem, ACLU Alleges

Scottsdale police officers have had quite a few questionable shootings in recent history that have been determined by the department to be justified.

That -- along with Officer James Peters' involvement in a sixth fatal shooting -- is why representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona announced that they've filed a lawsuit against the department and the City of Scottsdale.

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-ACLU Suing City of Scottsdale Over Officer James Peters' Sixth Kill
-James Peters, Scottsdale Cop With Six Kills, Approved for Retirement

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Scottsdale Jailer Disciplined for "Stomping" Bare Foot of Activist Jason Shelton in 2008; Federal Lawsuit Filed Yesterday

Jason Shelton's bare foot was "stomped" by a Scottsdale cop for no good reason during his 2008 arrest. The cop, Alan Hale, was reprimanded.

It turns out that Jason Shelton, anti-speed-camera activist, was assaulted by a Scottsdale police detention officer in jail is true, after all.

We just received a copy of the notice of claim filed against the city of Scottsdale by anti-speed-camera activist Jason Shelton, who's suing over his bogus 2008 arrest. As mentioned in our earlier blog post today about the new lawsuit, Scottsdale's finest arrested Shelton for failing to give police his true name while being questioned at a small protest of a speed-camera van.

Shelton had been doing nothing but videotaping two activists, neither of whom were arrested or charged with anything, yet cops hauled him to jail when he told them he didn't have to give his name.

The claim states that Shelton seeks $134,944.09 for his pain and troubles.

But of even more interest is what's attached to the claim: A copy of a 2009 discipline report against Scottsdale police detention officer Alan Hale.

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