Astronaut Aboard International Space Station Snaps Photo of the Grand Canyon

Image ISS039-E-5258, courtesy of the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center. Taken on March 25.

Here's a view of the Grand Canyon you don't get everyday, in this photograph taken by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station.

The ISS has been manned for more than 13 years now, which had led to plenty of picture-taking opportunities across the world. Below, check out other shots taken of Arizona over the years, all of which were taken from the ISS, except for one, which was taken from the Space Shuttle Columbia:

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Phoenix Police Officer Rescues Cat From Can of Soup

Phoenix PD
Canned cat.

The best item, by far, to come from a police blotter in the Valley today is the tale of a Phoenix cop rescuing a cat from a can of soup.

You can see from the photo above why the cat needed to be rescued from the can, and the tale told by Phoenix PD should be nominated for some sort of non-fiction short-story award.

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Joe Arpaio Hosts Concert at Tent City

The individual who runs this jail claims he's a tough guy who's hard on criminals.

Surprise, surprise: Sheriff Joe Arpaio hosted a publicity stunt at his "concentration camp," Tent City.

Arpaio held a concert at the jail, and it wasn't exactly Johnny Cash at Folsom State Prison.

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Yarnell Hill Fire: The Former Site of a Yarnell Home, Three Months Later

Matthew Hendley
The former location of a home in Yarnell.

Although it's been nearly three months since the deadly Yarnell Hill Fire was contained, the signs of the fire still remain in the small town.

Consider the photo above of what used to be a home, which was completely burned down. Notice that the grass surrounding the foundation is almost perfectly green but the trees are burned to a crisp.

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Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox's Corvette Crushed

Lydia Guzman
Mary Rose Wilcox and her Corvette.

Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox looks to be short a Corvette, after getting into a car accident this weekend.

According to local activist Lydia Guzman, who posted the photos on Facebook, Wilcox was hit by a red-light-runner. Wilcox isn't hurt, she says.

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ASU to Freshmen: "Do Not Drink the Paint"


Isn't there some sort of joke about Arizona State University's seemingly generous acceptance rate?

It makes a warning to freshmen to avoid drinking paint seem fitting.

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Prius Repellent: This Truck Belongs on "Greetings From Arizona" Postcards

Matthew Hendley

If you had to describe the State of Arizona with just one photo, this might just be that photo.

There's a certain brand of hippie-hating jackassery around here, and many just settle for the "Obama's a socialist" bumper-sticker. Not this guy, whom we spotted on State Route 51 Wednesday. His hatred for hippies has to be demonstrated with exhaust stacks on his diesel rig, with the phrase "Prius Repellent" stuck on the back window.

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Phoenix City Council Candidate Austin Head Probably Has the Best Campaign Signs in Town

Photo by Matthew Hendley
An Austin Head campaign sign at the corner of Seventh Street and Thomas Road.

You may have noticed the above-pictured signs around Phoenix, and it turns out that they're actually not advertisements for erotic services.

The "I (heart) Head" signs are campaign signs for Phoenix City Council candidate Austin Head, a local DJ and LGBT advocate.

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Bodies of 19 Firefighters Killed in Yarnell Hill Fire Taken to Phoenix

Matthew Hendley
The end of the caravan heads to the Maricopa County Medical Examiner.

The bodies of the 19 firefighters killed in the Yarnell Hill Fire outside of Prescott arrived in Phoenix this afternoon.

Cops, firefighters, employees of the Medical Examiner's Office, and other people stood near the Forensic Science Center at Seventh Avenue and Jefferson Street, as plain white van after plain white van passed by.

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Heith Fink Is the Tempe Cop Caught Texting While Riding Motorcycle

Justin Argall via Facebook
Several Valley news stations have shown the above photo of a Tempe cop texting while driving his police motorcycle on a highway, although it appears the police department was not very forthcoming with the identity of the officer.

New Times will let the cat out of the bag here, and tell you this is 14-year veteran Officer Heith Fink.

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