PETA to Arizona's Alien-Believing Crowd: Animal Testing Is Practically Anal Probing

PETA, an organization that seems to have a never-ending supply of publicity stunts, has a new one for us -- its appeal to people in Arizona who believe in aliens.

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PETA Not Pleased With State Capitol's Response to Rat Invasion

This is what's going on at the State Capitol -- and PETA's pissed.

​The Arizona Legislature's not in session, but the State Capitol is still swarming with rats. Not the usual elected rats, but actual rodents that are apparently "invading" the building.

According to the Arizona Republic, "The House of Representatives, the Senate and the executive tower where the governor works have been magnets for the little (and not-so-little) rodents, who have been reported scurrying across floors and nibbling on food left on office desks."

The Republic goes on to say "the state Department of Administration said glue traps had ensnared 64 of the vermin recently."

If history tells us anything, the folks at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals can't be too happy with the use of glue traps, so we gave the group a call and alerted it to the rodent Holocaust taking place down at the Capitol.

We spoke to Kristin Simon, one of PETA's senior cruelty caseworkers, who says "glue traps are absolutely the most inhumane way to remove an animal."

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PETA Compares James Ray's Sweat Lodge Victims to Dogs Left in Hot Cars

As Oprah-approved "self-help" guru James Arthur Ray prepares for sentencing after getting convicted of negligent homicide for the deaths of three people at a sweat lodge ceremony, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are trying to capitalize on the publicity his case received -- by comparing the victims of his fatal death lodge to dogs who get stuck in hot cars.

PETA is negotiating with outdoor advertisers near Sedona, the sight of Ray's deadly "Spiritual Warrior" self-help retreat, to display a billboard showing a distressed dog in a parked car next to the caption "A Sweat Lodge Can Kill You. A Parked Car Can Kill Him. Dogs Overheat Faster Than Humans."

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Arizona State University Refuses to Allow PETA-Backed Student Group to Run Grotesque Video in Student Union -- and We Can't Really Blame 'Em

Categories: PETA
The folks at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are in a huff because officials at Arizona State University refused to allow a student organization associated with the group to run a grotesque 20-second ad on televisions in the school's Memorial Union -- where many students eat.

We can't blame the university on this one -- like most things PETA, the ad is ridiculous.

You can see it after the jump (WARNING: if you're not into blood, guts, and mutilated mice, the video probably isn't for you).

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PETA Says "No One Should Need Papers." They're Talking About Dogs

Categories: PETA
Leave it to PETA to turn a debate over the lives of millions of HUMAN BEINGS into a ploy to save a few dogs.

PETA is running a billboard in Arizona -- playing off the state's controversial, new immigration law -- urging people to adopt "undocumented" dogs.

The group contends that "dogs who are bred on purpose have nothing over those with unknown parentage."

Check out the new billboard after the jump.

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PETA Public-Service Announcements to Run in Valley Movie Theatres -- Thanks, Dan Harkins

Categories: PETA
Thanks to an "unfortunate incident" involving Harkins Theatres owner Dan Harkins, his dog, his car, and this typical white-hot Valley summer, moviegoers at certain Harkins theaters must now sit through simplistic PETA public-service announcements before films.

PETA announced today that following the incident, in which Harkins was cited by Scottsdale police for leaving his dog in his car, it has partnered with the Valley movie theater mogul to have a PSA titled "Too Hot for Spot" shown at several Valley theaters.

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Arizona State University Calls PETA Complaints a Publicity Stunt

Categories: PETA


Since our earlier post about a presentation the animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals plans on hosting at ASU -- the group plans to discuss the inhumane ways the university is killing animals in its classrooms -- ASU representatives got back to us to disavow the event as a publicity stunt.

In fact, the university thinks just about everything PETA does is a publicity stunt.

Something about a human dressed in a bunny suit holding posters saying, "I'm scared of needles, too" -- as PETA plans to have greeting people attending the presentation -- makes us think ASU might be right.

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PETA Ad Featuring Porn Princess Sasha Grey Offends Majority of Viewers, Poll Claims

Categories: PETA

Hot or offensive, you be the judge
​Our (ahem) good friends at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have a new ad campaign, and it's actually kinda funny: They are using a porn star to promote having pets spayed and neutered.

It's a nice change of pace after listening to crusty, old Bob Barker tell us to get our cats' tubes tied for the last several decades, but a few prudes aren't diggin' it. By a few, we mean the majority, according to a recent poll from the research group MediaCurves.

The campaign features a picture of porn star (oh wait, sorry, "adult entertainer") Sasha Grey with a message about spaying and neutering pets (see above). 

We would argue that too much sex with Sasha Grey could hardly be considered a bad thing, but too much sex in the ad itself is what has people peeved.

According to the survey, an ironic 69 percent of those polled find the ad at least somewhat offensive.

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PETA Pleading With Arizona Authorities to Confiscate Two Giraffes That Used to Belong to Michael Jackson

Categories: PETA
Officials at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are pleading with authorities in Arizona to confiscate two giraffes that used belong to Michael Jackson but are now held at a wildlife preserve near Page.

Lisa Wathne, the organization's "captive exotic-animal specialist" sent a letter to Page Police Chief Charlie Dennis urging him to save the two animals from conditions at Voices of the Wild Foundation/Banjoko Wildlife Preserve, which PETA feels resulted in the deaths of two other giraffes.

"The request comes after news that two other giraffes acquired from Jackson's estate have died, possibly from improper feeding and/or exposure to cold temperatures," Wathne tells "PETA wants the remaining animals to be relocated to a facility that can better provide them with necessary care and has offered its resources to help make that happen."

At least PETA's using its "resources" to help animals that actually have faces this time -- and not just the delicious crustaceans the group seems to be so fond of

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Hundreds of Lobsters "Murdered" at Tucson Event After PETA-Endorsed "Humane" Killing Method Falls Through

Categories: PETA
A new device developed by a British inventor supposedly kills lobsters "humanely" before they're cooked.

But when PETA attempted to bring the device to Arizona last weekend for a lobster bake fundraiser for the Child and Family Resource Center in Tucson, things didn't quite go according to plan and PETA was forced to sit back as hundreds of lobsters hit the boiler the old fashion way -- alive.

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