Maricopa Teen Caught With 500 Child-Porn Videos and Pictures After Year-Long FBI Investigation

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laptop user shadow.JPG

A year-long child-porn investigation led FBI agents this summer to a Maricopa teenager with a personal stash of 500 videos and pictures of sexually exploited children.

The case was outlined in court records filed yesterday by the Arizona U.S. Attorney's Office, which requests the forfeiture of computer equipment seized from the kid's home.

The kid, who's either 17 or 18, hasn't been charged yet, so we'll hold off on naming him. Suffice to say, it looks like he's in big trouble.

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Children's Tae Kwon Do Instructor Jonathan Knight Pleads Not Guilty to Charges He Sent Penis Pics to 12-Year-Old Student

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Jonathan James Knight
Jonathan Knight, a children's Tae Kwon Do instructor in Glendale, was in Maricopa County Superior Court this morning where he pleaded not guilty to charges that he sent photos of his penis to one of his 12-year-old female students.

Knight was arrested last month and faces four counts of furnishing obscene material to a minor and one count of aggravated luring of a child for sexual exploitation.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, in early October, the girl's father discovered text messages Knight had sent his daughter and confronted her about them. Knight's message said the girl was "gorgeous" and that he loved her.

Other messages Knight sent -- including a photo of his penis -- had been deleted by the girl, she later admitted to her father.

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Cops Think "Uncle Jerry" Morrow Molested Nearly 20 Young Boys

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"Uncle Jerry" Morrow.
If there was a pervert hall of shame, "Uncle Jerry" Morrow would certainly be a first ballot inductee -- he admitted to being a pedophile, and police suspect he's molested nearly 20 kids dating as far back as 1976.

Morrow was arrested last night at his home at 4807 South 339th Avenue in Tonopah after three of his nephews, who are now adults, told Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputies he molested them for years when they were children.

One of the nephews told police he was waiting for his grandparents -- Morrow's parents -- to die before he came forward with his allegations against their son.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, one of the nephews recalls being abused by Morrow for the first time when he was five years old. The abuse ended, the victim later told police, when he was about 13.

Of the multiple times the victim says Morrow sexually abused him, one incident is particularly atrocious.

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Ali Chitsaz's Accused of Peeing on 6-Year-Old -- and Much, Much More

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Ali Chitza's Facebook page
Ali Chitzas holding a child (not the victim) is pretty terrifying.
A Scottsdale man is accused of peeing on his girlfriend's son -- but that was only after he forced the boy to perform oral sex on him on multiple occasions. 

According to court records obtained by New Times, 32-year-old Ali Chitsaz, an employee at Chiropractic Leadership, is being held without bail for allegedly molesting the boy on at least four occasions.

Chitsaz met the boy's mother on, a dating website, about four months ago. She introduced her son to Chitsaz in July, and the three started spending a lot of time together, including sleepovers at Chitsaz's house at 20750 87th Street in Scottsdale.

About three weeks ago, the boy told his mother that "Ali sucks my wiener."

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Stephen Hand of Buckeye Arrested in Sex Attack on Helpless, Mentally Disabled Man

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hand stephen suspect.JPG
Image: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
Stephen Hand, 26, of Buckey, was arrested yesterday on suspicion of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old mentally disabled man.

A Buckeye woman came home on Wednesday to a shocking sight: A man she knew was performing oral sex on her mentally disabled, 19-year-old son.

Her son is too severely disabled to speak or give consent to sexual activity, court records state. The woman called 9-1-1- after the 26-year-old suspect, Stephen Hand, who's been known to the family for 10 years, left the house.

Detectives with the Maricopa County Sheriff's office tried to interview the victim, but he couldn't give a statement. The next day, deputies listened in as the victim's sister called Hand.

He admitted to the oral contact, records state.

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Luis Mejia Ortiz Pleads Guilty to Child Molestation; Perv Claimed Head Injury Caused Him to Molest 9-Year-Old

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Santa came early -- Luis Ortiz admitted to molesting his girlfriend's 9-year-old daughter next to a Christmas tree a few weeks before Christmas.
Admitted pederast Luis Mejia Ortiz was in Maricopa County Superior Court today, where he pleaded guilty to charges that he molested his girlfriend's 9-year-old daughter on several occasions.

In all, Ortiz pleaded guilty to one count of child molestation and three counts of attempted child molestation. Initially, Ortiz was charged with four counts of sexual conduct with a minor, one count of sexual abuse, one count of child molestation, and one count of public sexual indecency.

If you ask Ortiz why he molested the girl, he claims it's because he suffered a head injury.

Ortiz was arrested in December after admitting to the girl's mother -- his girlfriend -- and police that he had touched the girl's vagina on four occasions, including a December 2 incident, in which he did so next to the family's Christmas tree. He told police it "got him excited."

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Racist "Juggalo" Tim Lowe Busted for Molesting 16-Year-Old Special Needs Girl

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Tim Lowe's Facebook page
Tim Lowe in full "juggalo" regalia.
A racist, Arizona City "juggalo" -- who claims to be studying for a Ph.D in "scratching balls" -- was arrested yesterday after admitting to molesting a 16-year-old special needs girl.

Timothy Lowe, 22, was booked into Pinal County Jail on three counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of child molestation after admitting to a sexual relationship with the girl -- and others.

According to the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, on July 1, the girl's parents called police because they suspected their daughter was exchanging nude photos with Lowe over Facebook.

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Photos of Karate Kid Jaden Smith Leads to Arrest of Phoenix Sex Offender

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If you're an adult and look at this and think "hawt," that's a problem.
Normally, possessing photos of Jaden Smith, the star of the most recent Karate Kid movie/son of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, won't land you in prison.

However, if you're a convicted sex offender currently on probation after getting convicted of child prostitution charges, photos of the 12-year-old star could land you in prison for a long, long time.

Enter 53-year-old sex offender Scott Glenn Burdett of Phoenix, who was arrested Wednesday after his probation officer got word that he was in possession of several movies featuring children, specifically young boys -- a violation of his probation.

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Backroom Casting Couch Recruiter Antonio Gonzalez Faces Additional Kiddy-Porn-Related Charges

Backroom Casting Couch recruiter Antonio "Gonzo" Gonzalez.
Things just got even worse for "reality" porn recruiter Antonio Adrian "Gonzo" Gonzalez.

"Gonzo" was charged last month with several kiddy-porn-related charges for allegedly sexually attacking several underage girls he was recruiting for his websites, and -- both feeders for the porn website "Backroom Casting Couch" -- and now he faces even more charges.

If you're not familiar with how Backroom Casting Couch works, or how its "star," Eric Whitaker -- who's seen on the site having unprotected sex with dozens of young women -- has herpes, click here.

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Peoria Perv Goes to Dollar Store for Cheap Thrills; Suspected of Touching Young Girls

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Dollar Tree Suspect .jpg
Peoria Police
Peoria police are looking for this man in connection with aggrevated assault.
A man who walked into a Peoria Dollar Tree on Monday afternoon wasn't interested in bargain shopping. Instead, police say, he inappropriately touched two young girl in two separate incidents.

The girls weren't at the store together but had apparently drifted away from each of their parents, who were also in the store.

Police grabbed images of the suspect from surveillance cameras.

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