Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Al Melvin Knows of No Arizonan Who Discriminates

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CNN's Anderson Cooper strains to comprehend Governor-hopeful Al Melvin
In a jaw-dropping interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Al Melvin tells Cooper that he should move from New York to Arizona where "we're more people friendly here."

And, Melvin, who rewrote Arizona's history during his interview with Cooper, also said to a national audience: "I don't know of anybody in Arizona who would discriminate against a fellow human being."

Is there nothing in Arizona's history that would call to his mind any discriminatory attitudes? Nothing?

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Arizona Republican Lawmakers (Plus One Dem) Support Nullification of All EPA Rules

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Wolfgang Moroder via Wikimedia Commons
A group of 36 Republican Arizona lawmakers and one Democrat have signed a resolution supporting nullification of all Environmental Protection Agency rules.

The move comes just weeks after a chemical spill in Elk River, West Virginia, spoiled the water supply of 300,000 people, in part due to lax oversight of a coal-cleaning facility.

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How Santa Claus Escaped Death in Arizona 81 Years Ago

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Sam Howzit via Flickr

In 1932, scores of people in Mesa watched Santa Claus jump out of an airplane over the East Valley.

Children and adults watched Santa as he fell, and fell, and fell some more. Although the local weekly newspaper at the time, the Mesa Journal-Tribune, had hyped up a stunt in which Santa would parachute to safety and deliver presents to children, that parachute never deployed.

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Yuma Man Crushed by 16-Foot Cactus Lands in "Ripley's Believe It or Not"

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Rennett Stowe via Flickr

Arizonans kind of take cacti for granted, but the rest of the nation still seems to find them weird -- weird enough that a 16-foot cactus landing on a man gets attention from "Ripley's Believe It or Not!"

William Mason, a worker with the city's utilities department, was checking out a leak in a Yuma subdivision last year, when the 16-foot saguaro fell onto him and pinned him to the ground.

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Goldwater Blues: Barry Jr. Gets Divorced as Brother, Michael, Struggles After Bankruptcy

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Image: Gage Skidmore, via Flickr
Barry Goldwater Jr. (above) ended his second marriage as of July -- the same month his brother, Michael, finalized a bankruptcy.
Life is off to a fresh start for the 70-something sons of Arizona legend Barry Goldwater, with Barry Jr.'s divorce and Michael's bankruptcy wrapping up last month.

The Chapter 7 bankruptcy of Michael Prescott Goldwater and wife, Constance, was discharged on July 1, leaving credit-card companies, department stores, and other creditors -- including Michael's sister Joanne -- hanging for tens of thousands of dollars.

Meanwhile, a consent decree was filed on July 30 in the divorce proceeding of Barry Goldwater Jr. and his second wife, Sylvia DeLucia, ending a seven-year marriage that had seen its first divorce filing six years ago.

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Jewish Group Raffling Off AR-15 Rifles, Because "Gun Control Is Not Kosher"


Oy vey. A Jewish pro-gun group is raffling off some of the strangest AR-15 rifles we've ever seen.

The rifles from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership come engraved with a Star of David, fashioned like an American flag with rifles on either side, as well as the phrase, "Gun control is not kosher."

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Marijuana and Driving: AZ Supreme Court Asked to Review Recent Appellate Decision Upholding Zero-Tolerance Law

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alarid michael 1.jpg
Phoenix lawyer Michael Alarid wants the state Supreme Court to review a recent ruling on the state's tough marijuana-DUI law.
The Arizona Supreme Court has been asked to review a precedent-setting state Court of Appeals ruling that upholds the state's law against marijuana in a motorist's bloodstream.

The appellate court ruled last month that the State Legislature intended to criminalize the presence of any metabolite of marijuana in a motorist's blood, whether or not the driver was actually impaired, and reversed a trial court decision to the contrary.

Critics across the country blasted the decision as ludicrous because it allows prosecutors to win drugged-driving cases against motorists who used marijuana days or even weeks before they were cited.

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Gilbert 5-Year-Old Finds Some Guns, Fires One in the Street

An example of a small child holding a gun.
As if there was a need for more reasons for Arizona to be stereotyped as a state full of gun nuts, get a load of this one from the town of Gilbert -- a 5-year-old went shooting this weekend.

This wasn't a supervised shooting expedition, either. Police say the 5-year-old took a pair of guns while he was being watched by a babysitter -- "watched" being a relative term -- and a neighbor watched him fire one off in the street this weekend.

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Daylight Saving Time Sounds Like a Miserable Event for the Rest of the Country

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Daylight Saving Time is miserable -- so we've heard.

Because DST is stupid and we don't respect it, Arizona, like Hawaii, does not participate in this biannual clock-changing game.

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Arizona Bill Would Criminalize Shootin' After Drinkin'

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If you're looking for evidence that some city slickers have made their way into the state Legislature, look no further than House Bill 2631.

The bill, sponsored almost entirely by Democrats, would make it a felony to negligently shoot a gun with a blood-alcohol level of drunk-driving caliber -- .08.

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