Bill Montgomery Warns Democrat Wilcox About Conflicts but Not Republican Barney

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The future Luke Ranch Estates -- if Denny Barney can whip the county's planning department into shape.
Last June, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery silenced Democratic County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox with threats of possible felony charges over her potential conflicts of interest.

He's yet to issue any warning to Republican Supervisor Denny Barney, who has potential conflicts on a different matter.

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Bill Montgomery Scolded by Debra Milke Judge for Withholding Information

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Photo by Matthew Hendley
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery

Former Phoenix homicide detective Armando Saldate might be the only reason Debra Milke was on death row for more than two decades for killing her son -- a conviction that has since been overturned by a federal appeals court.

Upon hearing that Saldate was planning to refuse testifying in Milke's retrial, apparently due to concerns about incriminating himself, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery explained to the media that the statute of limitations had expired.

Superior Court Judge Rosa Mroz, who's residing over the retrial, would have liked to have that information, and "finds it curious" that prosecutors never mentioned that.

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Maricopa County Attorney's Office Gets Award for New Approach in Strangulation Cases; Prosecutions Way Up

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montgomery bill 1.jpg
Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney
A new approach to evidence in domestic-violence strangulation cases has quadrupled prosecutions for the crimes and garnered an award for the Maricopa County Attorney's Office.

Last year, County Attorney Bill Montgomery's office partnered with local law enforcement agencies and Scottsdale Healthcare to make sure victims were properly examined after an attack.

Montgomery announced today that his office had received the "great honor" of a 2013 Achievement Award by the National Association of Counties (NACo).

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Bill Montgomery Over-Dramatic in Response to Abortion Ruling; Wants Supreme Court Review

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Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has given his response to a federal appeals court ruling Arizona's 20-week abortion ban, and it's about as dramatic as the programming for the Lifetime TV network.

"The ruling is disappointing in that it permits the Kermit Gosnells of the country to continue their grisly operations under legal protection while denying Arizona the ability to protect expectant mothers and their children in the womb," Montgomery says (with what we'd like to think is a single tear rolling down his cheek).

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Bill Montgomery: Mercy Killing "Not an Excuse for Murder" (Said After Man Gets Probation for Killing Wife)

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Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery says today that mercy killing, or euthanasia, "is not an excuse for murder," as 86-year-old George Sanders was sentenced today on a manslaughter charge for fatally shooting his wife.

Apparently, Montgomery finds two years of unsupervised probation an acceptable sentence for "murder."

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Bill Montgomery Loses in Petition to AZ Supreme Court on Medical Marijuana, But Fight Still On

Bill Montgomery
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has been shot down by the Arizona Supreme Court in his attempt to expedite a decision about Arizona's medical-marijuana law.

Today's decision by the state's highest court to reject Montgomery's petition represents a lost battle for the conservative lawman's crusade against the voter-approved law, but the war goes on.

Through the petition Montgomery filed in January, the county attorney was hoping to bypass a pending decision by the state Court of Appeals, which is still reviewing a trial court decision that upheld the 2010 law.

The case that appears destined to solidify or destroy the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act has to do with a would-be dispensary's fight against Maricopa County for zoning approval.

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Bill Montgomery Joins in on Useless Demand for Kyrsten Sinema's Client List as an Attorney

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery
Over the past couple of weeks, the Arizona Republican Party, supporting Republican congressional candidate Vernon Parker, has demanded that Parker's Democratic opponent, Kyrsten Sinema, release a list of her clients as a criminal-defense attorney.

The odds of that happening are pretty close to zero, if not exactly zero, but now Maricopa County's top prosecutor is trying to get in on it.

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Bill Montgomery Declares War on Medical-Marijuana Law; Craves Arrests of Patients, Caregivers and Dispensary Operators

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montgomery bill 1.jpg
Bill Montgomery can't wait to prosecute medical-marijuana patients and caregivers.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery understands that voters passed a law legalizing medical marijuana in Arizona, but he still wants to bust patients, caregivers and dispensary operators.

Montgomery said this week that his interpretation of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act is that anyone growing marijuana, whether or not they are registered with the state, can be prosecuted. Likewise with people selling marijuana, such as the operators of a dispensary. The Republican county attorney also believes the Arizona Legislature can legally ban all abortions, despite Roe. V. Wade.

In an interview on KFYI (550 AM) this morning, Montgomery said "federal law" so often, it sounded like a mantra. He can't simply squash the rights of state voters like he wants, though -- a state court has to agree with his interpretation.

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Bill Montgomery, County Attorney, Disputes Federal Judge's Stance on County Records

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wolfswinkel conley.jpg
Conley Wolfswinkel

Is Maricopa County responsible when the sheriff's office or county attorney's office fail to release documents to lawyers or the public?

A federal judge believes so, but County Attorney Bill Montgomery has a different opinion.

That esoteric, yet important, question was hashed out yesterday in federal court by Montgomery and U.S. District Court Judge Neil Wake as part of a lawsuit against the county by megarich, ex-con developer Conley Wolfswinkel. The landowner, who received probation after a 1993 conviction for check kiting, is suing along with county officials like former judge Gary Donahoe because of unethical investigations launched by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former county attorney Andrew Thomas.

Wolfwinkel's attorney, Lawrence Wright, has been trying for months to get the county to turn over documents from the sheriff's and county attorney's offices.

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Bill Montgomery Wants Lawyer for Unborn in Suit Challenging AZ's 20-Week Abortion Ban; Judge Denies His Request

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See also: ACLU Trying to Stop 20-Week Abortion Ban; Says "No Court Has Ever Upheld" Such a Law

montgomery bill 121611.JPG
Bill Montgomery has been denied in his request to have a lawyer appointed to defend the unborn in a lawsuit that challenges a new state law banning most abortions after 20 weeks.

Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney, wants a lawyer for the unborn in a lawsuit targeting a state law that bans most late-term abortions.

The Republican politician filed a motion in federal court yesterday in which he asked that a lawyer be appointed in the case "to protect the rights of unborn children to their right to life and to be protected from unnecessary pain, etc."

U.S. District Judge James Teilborg wasted no time in turning down Montgomery's request, filing an order today that says the county attorney should have proposed the name of a pro-bono lawyer to undertake the representation of the unborn.

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