Missing 5-Year-Old Jhessye Shockley's Mother Arrested by Glendale P.D.

James King
Jerice Hunter, the mother of missing 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley, has been taken into police custody.
The mother of a 5-year-old Glendale girl who's been missing for over a month reportedly has been arrested.

Jerice Hunter, the mother of Jhessye Shockley -- who was last seen on October 11-- was taken into custody this morning, family members have told various news outlets.

Glendale Sergeant Brent Coombs did not immediately respond when asked to confirm whether Hunter was in custody, nor would he confirm as much to other media outlets. Coombs would only say that police are currently at Hunter's home.

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Jahessye Shockley Disappearance Featured on America's Most Wanted; Investigators Remain Optimistic

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Glendale Police Department
Jahessye Shockley's been missing for more than three weeks.
It's been more than three weeks since 5-year-old Jahessye Shockley was reported missing, and her case has finally begun to get the attention of the national media -- the same national media the girl's grandmother claimed was ignoring the case because Shockley is black.

Glendale Sergeant Brent Coombs tells New Times America's Most Wanted featured a segment on Shockley over the weekend. Additionally, information about her disappearance now appears on the AMW website.

Despite the increase in national attention Shockley's case has received, Coombs says police have no new leads that could help find the missing 5-year-old.

Coombs declined to say whether there was any evidence to suggest the Shockley's mother, Jerice Hunter -- who served prison time for child abuse and recently had her three other children taken by state Child Protective Services -- hurt the girl. He would only say that "no suspects have been named."

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Jahessye Shockley's Mother: "I Want to Talk to Jan Brewer." Continues to Bash Glendale P.D., CPS

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James King
Jerice Hunter, the mother of missing 5-year-old Jahessye Shockley, went to the State Capitol today to criticize the Glendale Police Department.
The Glendale Police Department tells New Times its investigation into the disappearance of 5-year-old Jahessye Shockley is its "number one priority." But that's not enough for the girl's mother, Jerice Hunter, who continues to publicly bash the police, claiming they're not doing enough to find her daughter.

Hunter and other members of Shockley's family held missing person signs at the State Capitol this afternoon, and criticized police and Child Protective Services for treating Hunter like a suspect.

"I want to talk to Jan Brewer," Hunter, at one point, yelled at the building behind her.

Hunter tells New Times that what she considers to be an unsatisfactory investigation by the Glendale P.D. isn't about race -- which is contrary to what the girl's grandmother said last week -- but then says police would pay more attention if the girl was white because "if you're white you're right." 

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Amber Alert For 5-Year-Old Jahessye Shockley Called Off. Police NOT Searching Landfill

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The Amber Alert for missing Glendale 5-year-old Jahessye Shockley has been called off more than two days after her disappearance, as investigators move into the second phase of their investigation.

Additionally, police are not searching a nearby landfill, as other news outlets have reported (ABC 15, we're looking at you), Glendale Sergeant Brent Coombs tells New Times.

Shockley hasn't been found -- calling off the Amber Alert is standard procedure after 48 hours of a child's disappearance, authorities say. In fact, Coombs says, it's typically called off after 8-10 hours.

Authorities have ended their search of the area surrounding the home where Shockley was last seen without turning up too many leads.

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Should Police Be Taking an Extra Hard Look at Mother of Missing 5-Year-Old Jahessye Shockley?

Jahessye Shockley's parents, George Shockley and Jerice Hunter. Yep...those are mugshots.
Jahessye Shockley, a Glendale 5-year-old, has been missing for what is now over two days.

Frankly, as MSNBC holds hourly updates on the search for missing Kansas City baby Lisa Irwin, we figured the disappearance of a 5-year-old Arizona girl might warrant some national ink.

But it hasn't.

Locally, however -- with the exception of the Arizona Republic (Arizona's paper of record) -- Shockley's disappearance is dominating headlines.

Local TV news station KPHO -- which we often give a lot of shit because of its cheesy "telling it like it is" mantra (and never-ending chupacabra stories) -- dug up a little dirt on Shockley's parents. And it's troubling, considering the girl's been missing for over two days.

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Chamel Cabrera, 74, is Missing...Again

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Phoenic Police Department
Chamel Cabrera's missing...again.
You may recall when last month the Phoenix Police Department asked for the public's help in tracking down 74-year-old Chamel Cabrera. Well, they found him -- and now he's missing...again.

For the second time in less than 30 days, the Phoenix P.D. needs your help in locating Cabrera, who suffers from Alzheimer's Disease and high blood pressure and needs daily medication.

Cabrera was last seen yesterday morning at the home of family members north of 35th Avenue and West Beardsley Road in Phoenix.

Cabrera could be in a bit of trouble -- aside from not having his medication, he's "visiting" from Mexico and is unfamiliar with the area. He also only speaks Spanish.

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Missing Person Alert: 57-Year-Old Patricia Hipshire

Categories: Missing Person
Have you seen Patricia Hipshire?
Patricia Hipshire is missing, and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office needs your help finding her.

Hipshire, 57, was last seen on Monday August 22, at the Apache Junction Library.

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Bizarre Disappearance: Missing Canadian Last Seen in Tempe. Was Supposed to Go Back to Canada Monday

Tempe Police Department
David McMillan was last seen early Monday morning in Tempe.
A Canadian man was only supposed to be in the Valley for a "short visit." He was supposed to head back to Canada on Monday, but he apparently didn't -- and now he's missing.

David James McMillan, 35, of Vancouver, British Columbia, was staying with friends in the 3500 block of South McClintock Drive, which is where he was last seen early Monday, about 1:30 a.m.

According to the Tempe Police Department, McMillan left his ID at his friend's home, and does not have access to a vehicle.

Law enforcement agencies across the state, as well as the Canadian consulate, have been notified that McMillan is missing.

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Missing Old Person Alert: 73-Year-Old Chamel Cabrera

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Phoenix P.D.
If you've seen 73-year-old Chamel Cabrera call the Phoenix Police Department.
The Phoenix Police Department needs the public's help in tracking down a missing old guy.

Chamel Cabrera, 73, could be in a bit of trouble -- he's visiting from Mexico and is unfamiliar with the area. He also has Alzheimer's Disease and high blood pressure and needs daily medication. He only speaks Spanish.

Cabrera was last seen yesterday about 10 p.m. at a family member's house north of 35th Avenue and West Beardsley Road in Phoenix.

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Kristian Faith Stout, 18-Year-Old Hollister "Model," Was NOT Kidnapped; Found Safe

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Kristian Faith Stout wasn't kidnapped. It appears she ran away.
A Phoenix clothing "model" last seen nearly two weeks ago has been found alive, Phoenix police confirm to New Times.

Despite 18-year-old Kristian Faith Stout, a.k.a. Kristian Ward parents' earlier insistence that she was kidnapped, it appears the 18-year-old mother ran away.

Stout was last seen on May 27 leaving her job at the Paradise Valley Mall, where she went to pick up her paycheck.

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