Smoking Concentrated Marijuana, Known as Dabbing, Is All the Rage

Ray Stern
A gram of butane- extracted marijuana concentrate.
Smoking concentrated marijuana oil is exploding in popularity, with many cases nationwide of amateur chemists experiencing explosions in their homes. Manufacturing and use of the substance comes with risks not seen with "normal" pot: Scorched skin when using the red-hot smoking apparatus is inevitable, aficionados say.

Longtime marijuana advocates and High Times magazine have expressed concern, noting that contaminants in the product are hazardous and that some smokers — especially novices — may pass out after taking a hit.

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Yuma Must Return Patient's Marijuana After Losing Case in U.S. Supreme Court

Categories: Medical Weed

Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot told the media last summer that returning marijuana to a medicinal user was "not how we do business."

But Wilmot did not return calls or even issue a statement this morning after the U.S. Supreme Court decided -- by its inaction -- that Wilmot must give the pot back to the patient.

With the decision to turn down the Yuma case for a hearing, the U.S. Supreme Court has sided squarely with the state's medical-marijuana law.

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Zander Welton Wins Arizona Medical-Marijuana Extracts Case

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Image: Facebook
Zander Welton
In a ruling with wide impact on the Arizona medical-marijuana program, Zander Welton and his family have won their battle to provide extracts to the boy for his seizures.

The East Valley family sued on October 29 in Maricopa County Superior Court, receiving legal help from the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona, after threats of possible felony prosecution by County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

Judge Katherine Cooper sets Montgomery straight in a ruling filed on Friday, telling him and the state plaintiffs that the Arizona Medical Marijuana Law "authorizes qualifying patients to use extracts, including CBD oil, prepared from the marijuana plant."

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Kimberly Yee and Sheila Polk Use Power to Prop Up Marijuana Prohibition

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Photo illustration: Ray Stern
The New Prohibitionists of Arizona
Arizonans who want to fight marijuana legalization in this state have two strong allies in powerful positions: State Senator Kimberly Yee and Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk.

Like would-be leaders of a modern-day women's temperance movement, the two Arizona politicians share a strong belief that cannabis users deserve to be jailed, and that the legalization movement sweeping the country should be literally nipped in the buds.

In the latest moves by the pair to thwart the medical-marijuana law approved by voters in 2010, Yee has single-handedly blocked a proposal to use the state's medical-marijuana fund to help study how pot may help certain ailments, and Polk has won a court battle that allows her to ban a medical user from using the drug as a condition of her probation.

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Montgomery's Office Drops Charge on Medical-Pot Patient Busted with Infused Candy

Categories: Medical Weed

Bill Montgomery has been stymied in two separate cases of medical-marijuana patients who possessed small amounts of concentrated marijuana.

Records show that the Republican county attorney will continue to try to saddle one of the valid patients with a felony conviction.

But before we tell you about the patient, we wanted to catch you up on a situation we wrote about in November, when another bona fide patient was caught in a DUI stop and found to be in possession of a single piece of infused candy.

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Arizona Medical-Marijuana Card Discount by State Proposed for Seniors and Veterans

Categories: Medical Weed

Arizona veterans and people 65 and older would get a big break from the state on the cost of a medical-marijuana card in 2015 under proposed rule changes.

Since 2010's historic vote granting Arizonans the freedom to use medical marijuana legally, the fee for obtaining a registration card has been $150, with a break only for those on food stamps.

New, proposed rules announced Thursday by Will Humble, director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, would give a generous $75 discount to seniors, former military service-people, and recipients of federal Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

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Medical-Marijuana Dispensaries Win County Battle, but Montgomery's War on Law Goes On

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Image: Ray Stern
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery: "I'm really supposed to be listening to the voters?"
The fight for a medical-marijuana dispensary on unincorporated Maricopa County land won a key victory on Wednesday with the Board of Supervisors lifting its ban on the shops.

But the five Supervisors -- one Democrat and four Republicans -- and the county attorney continue to see the case as their ticket to overturning the state's voter-approved medical-pot law.

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Arizona Medical-Pot Supplier JP Holyoak of Arizona Natural Selections Wants GOP Critics to "Know Who They're Hurting"

Categories: Medical Weed

Andrew Pielage
J.P. Holyoak and his 5-year-old daughter, Reese.
J.P. Holyoak cuts an intense presence as he prepares to guide news media members and a couple of local state representatives through his medical-marijuana cultivation facility.

He appears even more stressed than the average late-30s man with three kids should be. Standing outside the nondescript brick-and-concrete industrial building in a complex of similar buildings near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Holyoak makes reporters and TV cameramen promise to keep the address of the facility secret before entering.

He lightens up only as he spells his name for everyone: "A Bible and a tree," he says with a grin before going back to his worried look.

He's not thrilled with going forward like this, he says, and he's concerned about how his family will be accepted in the community.

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Map: Which Parts of the Phoenix Metro Area Have the Most Medical-Marijuana Patients

Categories: Medical Weed

Maps released by the state health department show the areas around the state that have the most medical-marijuana patients.

All these hot spots are in the Phoenix area, and most are around North Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the East Valley.

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Arizona's Legal Dispensaries Sold More Than 2.5 Tons of Medical Marijuana in First Year

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Image: Wikimedia commons
Arizona's medical-marijuana dispensaries sold more than 2.5 tons of marijuana in the past 12 months, officials say.

From December 6th, 2012 -- opening day for the state's first state-authorized dispensary, Arizona Organix -- to December 9th of this year, 5,279 pounds of marijuana were sold, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services.

The health department provided the numbers this morning following a New Times records request made last month.

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