10 Time-Lapse Images of Phoenix Being Built Over 80 Years

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Maricopa County
Camelback Mountain in 1953.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can watch more than 80 years of development take place in about five seconds.

Maricopa County keeps aerial maps dating back to 1930, and we've combined some into time-lapse images to show you how Phoenix has changed over the years:

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Arizona's Most Popular National Parks, Ranked

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John Fowler

More than 10 million people visited Arizona's national parks last year, according to new figures released by the National Park Service.

The Park Service says more than $773 million of spending occurred in Arizona thanks to tourism to the parks, supporting dozens of jobs. Check out which parks were the most popular:

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How to Split Arizona Into 10 States

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Now that there's a plan to slice up California into six states, it's time to unveil our plan to divide Arizona into multiple states.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the 10 states of Arizona:

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10 of the Largest Objects in America That Can Be Found in Arizona

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There's a saying that everything's bigger in Texas, and that's a lie.

Here are 10 things that are either the nation's or world's largest, and can be found right here in Arizona:

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10 Cities Where Summer Is More Miserable Than Phoenix

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We're at that point of the year where some people won't stop complaining about the heat until October.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of places where the summer season is much more miserable than it is in Phoenix. Check out 10 prime examples:

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Top Five Fourth of July Hazards for Dogs

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luf sugarskull via Flickr
Pet experts wanting to get a little free publicity share some Independence Day safety tips spent the last couple days flooding our inboxes with reminders on how to keep your dogs sane this holiday.

Here are some of the hazards to avoid:

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Top 10 Ways to Be a Complete Cheapskate Around Phoenix

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Listen, money doesn't grow on trees. Nor does it grow on cacti.

If you want more ways to save a buck or two around Phoenix, we've got 10 methods to do so:

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10 Before-and-After Photos of Downtown Phoenix Captured by Google Maps

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Google Maps
A current view of CityScape.

Downtown Phoenix has changed quite a bit over the last seven years.

Since Google first sent its Street View cameras through the streets of downtown Phoenix in 2007, buildings have gone up, others have come down, and other areas have completely changed. Now that the Street View car came back through Phoenix this year, we can compare the changes over the years. Check out 10 before-and-after photos of downtown, as captured by Google Street View:

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Top 10 Ways to Identify a Phoenix Native

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The Phoenix native is a unique species of desert creature.

Check out our field guide on the 10 best ways to identify such a person in the wild:

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10 Worst Rejected Custom License Plates in Arizona

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If you think custom license plates are generally dumb, then you should see the ones that the Motor Vehicle Division doesn't approve.

Late last year, we acquired the list of more than 27,000 rejected custom license plates in Arizona, and now that we've finally gone through them all, we've chosen the 10 absolute worst plates that people tried to get:

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