MCSO Monitor, Chief Deputy Met by Angry Crowd in Guadalupe

Categories: Arpaio

Ashley Cusick
Warshaw and his team address the Guadalupe crowd.
The court-appointed monitor of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office shared results from his team's first quarterly assessment of the MCSO last night at a community meeting in Guadalupe. But tensions ran high, especially given Arpaio's contentious history with the town.

Chief Robert Warshaw and his team have been charged with monitoring Arpaio's office since January, a result of the May 2013 federal court finding that the MCSO unconstitutionally relied on race during traffic stops of Latinos in Maricopa County. Unsurprisingly, the majority of the 200 or so attendees in the packed Frank Elementary School gym were Latino citizens, many of them residents of Guadalupe.

The Arizona ACLU calls Guadalupe the "site of one of the MCSO's unlawful, racial profiling-based operations," and lingering resentment was clear last night.

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Flaunt Your Film Skills: New Times Seeking Freelance Videographers

Categories: Help Wanted

Do you love telling visual stories? Can't get enough of the happenings around the Valley? Want to show off your inner Cecil B. DeMille?

New Times is expanding our crew of freelance videographers, and we'd love for you to join the team.

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Best of Phoenix 2014: Moon Valley Mercies

Categories: Best of Phoenix

Sarah Hurwitz
Once upon a time, there was a city. It was not the largest city, or the smallest. It was not the richest or the poorest. But this city had a reputation, nonetheless. It was known throughout the land as dry and inhospitable -- heated to unimaginable temperatures for several months of the year, ruled by a witch of a governor and a cruel sheriff, a cultural wasteland. The people of this city knew the truth. Yes, upper management could be rough, and at first the landscape wasn't easy on the eyes, but past the strip malls and the cookie cutter subdivisions, a wonderful metropolis burgeoned: bartenders poured the craftiest of cocktails, world-class chefs cooked, there were sports teams to cheer for, boutiques to shop at, and clubs where you could dance the night away.

Once a year, the kind-hearted souls at the city's alternative newsweekly gathered the finest of what the place had to offer, presenting it in the hallowed pages of a book called the "Best of Phoenix." This year's edition features "Tales of the City" -- true stories told and legends explained.

Our chapter on politics, art and culture begins with an essay by Tom Zoellner.

See also: Read all of the Best of Phoenix 2014 essays

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PetSmart Lays Off 176 Employees at Phoenix Headquarters

Categories: News

Mike Mozart
PetSmart laid off 176 employees at its Phoenix headquarters yesterday.

Company spokeswoman Erin Gray confirmed to New Times that the layoffs came as part of PetSmart's "broad cost reduction program."

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ATF Investigating Explosion That Destroyed Pickup Truck on Farm Near Colorado City; W/UPDATE

An unoccupied pickup truck on a farm near polygamist enclave Colorado City was blown to bits Sunday evening in an explosion being investigated by federal agents.

A commercial explosive like dynamite is believed to have been used in the blast, says Tom Mangan, spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

No one was injured, but the previously working field truck was destroyed, he says.

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Democrats Rallying Troops, Community to Vote in Key Statewide Races

Categories: Election 2014

Mary Rose Wilcox / Facebook
Mary Rose Wilcox and Pastor Warren Stewart during a recent campaign event.

Neither Mary Rose Wilcox nor Pastor Warren Stewart reached their respective goals of winning a seat in Congress or on the Phoenix City Council, but they vow to continue serving as community activists.

Both are aiming to stir their communities to make changes through voting, and they've timed it align with the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act next year.

"We thought it was important to have more interaction with the community, and to educate [citizens] about their rights, and through that, urge them to register, and more importantly, to vote," Wilcox tells New Times.

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Ruthless: A Long-Lost Confession Letter May Finally Tell the Real Story of Winnie Ruth Judd

Categories: Cover Story

Arizona Historical Society/Winnie Ruth Judd Collection
Winnie Ruth Judd on the witness stand.
Winnie Ruth Judd is the stuff of legend. She murdered her two best friends one night in 1931, the story goes, and then, perhaps with help from an accomplice, cut one of them into pieces, packed both bodies in a couple of trunks, and hopped the Sunday night train to Los Angeles, her gruesome luggage in tow.

Her case was as big in the early 1930s as O.J. Simpson's was in the mid-'90s. It became international news and, more than 80 years later, has never really left us. Sentenced to the state mental hospital in 1933, Ruth managed to make headlines for decades by escaping seven times. The last time she escaped, in 1962, she stayed gone for seven years, relocating to northern California and becoming Marian Lane.

After her parole in 1971, her story took on a second life as the subject of bestselling books, whodunit websites, even a motion picture in which all the characters were played by marionettes.

Three new books about the case are forthcoming.

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Bill Montgomery's Alliance with Anti-Islam Bigot John Guandolo Has Made Us Less Safe

Demonstrators outside Montgomery's recent anti-Islam seminar in Tempe, countering hate with positivity

One rule of McCarthyism is that anyone critical of scurrilous activity by its practitioners instantly is suspect.

In the 1950s, communists and communist sympathizers were the bugbears of infamous Wisconsin U.S. Senator Joe McCarthy, whose name has become synonymous with the unscrupulous ruining of reputations.

For Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and disgraced former FBI agent John Guandolo, the target is an entire religion, Islam.

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Ex-Detectives Call on Feds to Investigate Florence PD, PCSO for Racism, Corruption

Categories: Bad Cops


On the heels of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's establishing a task force aimed at easing racial tensions between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve, the attorneys for a pair of former Florence Police Department detectives are renewing their call that Florence and the Pinal County Sheriff's Office be among the agencies scrutinized.

That task force is known as the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, and its multi-layered approach is listed as "a substantial investment in training, evidence-based strategies, policy development and research to combat distrust and hostility between law enforcement and the communities they serve."

Lynne Bernabei, attorney for Walt "Hondo" Hunter and Jarris Varnrobinson, says, "I think this is all timely, and it's exactly what we proposed they do in taking a look at Florence Police Department. This issue with the police department and their stormy relationship with the community has to be looked at, and I think Florence is a good place to start."

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APS the Latest Company to Be Targeted for Diversity Statistics

Categories: News

Note: This post has multiple updates below, including a response from APS.

On the heels of Reverend Jesse Jackson demanding workforce diversity statistics from Silcon Valley tech companies, there's a push to get the same stats out of Arizona's biggest power company.

In Phoenix, activist Revered Jarrett Maupin is organizing people to join him in demanding Arizona Public Service (APS) release these statistics. He says the lack of a black person on the board of directors for APS' parent company Pinnacle West -- and the board of directors of other major utility companies in the western U.S. -- is troubling.

"When you look at their consumer base, it's a little more than 10 percent of the customers they sell electricity to are African-American, so you would think we would have some representation on their board of directors," Maupin tells New Times. "We're good enough to sell power to, but they haven't found one of us good enough to share power with."

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Russell Pearce Lies, Hos Hoskins Spins

Thumbnail image for FeatheredBastard_RESIZE_VF.jpg

Recalled state Senate President Russell Pearce is one of those guys who can lie and then believe his lie, almost immediately after he's said it.

Problem is, he's a really bad liar. In fact, his lies remind me of that quote from the Old Testament, "Be sure your sin will find you out."

And like a boomerang, they always do, particularly in Pearce's case.

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Two Valley Women Getting into Valley's Boxing Scene, Promoting "Phoenix Fight Night"

Categories: Sports


Two Valley women -- Maritza Miranda Saenz and Celia Carbajal -- are hosting Ben Miranda Boxing Promotions' inaugural match up on Friday in downtown Phoenix.

"Phoenix Fight Night" is slated for the Phoenix Convention Center at 7 p.m.

Saenz, the daughter of the late lawmaker and attorney Ben Miranda, and Carbajal, daughter of boxing trainer Danny Carbajal, stepped into the boxing arena in July, in hopes of rejuvenating the Valley boxing scene to its heyday in the early 1990's and support local fighters who need a venue to showcase their talent.

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Protesters Still Demanding Russell Pearce Be Fired in Second Week of Demonstrations

Categories: News

Matthew Hendley
Protesters locked out of Maricopa County Treasurer "Hos" Hoskins' office.
Recalled ex-Senate President Russell Pearce still has his taxpayer-funded $85,000-a-year job with the Maricopa County Treasurer's Office, and the protesters have not gone away.

Activists with Citizens for a Better Arizona, plus elected officials and representatives of other groups showed up to Treasurer "Hos" Hoskins' office yesterday to continue demanding Pearce be fired for putting down the poor on his radio show, and insulting immigrants in his county e-mails.

Earlier, Citizens for a Better Arizona organizer Ramiro Luna got a meeting with Hoskins, who doesn't seem eager to get rid of Pearce.

"The conversation was not very constructive," Luna says. "All he did was stick up for Pearce."

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Arizona's New "Revenge Porn" Law Draws a Lawsuit on First Amendment Grounds

Categories: News

Arizona's so-called "revenge porn" law criminalizes much more than sharing an ex-lover's nude photos, states a lawsuit filed by several publishing and media organizations.

The law, passed earlier this year, essentially makes it a felony to share a nude photo of someone without the person's consent. According to the plaintiffs, the way Arizona's law is worded, it's now a felony offense to show iconic news images like those of the naked prisoners tortured at Abu Ghraib or the "Napalm Girl" from the Vietnam War. It's even a felony for a mother to show her sister an image of her infant child with no clothing, plaintiffs say.

"The law isn't limited in any way to revenge porn," American Civil Liberties Union staff attorney Lee Rowland tells New Times. "The very fact our plaintiffs, [including] Arizona booksellers and media organizations, are concerned about the breadth of this law says it all."

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Video: Fight Among Fans at Cardinals vs. 49ers (UPDATE with Second Video, Police Response)

Categories: Cardinals

A bloody fight between fans at Sunday's Arizona Cardinals game was caught on video.

The Cards beat the San Francisco 49ers 23-14 at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Plenty of action also took place in the stands, as the video shows.

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Jodi Arias Banned from Jailhouse Interviews

Categories: News

Convicted killer Jodi Arias won't be the center of attention again in the sentencing phase of her trial.

Arias was convicted of the 2008 killing of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in last year's nationally televised trial, but the jury couldn't come to a conclusion on whether to sentence Arias to death. A new jury will be convened for a redo of the sentencing phase.

However, the trial won't become a spectacle again as a judge has banned TV coverage until after the verdict, and now the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office says Arias won't be granted any interviews with the media.

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Democrats Call Doug Ducey's Cold Stone a "Ponzi Scheme," and Say It With Ice Cream

Categories: Election 2014

The Arizona Democratic Party is comparing the way Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey ran Cold Stone Creamery to a Ponzi scheme.

To push the point, the party held a bit of an ice cream party at its Phoenix headquarters today, showing off gallons of ice cream labeled: "Doug Ducey's Pistachio Ponzi Scheme."

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Rex Chapman's Sale of New, Stolen Apple Items Didn't Raise Suspicions at Pawn Store

Categories: News

Details released in the Rex Chapman shoplifting case show that North Scottsdale Loan and Gold paid the ex-NBA star thousands for the brand-new goods he brought in.

Alfonso Larriva, owner of the Scottsdale store as well as other Valley pawn shops, tells New Times that the store's employees didn't find the transactions suspicious.

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Arizona Democratic Party Protested by Latinos, Immigrant-Rights Supporters

Categories: News

Immigrant-rights protesters held a demonstration outside the Arizona Democratic Party headquarters in Phoenix last week, blasting the Dems for being the "deportation party."

Videographer Dennis Gilman was there to capture the action, as protesters were particularly upset with recent news that President Obama would delay taking executive action on the immigration front until after the election.

"Over 2 million people have been deported under this president," Puente Arizona director Carlos Garcia said at the rally. "One thousand people a day are deported from this country, all in the hands of President Obama and the Democratic Party."

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All 24 Cities and Towns in Maricopa County, Ranked from Worst to First

Categories: List This

Here it is: The definitive ranking of every single city and town in Maricopa County.

We factored in things like livability, location, attractions for visitors, and any number of X-factors in ranking all 24 cities in towns in the county from worst to first.

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