Doug Ducey Trending Toward Win in GOP Primary for Arizona Governor

Categories: Election 2014

Doug Ducey
Doug Ducey has a lock on the Republican primary race for Arizona governor, judging from early results that show him trouncing his closest contender.

With about one third of voting precincts reporting statewide at 9 p.m., Ducey had 36.7 percent of the vote compared to 23 percent for former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith and 15.4 for former GoDaddy executive Christine Jones.

The winner of tonight's race will go on to face Democrat Fred DuVal in the November general election.

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Ruben Gallego's Election Night Party Is Exploding; Mary Rose Wilcox Concedes

Categories: Election 2014

Monica Alonzo
Ruben Gallego delivers victory speech in Arizona's CD7 with wife, Kate, at his side.

The crowd of Ruben Gallego supporters gathered at Club Downtown is jazzed after Gallego's wife, Phoenix Councilwoman Kate Gallego, announced that Mary Rose Wilcox "graciously" phoned her husband and conceded the seat for Arizona's 7th Congressional District.

When Gallego came on stage, his supporters chanted his name. And during his victory speech, his voice cracked when he talked about using his office to give young people the same opportunities he's had. He grew up in stark poverty but made it to and through Harvard University.

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Live Arizona Primary Election Results

Categories: Election 2014

Below, you can find live results of today's Arizona primary election.

The first results will be posted around 8 p.m., and the Secretary of State's office will update the live feed throughout the night.

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The Reverend Jarrett Maupin, Underdog Candidate in AZ CD7, Is 'Keepin' the Faith'

Categories: Election 2014

The Reverend Jarrett Maupin and his campaign team
The Reverend Jarrett Maupin has spent all day getting out the vote and offering would-be voters a ride to the polls.

With just hours to go before the polls close, he's running the Maupin motorcade throughout Arizona's 7th Congressional District -- a seat he isn't favored to win.

The reverend is running against political heavyweights Mary Rose Wilcox, a former county supervisor, and Ruben Gallego, a former state representative. Although an underdog, Maupin isn't letting up. Randy Camacho, a southwest Valley teacher and author, is also running in the Democratic primary.

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New Times Live-Tweets Arizona's Primary Election Night

Categories: Election 2014

Tom Arthur
New Times reporters are all around the Phoenix area covering today's primary election.

Below, find a live Twitter feed of race results and reactions:

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Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton Hits the Polls with Michael Johnson, County Supervisor Candidate

Categories: Election 2014

Former Phoenix Councilman Calvin Goode (left) with Maricopa County Supervisor Candidate Michael Johnson and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton sprinted across the crosswalk at Percy L. Julian School, a county polling site near 24th Street and Broadway Road, to talk to residents who were showing up to vote.

He introduced himself and told them he was there supporting Michael Johnson, a candidate for the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

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Candidates Offer Voters Rides to the Polls, Assistance in Returning Early Ballots

Categories: Election 2014

Mmmm... the aroma of Election Day is in the air.

Candidates were wiping the political mud-stains from their faces, putting on their Sunday best, and making appearances at local polls in hopes that flashing last-minute smiles will tilt the scales in their favor.

Mary Rose Wilcox, candidate for Arizona's 7th Congressional District, was optimistic this afternoon as her campaign volunteers called would-be voters to remind them to head to their nearest voting booth or make sure they've returned their early ballot.

They were offering to pick up ballots that haven't been returned and give residents rides to the polls.

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ASU Semester Starts Off With 392 Arrests by Tempe Police Task Force

Categories: ASU

Jenn Durfey
A police task force in Tempe focused on alcohol-related crimes made 392 arrests over the weekend, which was the first weekend since the fall semester started at Arizona State University.

This is the second year that the Tempe Police Department has organized its "Safe and Sober" campaign at the start of ASU's fall semester. Over a stretch of three weekends last year, more than 1,300 people were arrested.

The 392 arrests over the weekend was an increase over the same weekend last year, which ended with 371 arrests.

"We have more agencies -- quite a few more agencies -- participating this year," Tempe Police Lieutenant Mike Pooley tells New Times.

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Top 10 Arizona Primary Races to Watch

Categories: Election 2014

Dwight Burdette
Today is Arizona's primary election, and there are plenty of races to keep an eye on.

Below, check out our picks of the top 10 races to watch as the results roll in tonight:

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Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton Gives Last-Minute Endorsement to Ruben Gallego in AZ's CD7

Categories: Election 2014

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton (left) has endorsed Congressional candidate Ruben Gallego.
Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton showed up this weekend at a central Phoenix union hall to help Ruben Gallego make a last-minute push in his race for U.S. Congress.

Stanton hadn't declared support for any candidate until this weekend -- and he selected Gallego over the other Democratic candidates in the race: Mary Rose Wilcox, Jarrett Maupin, and Randy Camacho.

The four are facing off against each other tomorrow in hopes of winning Arizona's 7th Congressional District seat.

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Phoenix PD's Shooting of Michelle Cusseaux to Be Investigated by DPS

Categories: News

Matthew Hendley
A woman holding a photo of Michelle Cusseaux in front of Cusseaux's casket.
A Phoenix police officer's fatal shooting of Phoenix resident Michelle Cusseaux will be investigated by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Cusseaux, 50, was fatally shot August 14 by Phoenix Police Officer Percy Dupra after, police say, she threatened officers with a hammer when they went to serve a court order to deliver Cusseaux to a mental-health facility. Family and activists demanded an external investigation of the shooting. This didn't happen -- until people marched outside City Hall with Cusseaux's body in a casket on Friday.

Police Chief Daniel Garcia initially had announced that the Phoenix PD would conduct the investigation, which would be subject to an independent review by the Maricopa County Attorney's Office. The people who brought Cusseaux's body to City Hall said that wasn't good enough, and a day later, Garcia announced that he asked DPS to investigate.

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10 Things No One From Phoenix Ever Says

Categories: List This

There are certain phrases people from Phoenix always use ("It's a dry heat!") but there are also some things people from Phoenix never say.

Check out 10 things no one from Phoenix ever says:

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Jerry Sheridan, MCSO Chief Deputy, Considers Legal Options After Slurs by Ex-Deputy Chief

Jerry Sheridan, chief deputy for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, is said to be contemplating his legal options following the release of an ex-deputy chief's gossip-filled book.

Sheridan didn't call New Times back after we called him for comment before printing Friday's article about the newly released book by former veteran deputy Brian Sands, but Sheriff Joe Arpaio's spokeswoman, Lisa Allen, did.

Sheridan "has contacted an attorney," Allen tells us. "He is looking to find out if there's a case here about his reputation [being] defamed."

Of particular concern to Sheridan are statements by Sands that allege apparent bigotry.

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Body of Mentally Ill Woman Killed by Phoenix Police Brought to City Hall by Family, Activists

Categories: News

Matthew Hendley
The casket of Michelle Cusseaux outside Phoenix City Hall.
The body of a mentally ill black woman who was shot and killed by police was brought to Phoenix City Hall today by community activists and the slain woman's family, who demanded an external investigation into her death.

Michelle Cusseaux, 50, was fatally shot by Phoenix Police Officer Percy Dupra on August 14, after police say she threatened officers with a hammer when they went to serve a court order to deliver Cusseaux to a mental-health facility.

Community members have joined Cusseaux's mother in calling for an independent agency to investigate the killing, in addition to the Phoenix Police Department's own investigation, although Phoenix police haven't agreed to seeking an external investigation.

"We've had to take drastic measures," Cusseaux's mother Frances Garrett said, standing beside her daughter's casket outside City Hall.

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Joe Arpaio's Top Man, Jerry Sheridan, Described as a Bigot in Ex-Deputy's Book

Brian Sands, a former top-ranking deputy under Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, describes Arpaio's current chief deputy as a bigot in a new, dirt-dishing book.

Our colleague Stephen Lemons first brought you news of Sands' book on Saturday. We ordered a copy for ourselves, and the typo-ridden, apparently self-published, 177-page book arrived in the mail yesterday. We'll be covering what it says over the next week or two. Today, we take a look at Chapter 1, in which Sands begins a Sheridan-bash that continues until the last chapter.

Sands also blasts his former boss in the first chapter as someone who's more interested in self-aggrandizement than his own deputies. Sheridan, a white man, is criticized heavily for his views on other ethnic persuasions. And Frank Munnell, the commander who exposed shady dealings of some of Arpaio's top brass in 2010, is also described as being extremely insensitive to minorities.

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Maricopa County Mugshots of the Week: Potpourri

At the end of the week, we bring you a roundup of visitors to the desert's own Fourth Avenue Jail. To be considered for our Maricopa County mugshots of the week, get arrested, strike a pose, and we'll take care of the rest.

This week, we've got a bit of everything, from celebrity lookalikes, to crazy hair, and tattoos so bad the artist would have failed kindergarten art class. Enjoy.

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Tempe Martial Arts Teacher Bans Workers from Ice Bucket Challenge Over Health Concerns

Categories: Health, News

The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised millions of dollars for the ALS Association, but some people question whether it's safe.

One local teacher/business owner has banned her employees from participating after one of her students experienced adverse health effects following the challenge.

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Phoenix Protesters Decry Shooting of Michael Brown; More Rallies This Weekend

Ashley Cusick
Garrett Scrivner, 21, at the protest.
Robert Ramirez carried a sign that said: "Hands Up Don't Shoot."

He was among a throng of protesters gathered in Eastlake Park in Phoenix as part of the Nationwide Day of Rage, a nationally coordinated effort to protest the shooting death of Michael Brown and subsequent turmoil between police and protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Ruben Gallego Touts Endorsement from Superior Mayor, a Politician Who Helped Get Anti-Immigrant Sheriff Paul Babeu Elected

Categories: Election 2014


Ruben Gallego's campaign is touting an endorsement from Jayme Valenzuela, mayor of Superior -- and making sure to note that that's Mary Rose Wilcox's hometown.

Gallego and Wilcox both are running for Arizona's 7th Congressional District seat.

Valenzuela says Gallego "has a record of honest and true public service we can trust."

Camp Gallego may be proud of what it perceives as a political "gotcha" to Wilcox, but given Valenzuela's personal and political history, it's hardly anything to get excited about -- especially when you've made fighting for immigrants' rights and immigration reform a campaign priority.

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Arizona Ordered to Pay Up for Under-Funding Public Schools

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Matthew Hendley
A Maricopa County judge has ordered the state to fund public school districts to the levels mandated by voters, meaning Arizona has to pay up about $300 million this year.

The courts have sided with school districts that argued the Legislature was under-funding schools, based on a 2000 voter-approved law that required certain increases in education funding, reflecting increases in inflation.

"This follows up on the heels of the court's decision on July 11, in which [Maricopa County] Judge [Katherine] Cooper held that the Legislature had to fund the correct inflation amount going forward -- for this year and years subsequent," Arizona Center for the Public Interest attorney Timothy Hogan tells New Times.

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