Cesar Chavez's Rabid Opposition to Illegal Immigration Not Covered in New Movie

Cesar Chavez
Moviegoers who see "Cesar Chavez" when it opens today can expect a feel-good flick that portrays the Yuma-born legend as almost saintly.

The movie doesn't enlighten viewers about Chavez's intense opposition to "illegals" and "wets," as he called undocumented immigrants.

You may have heard that Chavez preached against illegal immigration, but "The Crusades of Cesar Chavez" by Miriam Pawel, a new book released in timely fashion this month by Bloomsbury Press, has the iconic Hispanic hero sounding at times like a typical nativist bigot and acting like a right-wing militia member.

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Ninth Circuit Court to Review Arizona Law Denying Bail to Undocumented Immigrants

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today ordered a full-court "en banc" hearing of Arizona's voter-approved law that denies bail to undocumented immigrants accused of serious crimes.

Since the challenge to the 2006 law appeared settled after a Ninth Circuit 2-1 ruling in June, the new order is a good start to the new year for the plaintiffs of the lawsuit -- and likely trouble for the law.

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Illegal Immigration May Be on the Rise Again

Allen Ormond via Flickr

Although the estimated number of unauthorized immigrants into the United States dropped off after 2007, researchers think that number may be on the rise again.

After estimating a peak of 12.2 million unauthorized immigrants in the country in 2007, the Pew Research Center estimated that number dropped to 11.3 million by 2009, and now estimates 11.7 million unauthorized immigrants are in the country.

The problem is, it's unclear if that's actually a rise in unauthorized immigrants, since it falls within the large margin of error.

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Galdino Sierra, Illegal Refugee and Sex Offender, Gets 37 Months for Returning to USA

Petaluma PD
Galindo Sierra
Galdino Sierra, a California sex offender whose family was gunned down in Mexico by rival factions of his Indian tribe, has been sentenced to 37 months in prison for returning illegally to the United States.

Tucson lawyer Roger Sigal says that Sierra, 26, a Chatino from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, may still be eligible for refugee status and allowed to stay in the country after he serves his sentence.

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Danny's Family Car Wash Raid by ICE and Minuteman Richard Malley Doing Same Job?

On a deserted stretch of Interstate 8, "Minuteman" Richard Malley and two buddies hunt for illegal immigrants.

Back in Phoenix, at 13 Danny's Family Car Wash locations across the Valley, Obama's modern-day INS, some dressed in ski masks and toting assault rifles, are basically the same thing. At least, they are in the eyes of some.

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Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton Gives President Obama a Letter Written By Arizona Dreamer

Facebook/Team Awesome Arizona
Tony Valdovinos in 2012 working to increase voter turnout in his community.
Mayor Greg Stanton briefly spoke with President Barack Obama when he arrived in Phoenix to speak about the U.S. housing market.

Along with a welcome, a handshake and a half-hug, Stanton had a letter for Obama written by a local Dreamer -- Antonio (Tony) Valdovinos.

The letter thanked the president for his deferred action initiative and support of comprehensive immigration reform.

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The Rise of South Phoenix, Team Awesome Continue Growing Next Generation of Activists

The Rise of South Phoenix and Team Awesome, two groups that have built a reputation of mobilizing their friends, family, and neighbors during local, state, and federal elections, are empowering the community beyond the ballot box.

They continuing hosting neighborhood clean-ups, organizing food drives, and urging more civic engagement.

On Saturday, The Rise of South Phoenix -- a group of community activists -- joined with their west Phoenix counterparts (Team Awesome) to host a workshop that gathered volunteer attorneys to help undocumented youth fill out their applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA).

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-South Phoenix Community Leaders Reach Out for More Volunteers
-How Undocumented Immigrants Helped Change Phoenix's City Council Race
-SB 1070 Fuels a Movement of New Voters

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Video Shows Pain of Five U.S. Citizens in Phoenix as Mom, Undocumented, Remains in Detention

Image: Puente Arizona's YouTube video
Jennifer Medrano, 16, a Carl Hayden High School student, asks viewers in a video posted today to help free her mother, an undocumented immigrant and mother of five U.S. citizens.
A video posted on YouTube this morning shows the pain of five U.S.-citizen children are feeling because their undocumented mom was arrested six months ago.

We dare you to watch the video (see below) and not be moved by the tears and pleas of these kids, two of whom go to Carl Hayden High School in Phoenix.

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County Attorney Bill Montgomery's Endorsement Rejected by Pastor Warren Stewart in District 8 Phoenix City Council Race

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery apparently either was asked for his endorsement or offered it -- depending on whom you ask -- to Pastor Warren Stewart's District 8 campaign.

We asked Stewart's campaign, and we didn't get a straight answer at first, other than getting informed that Stewart and Montgomery never had a conversation.

Well, today, Mario Diaz, the campaign's consultant, rejected the endorsement. A little later, however, a spokesman for Montgomery called New Times to say there never was a formal endorsement.

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John McCain on Why GOP Will Support Immigration Reform: Hispanic Votes

Senator John McCain
Republicans in Congress are suddenly on board with immigration reform -- specifically, a bipartisan plan that would create a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrations -- according to Senator John McCain.

"Well, I'll give you a little straight talk," McCain said on ABC's This Week. "Look at the last election. Look at the last election. We are losing, dramatically, the Hispanic vote, which we think should be ours, for a variety of reasons."

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