Top 10 Killer Bee Attacks in Arizona

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Alan Taylor via Flickr
While tragic and horrifying, the swarming-bee attack that killed a 32-year-old landscaper in Douglas on Wednesday was not a freak occurrence in Arizona.

Stories about bee attacks and bee deaths appear regularly in the state -- perhaps once a year or more. While not as common as lightning deaths, most people would prefer lightning to death by stinging insects. When the Irwin Allen disaster flick "The Swarm" was released in 1978, few people realized that it contained more than a grain of truth for Arizonans, who in the last two decades have seen more than their fair share of bee-affiliated violence.

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Alex Spartz, Glendale High School Swim Team Captain, Paralyzed in Maui After Breaking Neck

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Image: gofundme
Alex Spartz of Glendale, Arizona, remains paralyzed after a July 13 beach accident in Maui.
Alex Spartz, a 17-year-old Glendale high school student, is still in Maui after a July 13 beach accident left him paralyzed.

The honor student, swim team captain at Mountain Ridge High School, and soccer player had been doing somersaults on Kaanpali Beach that day while on a family vacation. He mistimed a wave and crashed headfirst into the sand, breaking his neck. Now he's in ICU on the Hawaiian island, unable to move his fingers or his legs.

Spartz is one of three people who broke their necks on Maui beaches last week and the second one from Arizona.

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Pinal County Sheriff's Office Criticized Over Handling of Search for Missing Superstition Mountain Hiker

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Chris Hensley and Daughters.jpg
Chris Hensley with his daughters, Alexa and Alyssa, during a visit to the Grand Canyon.
"Is daddy living in the mountains now?"

It's a heartbreaking question that 5-year-old Alexa has been asking her mom, Tonya Hensley.

It's been nearly two weeks since members of the Superstition Search and Rescue (SSAR) traced Chris Hensley's steps into the Superstition Mountains and located his remains in an area known as No Name Canyon.

"He's in Heaven watching over you," Hensley says, trying to explain their father's absence to Alexa and 7-year-old Alyssa.

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PCSO Criticized Over Handling of Search for Missing Superstition Mountain Hiker Chris Hensley (Slideshow)

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New Times Story Out In Print Today Already Causing Big Ripples Down At Courthouse

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See Also: Death-Penalty Lawyers Are Making a Killing Off Maricopa Taxpayers

Jim Logan, the director of the Office of Public Defender Services beat us to the punch--sort of--on Tuesday afternoon, issuing a game-changing memo to the private attorneys who contract with Maricopa County to represent indigent clients in criminal cases.

grim reaper.jpg
'Grim Reaper' On The Job

Logan was well-aware that our expose of fraud and malfeasance inside the county's criminal-justice system was about to hit, first on our website late yesterday afternoon and then today in our print edition,

Logan also was convinced (he told us this in an interview) that the story, while focused on the misdeeds of two specific attorneys, Nathaniel Carr III and Stephen Johnson, also was surely not going to reflect well on him or his agency.

So he tried to preempt things a bit, though he didn't mention the pink elephant in the room--the then-pending story--in his blurb to the troops.

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Sarah Walker Urges Any Victims of Lee Lubonne to Come Forward; Talks About Experience

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Sarah Walker
Sarah Walker's doing a rare and brave thing -- going public as an alleged victim of a sexual assault.

Walker wants any people who believe they're also victims of Lee Lubonne -- the self-described "sex pig" currently jailed on suspicion of two sexual assaults -- to come forward to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. MCSO has said Lubonne, a 44-year-old father of two, "may" be a suspected serial sexual predator, and detectives have said there's a "possibility" more victims are out there.

With that, Walker also tells New Times about her unusual story up to this point, which began with drawing the ire of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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Phoenix Family Finds Ricardo Marquez Wearing Condom and Tee-Shirt While Attempting to Abduct 4-Year-Old

Ricardo Marquez
Picture this: you wake up to find a man with no pants on -- wearing nothing but a condom and a tee-shirt -- carrying your 4-year-old daughter out of your house at about 6 a.m. That nightmare scenario was a reality for a Phoenix family yesterday morning, compliments of 21-year-old Ricardo Marquez.

Marquez was busted after police say he broke into the home of a 4-year-old Phoenix girl, sexually assaulted her, and then attempted to abduct her right out of her bedroom as her family slept.

Prior to breaking into the girl's home, while standing outside, Marquez took off his shorts and put a condom on, according to court records obtained by New Times.

Once Marquez entered the home -- again, wearing nothing but a condom and tee-shirt -- he sneaked into the girl's bedroom and touched her vagina "with his hand underneath her diaper" to make sure the child was female. He then sexually assaulted her using his penis and fingers.

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Vice President Jan Brewer? The Arizona Republic Seems to Think it's Possible

James King
Vice President Brewer? FML!
Vice President Jan Brewer?

If you just spit out your coffee, you can thank the Arizona Republic, which recently suggested the aforementioned absurd prophecy in one of its "Political Insider" posts.

Check it out here.

From the Republic:

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Casey Anthony Murder Trial Eerily Reminiscent of Phoenix's Debbie Milke Case

Unless you are totally off the news grid (and probably wouldn't be reading this), you, too, are hooked in some fashion on the Casey Anthony murder case down in Orlando.
Casey Anthony.jpg
Casey Anthony-- no baby doll

It's probably the nation's most high-profile criminal case perhaps since O.J. Simpson walked out of court a free man (only to later get imprisoned in the ultimate karmic payback for trying to strong-arm some fellow punks in Vegas who were peddling his football memorabilia).

Anthony is kind of a hot, white, very bad girl who lies about everything.

Basically, she strung out the world about the whereabouts of her little daughter, Caylee, whom she now stands accused of killing, covering her mouth with duct tape (maybe not in that order), and dumping in a wooded area near her parents' home.

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Post-Sex Massage Turns to Stabbing in Maricopa Trailer

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Linda Burchfield (center) used that knife (right) to try and slit the throat of the owner of that trailer (left) in the middle of a post-sex massage.
A Mesa woman took the term "deep-tissue massage" way (way) too far.

After a night of drinking, smoking weed, and sex, 22-year-old Linda Burchfield offered the owner of the Maricopa trailer in which she was partying a massage. Then she tried to slit his throat with a fishing knife.

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Nightmare Nurse Arrested on 69 Counts of Abusing Vulnerable Adults *UPDATED*

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Melissa Pacheco faces 69 counts of abusing vulnerable adults.
UPDATED: The Arizona Department of Health Services got back to us. Click here for update.

Three assisted living facilities in Phoenix have been shut down -- and the owner of the facilities has been arrested -- after cops noticed they more resembled the apartment of a tweaked-out meth head than a place designated to care for some of Phoenix's most helpless residents.

Melissa Pacheco, 42, a tele-health nurse with Phoenix V.A. Health Care System, was arrested today and booked on multiple counts of abusing vulnerable adults with ages ranging from 35-89 years old.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, in July of last year, officers noticed an influx of emergency calls to Pacheco's facilities for things like patient medical problems, and special needs residents wandering around neighborhoods alone in the area of the facilities.

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