ASU Under Fire From the Right Over a Professor's "The Problem of Whiteness" Class

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Brenda Clarke/Flickr

ASU is taking a hit in the news for offering a senior-level English class next semester called U.S. Race Theory and the Problem of Whiteness.

The controversial 18-student class will be taught by assistant professor Lee Bebout, whose expertise is critical race theory, American studies, and Chicano studies. Critics of the class -- who are calling it racist against white people -- say it will inflame racial tensions in the country, not abate them. Supporters call that claim ridiculous and think the whole situation is a faux-scandal designed to promote a right-wing agenda.

This all began a few weeks ago when the conservative organization Campus Reform broke "the story," and Fox News promptly aired a segment called "Disgrace on Campus."

Fox interviewed ASU's student correspondent Lauren Clarke, who scoffed at the class' required reading list. "All of these books have a disturbing trend, and that's pointing to all white people as the root cause for social injustices for this country," she said. "To have a class that suggests that an entire race is the problem is inappropriate, wrong, and quite frankly, counter-productive."

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Maricopa Community Colleges Pushed '04 Bond for Enrollment Increase That Didn't Happen

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A 2004 mailer encouraging voters to support a $951 million bond due to a project, massive increase in enrollment.
The Maricopa County Community College District urged voters to approve $951 million in bond sales in 2004 to prepare for a 60-percent projected increase in student enrollment.

After it passed, the district spent hundreds of millions from the sale of the bonds to add or renovate nearly 2 million square feet for the district's 10 college campuses.

Yet enrollment has fallen or remained flat at the campuses in the past 10 years, leading to questions about whether the money was well-spent.

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DREAMers Burn High School Diplomas at AG's Office to Protest College-Tuition Lawsuit

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Image: Ray Stern
DREAMers burned their high school diplomas in front of Tom Horne's office today.
Several DREAMers burned copies of their high school diplomas at the state Attorney General's Office today to protest a lawsuit that would deny them in-state college tuition.

Dressed in graduation garb, four group members then tried to deliver a burrito from a food truck to Horne, hoping to symbolize their potential future without a degree.

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ASU Fraternity Named the Most Out-of-Control Frat in America

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Clinton Steeds via Flickr

Congratulations to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at Arizona State University, which has just been named the "most out-of-control" frat in the United States of America.

Rolling Stone magazine gave SAE (ΣΑΕ) the honor for its two high-profile incidents last year -- the death of a pledge, and an extremely intoxicated frat member getting dumped at the hospital with a sticky-note slapped on him.

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ASU's First Weekend of the Semester: 486 More Arrests in Three Days by Alcohol Task Force

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Jason Meredith Flickr
The youngsters and their upside-down beer-guzzling antics.

The weekend before classes started at Arizona State University, a task force focused on alcohol-related crimes in Tempe arrested 371 people in just three days.

In the first weekend after classes started, the same task force went out and nabbed 486 people in a three-day stretch, which seems to mean that the partyin' is on the rise.

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ASU Semester Starts Off With a Bang -- 371 Arrests in Three Days by Alcohol Task Force

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Jenn Durfey via Flickr
The undoubted source of many of these arrests.

It appears that there has been no shortage of alcohol-related high jinks in Tempe in advance of the new semester.

Classes start today, and the Tempe Police Department has been running a "Safe and Sober" campaign, with an emphasis on alcohol-related crimes. The result: 371 arrests in three days.More »

ASU Drops the Hammer on Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity

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The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at Arizona State University is beyond the point of being put on double secret probation.

An ASU spokeswoman says the fraternity -- which has been involved in a pair of high-profile, alcohol-related incidents over the past year -- has had its status as a recognized fraternity chapter at the university revoked.

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ASU Calls for a Vote on Sparky's Look, in Place of the New Sex-Offender Buzz Lightyear Design

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Is this a university mascot, or a guy who exposes himself to children in dark alleys?
Believe it or not, the new version of Arizona State University's Sparky mascot, which looks like Buzz Lightyear -- if Buzz Lightyear looked like a registered sex offender with horns -- didn't go over too well with students and fans.

Now, the University says it will allow the students and fans to vote on a different design, even though the new one was just unveiled less than three weeks ago.

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Attention ASU President Michael Crow: Get a Load of This Picture of Vernon Parker

Sun Devil sin, Parker.

Attention Arizona State University President Michael Crow: You may have gotten a letter from Republican Congressional Candidate Vernon Parker, bashing his opponent Kyrsten Sinema for calling ASU a "party school."

Did Parker write that letter in his University of Southern California shirt?

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UA Library: Not the Ideal Place to Pull a Knife on Random People

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Photo courtesy of HL Niles
This guy, with the knife, in the library.

For some reason, the guy being carried by police officers in the photo above was walking around the University of Arizona's library with a knife yesterday.

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