Barrow Neurological Institute Purges Website of AR-15-Toting Doctor, Peter Steinmetz

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Channel 5 News
Peter Steinmetz, a brain researcher at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, can be seen with an AR-15 in this airport surveillance video taken on Friday.
The prestigious Barrow Neurological Institute of Phoenix isn't saying much about the airport arrest on Friday of AR-15 toting top brain scientist Peter Nathan Steinmetz.

The institute is, however, erasing Steinmetz from its website in what appears to be a move designed to curb the dreadful PR arising from this embarrassing scandal.

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Peter Nathan Steinmetz, Barrow Brain Scientist, Arrested at Airport With AR-15

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Dr. Peter Nathan Steinmetz, a brain scientist with Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, was arrested on Friday for mishandling his AR-15 in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Steinmetz was possibly making a point about his Second Amendment rights, police theorize, when he bought a cup of coffee at Starbucks in Terminal Four with his rifle slung over his shoulder.

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Alan Korwin Wins Appeal Against Phoenix in Censoring of Pro-Gun Ads at Bus Stops

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Firearms activist Alan Korwin has won his appeal against the city of Phoenix's ban on his pro-gun ads at bus shelters.

The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled today that a lower court, which previously had sided with the city, must reverse course and stop the city from rejecting Korwin's ad.

But it's a win based on a technicality of sorts, and stops well short of forcing the city to accept every ad submitted by the public.

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Bill Montgomery Won't Release List of Self-Defense Shooters He's Prosecuted

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Not long after taking office, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery formed a special panel of prosecutors to review cases of claimed self-defense.

The Republican politician stated in a news release at the time that the panel was designed to ensure people claiming self-defense would not have their Second Amendment rights violated by unfair prosecutions.

Yet statistics show that more than half of the cases reviewed by the panel ended up being prosecuted.

And Montgomery doesn't want to tell the public which people he's prosecuted after they claimed self-defense.

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Yo, Stupid: Don't Shoot Guns in the Air on New Year's Eve

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Don't try this at home.
Shannon Smith would be in her late 20s if not for the wrong-headed actions of some jerk who fired his gun into the air.

Instead, she was killed by a bullet at age 14 while standing in her front yard.

Odds are, the person who fired the gun from about a mile away -- who has never been identified, much less caught -- didn't mean to hurt anyone. The home version of the 21-gun salute is simply a way to celebrate something with a loud bang.

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10 Arizonans Killed in "Accidental" Shootings So Far This Year

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Kevin Dooley via Flickr

There have been at least 10 people "accidentally" shot and killed in Arizona this year.

Just this week, a 56-year-old Prescott Valley man was killed after he asked his wife to grab his shotgun for him and the gun discharged during the transfer, fatally wounding him.

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Tucson School District Asks Parents to Agree to Be Responsible Gun Owners, Freak-Out Ensues

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ManOnPHI via Flickr

Among other things in school-registration packets, a Tucson-area school district has a pledge for parents to sign, asking for them to agree to be responsible gun owners.

Of course, someone's offended. Apparently, this has to do with Obama-loving liberals trying to tell free Americans how to live their lives.

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Prescott Valley Woman Tries to Hand Shotgun to Husband, Accidentally Shoots Him Dead

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Chris Waits via Flickr

A Prescott Valley woman attempted to hand a shotgun to her husband Monday, but she accidentally shot him, according to police.

The woman's husband, 56-year-old Gary Wingate, was pronounced dead at the home.

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Jewish Group Raffling Off AR-15 Rifles, Because "Gun Control Is Not Kosher"


Oy vey. A Jewish pro-gun group is raffling off some of the strangest AR-15 rifles we've ever seen.

The rifles from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership come engraved with a Star of David, fashioned like an American flag with rifles on either side, as well as the phrase, "Gun control is not kosher."

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Cops: Joe Colter Accidentally Shot Friend, Says He Never Received Handgun's Owner's Manual

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Joe Colter didn't receive an owner's manual when he bought his 9mm handgun. If he had, he might have read the part that explains how when you rack the slide to eject a bullet, another bullet takes its place. And he might have prevented the accidental death of a friend.

Police say Colter, a 20-year-old Glendale resident, admitted he and a friend were joking around Wednesday night when he unintentionally shot and killed the friend, who is not named in court documents.

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