George Orwell Link on Governor Brewer's Reading List for Students Removed Due to Possible Malware; (But Read On!)

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George Orwell

How's this for irony in literature:

A state summer-reading list's Web link to a site about George Orwell states that accessing the page may result in "malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent."

Orwellian, no? But instead of the pervasive government that Orwell deemed "Big Brother" in his famous novel 1984, this warning looks like it was generated by Google.

The link in question was to a Web page on the site (click at your own discretion) for Orwell's "Politics and the English Language" essay.

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Governor Jan Brewer Vetoes Bill That Aimed to Seize All Federal Lands in the State

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Image: Channel 8 (KAET-TV) debate video
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has vetoed a bill that would have allowed Arizona to seize federal lands.

Every now and then, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer raises her lips from the conservative feeding trough and spits something out.

Last year, she halted the passage of a bill that would have required presidential candidates to prove they were eligible for the post before their names would have been placed on the ballot. The bill allowed candidates to display their circumcision certificate, if they had one, to Arizona officials as one of the pieces of evidence that they were qualified to lead the nation. She also zapped a gun bill that would have let folks pack heat on "public pathways" near schools.

She vetoed another gun bill last month, to accolades from liberals, that would have allowed people to visit police stations, city halls and other government buildings while fully armed.

Yesterday she threw another elbow jab at her right-wing peers, vetoing a zany piece of legislation that aimed to seize Arizona's federal lands.

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Arizona Photo-Enforcement Notices Must Now State the Truth: Motorists Have No Duty to Respond or Identify Driver

scottsdale photo enf notice.JPG

Starting tomorrow, photo-enforcement-violation notices must finally state the truth about what's going on -- namely, that you don't need to respond or identify the driver in the picture.

Cities and, for a while, the state of Arizona, have for years employed something of a ruse to help get speeders and red-light runners caught by the machines to pay up. They sent an initial notice of violation that has no legal teeth, yet contained a passive threat that blowing off the notice might not be in the motorists' best interest.

A few years ago, we caught the city of Scottsdale lying blatantly in its notices, which it falsely called a "summons." The notice stated that those who didn't respond would be subject to fines, fees and driver's license suspension.

An Arizona Department of Public Safety notice of violation that we published two years ago shows the more-typical trick. Appearing below DPS insignia, the notice states simply that the motorist should fill out the form and sent it back by the "respond-by date." While the DPS freeway cameras were online, (that program ended last summer), thousands of people likely responded like sheep to those notices -- even though they didn't have to.

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Governor Jan Brewer Holds Ceremonial Signing for Law Striking "Retarded" and "Crippled" From Statutes

kurt warner tweet 0711.jpg
Governor Jan Brewer held a ceremonial signing in her office on Thursday for a new law that strikes the "R-word" from state statutes.

When it takes affect on September 30, the law will replace "mentally retarded," "retardation" and "crippled" in state code with gentler phrases like "children with intellectual disabilities," "physically disabled children," and so on.

The Arizona Republic's Ginger Rough writes that the newspaper learned of the small event from a tweet in the screenshot at left by former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner.

Brewer signed the bill back in April, as noted then by the public affairs company Highground, run by the governor's political consultant, Chuck Coughlin.

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