Poker Room Operator Criticizes State's Ongoing War on Allegedly Illegal Gaming

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A Glendale man facing felony charges of running an illegal poker room claims he "never made a penny" off the operation.

Mike Talerico, 42, is one of several local men facing serious charges in separate cases since the state began a fresh crackdown on poker rooms in December. The legal action began a year after a cover story in New Times detailed the spotty enforcement occurring up until then.

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Arizona Casinos Brought in $1.8 Billion in 2012

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Revenues from Arizona tribal casinos went up in 2012, although the number of slot machines and gaming tables has decreased, according to a gaming industry report.

Casino City's recently-released Indian Gaming Industry Report studied gaming revenue in 2012, both nationally and in individual states. The report says that Arizona's 22 casinos brought in $1.8 billion, about a 3 percent increase from 2011. The earnings increased even though 203 fewer slot machines were in operation and 23 fewer table games existed than the previous year.

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Galaxy Gaming Approved for Arizona Casinos, but Banned in California

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Galaxy Gaming, a Nevada-based table-game company, has been approved to do business in Arizona casinos -- despite being banned in California.

Dishonesty by Robert Saucier, the CEO of Galaxy Gaming, was cited in a ruling by a California judge last year as the main reason for a gaming-license denial.

But Saucier did not run into the same problem with Arizona authorities, who this month certified the public company following a three-year-long background investigation.

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West Valley Poker Rooms Raided in Gaming Investigation; Chips, Tables and Cash Seized

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Five storefront poker operations in the west Valley were raided on Thursday evening as part of a months-long investigation into suspected illegal gaming.

As New Times reported last December in our cover story, "Off the Reservation," numerous poker operations around the Valley -- almost all on the west side -- have remained open in the past few years despite warnings by authorities and the successful prosecutions of poker activist Harold Lee and others in the business.

With these new raids, it looks like the Arizona Department of Gaming is once again getting serious about the off-reservation game-playing.

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