Joe Arpaio Called on Carpet (Again), Judge Orders Dissemination of "Corrective Statement" to All MCSO Personnel

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U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow finally may be catching a clue about Sheriff Joe Arpaio, his team of beige-shirted flunkies, and all the lies they've been spreading about Snow's findings and orders in the ACLU's big civil rights lawsuit Melendres v. Arpaio.

Today, Snow filed an enforcement order, rejecting as "unacceptable" the MCSO's recent, proposed changes to a "corrective statement" that Snow had demanded the MCSO create.

Instead, Snow ordered that the MCSO "immediately disseminate" the corrective statement to all MCSO personnel, with the requirement that all sheriff's office employees sign an attestation that they've read and understood the statement, which also summarizes the court's rulings in Melendres.

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Joe Arpaio, Crybaby Sheriff, Wants Do-Over of His "Corrective Statement" in Melendres

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Is there a diaper big enough to fit big ol' baby Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

Yep, Arpaio's pitching a fit like the spoiled, soiled octogenarian that he is, demanding a do-over on a "corrective statement" that his attorney Tim Casey recently submitted to the federal court in the ACLU's groundbreaking civil rights case Melendres v. Arpaio.

In his filing last week, Casey indicated that Arpaio was willing to sign the statement, which is to be sent to all MCSO employees, per the court's instructions.

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Tom Horne, Arizona's Political Rasputin, Skates on Campaign Finance Case, for Now

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What will it take to rid Arizona's political scene of the man whom one wag I know has dubbed Sand Land's "Rasputin"?

Not the conclusion of a humble administrative law judge, that's for sure.

I'm not knocking ALJ Tammy Eigenheer, trier of fact in the campaign finance case against Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne and his outreach director, Kathleen Winn.

At least, I'm not knocking Eigenheer too much.

See, on Monday, Eigenheer concluded that the prosecution in the case "failed to establish by a preponderance of the evidence" that Winn and Horne illegally coordinated during the 2010 general election campaign for attorney general.

At the time, Winn was running a pro-Horne independent expenditure committee, Business Leaders for Arizona, which produced an attack ad targeting Horne's Democratic foe, Felecia Rotellini.

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Joe Arpaio Interviewed by Holocaust-Denier for Anti-Semitic Publication

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First nativists and birthers, now Holocaust-deniers and anti-Semites?

Yes, even for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, this jumps the proverbial shark.

I'm talking about a recent interview Arpaio granted to Pennsylvania-based Holocaust-denier Victor Thorn, author of The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century's Greatest Fabrication and Made in Israel: 9-11 and the Jewish Plot Against America, among numerous other tomes with similarly repulsive themes.

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Joe Arpaio's "Corrective Statement" in Melendres Submitted to Federal Judge

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Not sure I'll believe this until I see Sheriff Joe Arpaio's geriatric scrawl on it, but reproduced at the bottom of this post is the so-called "corrective statement," filed by the MCSO's attorney Tim Casey in the ACLU's big civil rights lawsuit Melendres v. Arpaio.

You'll recall that on May 24, 2013, federal Judge G. Murray Snow essentially found the MCSO guilty of racially profiling Latinos during traffic stops and ordered that this unconstitutional activity cease.

Snow issued an injunction in October, detailing what the MCSO would have to do to comply with his May judgement.

In January, Snow appointed former Rochester, NY police chief Robert Warshaw as his monitor, to make sure that his order is followed.

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Paul Babeu's New PAC Claims Support from Top Arizona GOPers

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Two years is apparently enough to revive the fortunes of disgraced, former congressional candidate and wannabe underwear model Sheriff Paul Babeu.

Back in 2012, my colleague Monica Alonzo revealed that the strident, anti-immigrants, Pinal County border hawk had been sleeping with his reputed enemy in the form of Mexican national Jose Orozco, a former boyfriend and campaign worker for Babeu, whom Babeu allegedly threatened with deportation to keep him quiet about their relationship and Babeu's sexual orientation.

Alonzo also reported that Babeu had been trolling for sex on the gay hookup site under the name "studboi1," with a profile that featured a revealing selfie and a detailed description of the sheriff's penis ("7", cut," according to studboi1).

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Charles Keating Was "the Scum of the Earth," Says Porn Titan Larry Flynt

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Savings and loan swindler Charles Keating, who died Monday in Phoenix at age 90, hated pornography. Or so he claimed.

The devout Roman Catholic made a name for himself in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, and beyond, as a scourge of smut, founding an influential anti-porn organization that eventually became known as Citizens for Decency through Law.

But Keating also reputedly possessed a massive porn collection.

In the 1993 book Trust Me: Charles Keating and the Missing Billions, authors Michael Binstein and Charles Bowden tell a story of a reporter who went to interview Keating about his preoccupation with porn.

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Joe Arpaio Lies About Racial Profiling, and MCSO Deputies Screw Up on Video (Again)

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When it comes to the ACLU's big civil rights case Melendres v. Arpaio, the MCSO clown car, as driven by geriatric joker Sheriff Joe Arpaio, just keeps on rollin', despite U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow's best efforts.

In fact, Snow has called a status conference for April 3, where some of the MCSO's latest shenanigans may become a topic of discussion. More on that order in a sec.

So get this: Two days after Arpaio and his Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan were chastised by Snow for their remarks about his ruling and order in Melendres, Arpaio sent out a fundraising letter, begging for money from gullible Joe-worshippers, and basically saying the same thing that he said to his deputies in an October meeting, which got him in trouble with the judge.

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Joe Arpaio's Appeal in Melendres Does Not Deny MCSO's Racial-Profiling in Saturation Patrols

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Following Monday's hearing before federal Judge G. Murray Snow, where Snow meted out a verbal shellacking to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan, Arpaio briefly appeared outside the Sandra Day O'Connor U.S. Courthouse, reminding reporters that Snow's ruling against him in Melendres v. Arpaio was under appeal.

This was echoed by Tom Liddy of the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, who spoke for the defense team. But what neither Arpaio nor Liddy explained is that the sheriff's appeal does not challenge the judge's final order or his findings of facts and conclusions of law within the context of Arpaio's notorious immigration sweeps.

That's right, Arpaio's legal beagles are not contesting Snow's judgment that the MCSO racially profiled Latinos and violated their rights under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution during the sweeps.

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Joe Arpaio, Jerry Sheridan Spanked by Judge G. Murray Snow Over Melendres Remarks

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan appeared in federal court in Phoenix Monday morning to take a verbal woodshedding from U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow.

Snow was ticked over remarks Sheridan and Arpaio had made to MCSO deputies on October 18, concerning Snow's findings and orders in the ACLU's big civil rights lawsuit Melendres v. Arpaio.

But the judge stopped short of finding Sheridan and Arpaio in contempt. Rather, he accepted assurances from Sheridan and MCSO attorney Tim Casey that mistakes made in that October briefing would not be repeated.

"Your order is the law," Casey assured the judge. "They will comply."

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