Former Gov. Fife Symington Hosted Fundraiser for Congressional Candidate Ruben Gallego

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Ruben Gallego and Mary Rose Wilcox

It's not a good look for Ruben Gallego, a Democratic candidate for Arizona's 7th Congressional District rubbing elbows with a former Republican governor -- and a disgraced one at that.

Former Governor Fife Symington hosted a fundraiser on Thursday night for Gallego at a swanky Italian bistro in Scottsdale. On his way into Franco's Italian Caffe, Symington, who has an anti-immigrant track record, posed for photos.

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Gary Kiehne, CD1 Candidate, Draws National Exposure Courtesy of Giant Horse Penis

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Image: New York Magazine
In the this-is-what-politics-has-come-to category, an Arizona congressional candidate has received national attention thanks to a giant horse penis.

Hundreds of thousands of Internet readers from coast to coast now know the name of Arizona hotelier and rancher Gary Kiehne, a GOP candidate for Congressional District 1 -- but not due to anything he stands for, said, or did.

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Battle Royale: Controversial Mary Rose Wilcox Is in the Political Fight of Her Life

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Jesse Lenz
Mary Rose Wilcox was shot in 1997 by a transient who didn't like her politics.

People say she was hit in a buttock, but she insists the wound was higher than that. Indeed, the gunman's hollow-point bullet shattered her pelvis. It also shattered her desire to remain in public office.


Some family members pleaded with her to walk away from her seat on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors at the time, but Wilcox decided to continue in the political arena.

"What could I do?" a defiant Wilcox recalls. "If I left, he won. So I went back."

Nearly 20 years later, she's in the final week of her bid for an open seat in Arizona's 7th Congressional District.

She's running against three other Democrats: Ruben Gallego, a Marine and former state lawmaker; Randy Camacho, a social-studies teacher and former Congressional candidate, and the Reverend Jarrett Maupin, a firebrand who's gathering political support from churchgoers in South Phoenix.

Immigration attorney Joe Peñalosa, an Independent, and Joe Cobb, a white Libertarian and perennial political candidate, also are in the race to represent a nearly 200-square-mile district that spans several communities, including Phoenix, Guadalupe, Tolleson, and southern portions of Glendale. It's a safe district for progressive politicos where 68 percent of voters are registered Democrats and 64 percent of 710,000 residents are Latino.

Congressman Ed Pastor, who unexpectedly announced in February that he would retire, served the area for 23 years and easily captured two to four times as many votes as his opponents in the past decade. It's hard to remember a time when Pastor stirred up controversy.

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Did Huppenthal Flip-Flop on Common Core Yet Again?

Matthew Hendley

State Superintendent of Public Education John Huppenthal has made mixed statements about his stance on Common Core.

Today, the incumbent may have flip-flopped still again.

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Congressional Candidate Randy Camacho: "Stop Fighting, Start Working" Campaign Ad

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Randy Camacho via YouTube
Randy Camacho in his campaign ad for Arizona's 7th Congressional District.

The top contenders in Arizona's 7th Congressional District, Democrats Mary Rose Wilcox and Ruben Gallego, have launched political attacks on each other since the race got under way. And the war of words has only ramped up as we move close to the August 26 election.

Now, Randy Camacho, a Democrat who has run for Congress in the past and is a long-shot candidate for for the CD7 seat, says it's time to stop fighting and start working.

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Battle of the Taxes: Congressional Candidates Ruben Gallego, Mary Rose Wilcox on the Attack

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Ruben Gallego and Mary Rose Wilcox

Mary Rose Wilcox owes between $50,000 and $100,000 in 2012 taxes to the IRS. It's a debt she listed on her 2014 financial-disclosure statement and one that is getting paid in installments.

And now, it's getting used as political ammunition against her.

Ruben Gallego, who's running against Wilcox for a seat in Arizona's 7th Congressional District, has launched an attack blasting her for the debt -- even though his own record is hardly perfect when it comes to paying Uncle Sam.

He's been late on paying property taxes and isn't paying payroll taxes for campaign workers because he's classifying them as independent contractors instead of employees.

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Flowchart: How to Pick a Republican Candidate for Arizona Governor

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Dwight Burdette
The primary election is two weeks away, early ballots have already hit mailboxes, and the latest polls show about half of Arizona's Republican voters are still undecided on a candidate for governor.

For you Republican voters, we made a flowchart that will help you select a candidate in less than 60 seconds:

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Matt Nelson, Justice of the Peace Candidate, Vows to Take 25-Percent Salary Cut if Elected

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Matt Nelson, Justice of the Peace candidate, vows to take pay cut if elected.
Matt Nelson's slashing prices on new Justices of the Peace!

That's right, for a limited-time only, Tempe and Chandler voters can elect a new JP for 25-percent off the current price.

Maybe. County officials say they aren't sure taking a pay cut is legal; Nelson admits he didn't research that before he made the offer.

Nelson is one of four Republicans running for the University Lakes JP position in the August 26 primary. He vows to be one heck of a bargain for voters if they put him in office.

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Groups Launch "Arizona Freedom Summer," Campaign to Get Out the Latino Vote

Ashley Cusick
Mireya Reith, Arkansas United Community Coalition executive director, addresses the crowd at the launch of Arizona Freedom Summer, a campaign to get out the Latino vote.

A coalition of immigrant rights groups held a press conference this morning to announce the launch of "Arizona Freedom Summer," a campaign to get out the Latino vote in this fall's elections.

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Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt Helps Mark Brnovich Pump Up Conservative Credentials

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Images: Ray Stern
Bill Montgomery and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt want Mark Brnovich to beat Tom Horne in the upcoming GOP primary for state Attorney General.
The upcoming Arizona Attorney General's Republican primary is chiefly about the character of Tom Horne, the scandal-ridden incumbent.

But opponent Mark Brnovich's campaign can't simply hang a scarlet "A" on Horne's chest and call it a day. He has to convince Republican voters around the state that he can not only beat potential general-election rival Felecia Rotellini, a Democrat, but be the sort of Obama-fighter conservatives are looking for.

To that end, on Wednesday afternoon Brnovich and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery brought right-wing icon Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma's attorney general, to the State Capitol to help pump up Brnovich's conservative credentials.

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