Why 133 Votes Weren't Counted in the Race Between Ron Barber and Martha McSally

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Ron Barber for Congress/Facebook
This week, Democratic Congressman Ron Barber's campaign filed a federal lawsuit over 133 votes that were cast, not counted, in the race for his congressional seat.

The margin between Barber and Republican challenger Martha McSally is close enough -- 161 votes -- to require a recount, and despite the ongoing complaints from the Barber campaign over these 133 uncounted votes, the results were certified by two counties' board of supervisors.

Although the Barber campaign tried to stop the boards of supervisors in Pima and Cochise counties from approving the election results, Cochise County Elections Director Jim Vlahovich pointed to the state law that requires the boards to approve, or "canvass," the results within 20 days of the election.

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Campaign to Recall Superintendent-Elect Diane Douglas Files Paperwork With State

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Gage Skidmore
Diane Douglas now faces an official recall campaign more than a month before she's to take office.
A campaign to recall Diane Douglas, voters' choice for the new Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, has filed organizing paperwork with the state.

Douglas won't be sworn in to her new office until January 5. But the Republican, anti-Common-Core politician has already drawn plenty of criticism -- and not just from Democrats.

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Ron Barber Files Federal Lawsuit Over Uncounted Votes

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Ron Barber for Congress/Facebook
Democratic Congressman Ron Barber's campaign has filed a federal lawsuit over 133 votes that were cast, not counted, in the race for his congressional seat.

Republican challenger Martha McSally leads Barber by 161 votes, but with a recount imminent, Barber's not giving up yet.

"We are talking about 133 Southern Arizona voters who lived up to their responsibility -- they registered to vote and then showed up to vote," Barber attorney Kevin Hamilton says in a statement. "We are asking the court to ensure that every lawful vote is counted. That's what America is all about."

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Diane Douglas Recall Campaign Gains Momentum

Gage Skidmore
Diane Douglas
A week after David Garcia conceded to Diane Douglas, a campaign to recall the state's new schools chief already is well under way.

The effort is led by Anthony Espinoza, a public school teacher, and Max Goshert, an aquatic safety instructor with the Red Cross. The two had discussed their concerns about Douglas before the election, and they were shocked when she won. So Espinoza started a Facebook page demanding a recall shortly after election night. It had a simple description: "Diane Douglas is not fit to lead as the Superintendent of Public Instruction in Arizona."

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Martha McSally Claims Victory Over Ron Barber in CD-2, but a Recount Is Coming

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Republican congressional candidate Martha McSally.
In southern Arizona's Second Congressional District, Republican Martha McSally has claimed victory over Democratic Congressman Ron Barber, as a count of all the ballots has put McSally up 161 votes on Barber.

"All ballots are now counted and the voters have made their choice," McSally said in a statement. "We are so grateful for the outpouring of support we've seen from across Southern Arizona. My heartfelt thanks goes out to all the voters and everyone who knocked doors, stuffed envelopes, made calls, hosted events, donated to our campaign and put in the countless hours to make this victory possible."

One minor detail: There's going to be a recount.

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David Garcia Finally Concedes to Diane Douglas in Schools Chief Race

Democrat David Garcia has conceded to Republican Diane Douglas.
Nearly a week after polls closed, Democrat David Garcia has finally conceded to Republican Diane Douglas in the race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Garcia spent the week holding tight for a final ballot count, but conceded late yesterday night.

The Associated Press declared Douglas the winner on Sunday. Though thousands of votes have yet to be counted, Douglas has been consistently ahead of Garcia since the polls closed last Tuesday. She currently holds a 1.15 point lead, representing nearly 17,000 votes.

"With the way the numbers have trended, we do not see a path to victory," Garcia said in a press release. "I'm conceding the race and congratulating Diane Douglas on her win."

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Martha McSally Can't Stop Vote-Counting in Race With Congressman Ron Barber

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Arizona Congressman Ron Barber
Republican Martha McSally has lost her bid to stop certain provisional ballots from being counted in her race against Ron Barber for Arizona's Congressional District Two seat.

With all precincts accounted for but some ballots remaining to be counted, McSally, an Air Force veteran, is winning by fewer than 400 votes to incumbent Democrat Barber after last week's election.

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Diane Douglas Wins -- Meaning Baggage-Heavy, Ex-County Official Sandra Dowling Wins, Too

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Who's behind Diane Douglas? Yes, that's scandal-plagued, ex-Maricopa-County-schools chief Sandra Dowling.
Diane Douglas, the self-taught constitutionalist, former Peoria school-board member and one-issue Republican candidate, is the official winner of the race for state schools chief.

Besides the fact that her victory solidifies GOP dominance in state government, it remains unclear how much damage Douglas could do.

But if the political novice has problems, such as figuring out whom to put in important positions within her office, Douglas' campaign adviser, scandal-plagued Sandra Dowling, former Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools, apparently will be there to help.

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With All Precincts Reporting, David Garcia Still Waiting For Early Ballots To Be Counted in Schools Race

Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia
Republican Diane Douglas has more votes, but Democrat David Garcia hopes he might still pull ahead.

With the full count from Tuesday's polls finally in, it looks clear: Republican Diane Douglas has more votes than Democrat David Garcia in the race for state Superintendent of Public Instruction. But Garcia's camp isn't ready to give up, holding onto hope that the early ballots dropped at polling places on Tuesday may allow him to make up the difference.

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Arizona Democrats Influenced by "Depressing" GOP Ads Stayed Home in Droves, Goddard Says

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An insidious ad campaign in key Republican races "depressed" Arizona Democratic voters in order to keep them at home on Tuesday, says losing candidate Terry Goddard.

We ran into Goddard and Sandra Kennedy at Phoenix's Giant Coffee this morning and stole some of their time for a few election post-mortem questions. As you may know, Goddard, former state Attorney General, lost his bid for Arizona Secretary of State to Michele Reagan; Kennedy, meanwhile, lost for the second time in two years in her attempt to regain a seat on the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Naturally, we were curious to ask why state Democrats had their butts handed to them by voters on Tuesday. Goddard's answer was somewhat surprising.

He says Republican ad campaigns funded by "dark money," including those by Governor-elect Doug Ducey, were "focused on depressing, not attacking."

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