Andrew Thomas Releases Details of His Over-the-Top Plan for Border Security

Categories: Election 2014

No surprise here: Disbarred former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas has the most intense border-security plan of any of the Republican candidates for governor.

Thomas is proposing 3,000 National Guardsmen on the border, along with double-layer fencing either along the border or along a "fall-back line" within the state.

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Adam Kwasman: The Latest Arizona Politician to Earn an Appearance on the Colbert Report

Republican congressional candidate Adam Kwasman.

Republican congressional candidate Adam Kwasman has become the latest in a long line of Arizona politicians to be the butt of Stephen Colbert's jokes on the Colbert Report.

His appearance results from his confusing of a bus full of kids from the YMCA as a bus full of migrant children getting transported by the federal government. Whoops.

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Andrew Thomas Releases a Very Andrew Thomas-y Campaign Ad

Categories: Election 2014

Disbarred former Maricopa County Attorney and current Republican gubernatorial candidate Andrew Thomas has released a very Andrew Thomas-y campaign ad.

By "Andrew Thomas-y," we mean there's a crossed-out Mexican flag, and Thomas claiming to stand up to the "gay lobby."

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10 Worst Moments on the 2014 Campaign Trail in Arizona (Already)

Categories: Election 2014

We're still a month away from the primary election, but Arizona's politicians already have managed to turn campaign season into a full-blown circus.

Here are the worst missteps, mistakes, and bone-headed moves from candidates already this year:

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Ruben Gallego Raises More Than $400,000 for Congressional Race in District 7

Categories: Election 2014

Ruben Gallego with longtime civil rights leader Dolores Huerta.

Congressional hopeful Ruben Gallego, a former state lawmaker, is boasting a campaign war chest of nearly $435,000 from almost 1,500 political supporters -- more than $272,000 of that money has been collected April through June.

Gallego's camp, in a press statement, say he has more than $300,000 cash on hand going into the final two months of the campaign.

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Democrats Think They Can Take Back Control of Arizona Legislature

Categories: Election 2014
Matthew Hendley

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee identified Arizona as a state where Democrats could either make significant gains or seize control of a state legislature.

Recall that just four years ago, Republicans won a super-majority, occupying two-thirds of the seats in both the Arizona House and Senate.

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Arizona Republicans Still Mostly Undecided on Candidate in Governor's Race

Categories: Election 2014

The primary election is only about six weeks away, but the latest poll in the governor's race shows about half the Republicans surveyed don't have a pick.

The poll released today by local political consulting firm Highground shows Treasurer Doug Ducey in first, at just 17 percent.

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Fred DuVal, Democrat in Governor's Race, Joins Chorus Calling for Obama to Visit Border

Categories: Election 2014
Fred DuVal.

Fred DuVal, the presumptive Democratic nominee in Arizona's gubernatorial race, has joined the chorus of politicians -- many of them Republicans -- in calling for President Obama to visit the border.

DuVal certainly isn't the only Democrat calling on Obama to make this border visit in the wake of the influx of Central American children arriving at the southern border, which the president has referred to as a "humanitarian crisis." Obama has said that he's well aware of what's going on at the border, and doesn't need to make a visit for a "photo op."

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Jan Brewer Endorses Tom Horne's Primary Opponent, Mark Brnovich

Categories: Election 2014
Mark Brnovich.

Every day seems to be a bad news day lately for Attorney General Tom Horne.

Yesterday, it was that Horne's going to be investigated for allegations that he had employees doing his campaign work on state time. Today, it's Governor Jan Brewer endorsing Horne's opponent in the Republican primary, Mark Brnovich.

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Frank Riggs "Proud" to Have Support of Recalled State Senator Russell Pearce; W/UPDATE

Categories: Election 2014

Image: Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia
Frank Riggs
Frank Riggs, a former California Congressman who wants to be Arizona's next governor, is "proud" to have the support of recalled State Senator and scandal-magnet, Russell Pearce.

Riggs is one of six candidates vying to win the Republican primary on August 26, which in red-state Arizona could be the deciding factor in this year's race for governor. He discusses why he's so happy for Pearce's endorsement in a news release sent out this morning.

But even conservatives like Riggs can't be very proud of Pearce's Fiesta Bowl scandal or the sham candidate he appears to have fielded in a desperate move to keep his seat in the 2011 recall campaign.

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