Arizona Diamondbacks Still the Cheap-Beer Champions of Major League Baseball

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Andrew Pielage

Good news, Diamondbacks fans: Chase Field is still home to the cheapest beer in baseball.

Fourteen ounces of beer at a Diamondbacks game is still $4, making this at least the fifth season in a row the D-backs have had the cheapest beer in baseball.

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D-backs Look for Rock 'n' Roll Pitching From Bronson Arroyo

Illustration by Graham Smith

It's not difficult to imagine that Bronson Arroyo lives life like a rock star.

The Arizona Diamondbacks' new pitcher has long blond hair, makes millions of dollars, likes to party, and actually has a rock album that reached Billboard charts.

The reality is quite different.

In the clubhouse at the Diamondbacks' spring training facility at Salt River Fields. Arroyo reached into his locker and pulled out an old black flip-phone.

"This is very significant to me," he says.

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Paul Goldschmidt Should Have Won the MVP Award

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Photo by Jim Louvau

Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt placed second in the NL MVP voting, losing out to Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen.

In fact, Goldschmidt didn't receive a single first-place vote in the Baseball Writers' Association of America voting, but he should have. Actually, he should have won the award.

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12 Years Ago Today: The Greatest Moment in Phoenix Sports History

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Mariano Rivera's 0-1 pitch to Luis Gonzalez.

It's been a dozen years since the greatest moment in Phoenix sports history.

Twelve years ago today, in a tie game in the bottom of the ninth inning in Game Seven of the World Series at Bank One Ballpark, Luis Gonzalez poked a Texas Leaguer just over the infield dirt off Yankees closer Mariano Rivera that scored Jay Bell for the walk-off victory.

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D-backs Season in a Nutshell: Dodgers Celebrate Winning Division in Pool at Chase Field

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Photo by Jim Louvau
Martin Prado (earlier this year).

The Arizona Diamondbacks got a knockout punch straight in the kisser from the Los Angeles Dodgers (Los Doyers) yesterday.

Not only did the Dodgers win the NL West title at Chase Field yesterday, but they also celebrated by jumping in the pool in right field -- which is really a symbol of how this season went.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Add Luchador Mascot, Which Is Way Better Than Most MLB Mascots

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The Arizona Diamondbacks announced that they're adding a luchador as an official mascot of the team, and some people are poking fun at the move, naturally.

We're not sure if you've taken a look at the mascots around Major League Baseball recently, but a Mexican wrestler in a lucha libre mask is way better than most of these things.

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Spanish Voice of the Arizona Diamondbacks Accused of Holding Knife to Wife's Throat

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The Spanish-language voice of the Arizona Diamondbacks was arrested after allegedly holding a knife to his wife's throat at their Paradise Valley home.

Miguel Quintana, 53, is in his 16th year doing play-by-play for the Spanish-language broadcasts of Diamondbacks games, was once the sports director for the local Univision station and also worked for KVEA-TV in Los Angeles.

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How the Arizona Diamondbacks Have Managed to Cling to First Place

Photo by Jim Louvau

Somehow, the Arizona Diamondbacks find themselves at the top of the NL West at the all-star break.

Arizona has had its difficulties this year, including injuries to multiple starters, 24 games without a win by a starting pitcher, and bipolar play, in which the team will follow up a terrible series with a wonderful next series. But, despite the hardships, the Diamondbacks have stayed in first for most of the year, so here's a list of five things that have helped the Diamondbacks reach their 50-45 mark.

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Arizona Diamondbacks' Pitching Woes Continue in Blow-Out Loss to New York Mets

Photo by Jim Louvau
D-backs reliever Brad Ziegler was less than stellar last night in Flushing.

The Arizona Diamondbacks' relief pitching blew once again in Tuesday night's 9-1 loss to the New York Mets.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Have a Pitching Crisis; New York Mets Walk Off in 13th Inning

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Photo by Jim Louvau
David Hernandez contributed to the D-backs' downfall last night.

The Arizona Diamondbacks officially have a crisis in the pitching department.

Aside from Patrick Corbin, Wade Miley, and just a couple guys in the bullpen, Diamondbacks pitchers are costing the team win after win, including last night's 13th-inning loss to the New York Mets at Citi Field.

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