Wife Bites Husband: Pinal County Employees Fight at Work, Leave Marks

A Pinal County painter bit her husband, a court bailiff, during a recent fight over a cell phone in the Superior Court building.

Heather Ojeda, a facilities maintenance worker, is suspected of suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct in the incident, according to a March 11 Florence Police Department report.

Ojeda happens to be one of three county-employed convicted criminals who were mentioned in a 2013 TV news report about Pinal County's hiring practices.

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Phoenix Cop Stabbed by Murder Suspect

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Scott Davidson
A Phoenix police officer was stabbed yesterday morning while trying to break up an attack on a woman in the middle of rush-hour traffic.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Trent Crump says both the woman and the officer were stabbed by the man, who turned out to be a suspect in a killing the night before.

"Late last night we had a bulletin out and were starting to look for this individual as a homicide suspect," Crump says. "Our officer unfortunately . . . did not have that information and/or a detailed description of the suspect at that point, and was literally out there confronting a homicide suspect, unbeknownst to him."

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Hells Angels Members Shot, One Killed in Phoenix

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Two members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club were shot while riding their motorcycles in Phoenix on Saturday night.

One man died as a result of his injuries, while the other was hospitalized with serious injuries. The bikers apparently didn't see who fired the shots, police say.

"We don't know where the shots came from," Phoenix Police Officer James Holmes tells New Times. "[The bikers] are giving us what they can."

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Two Arrested in Connection With Aryan Brotherhood Murder in Phoenix

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Yumi Kimura
Two more people have been arrested in a 2014 ax murder Phoenix police say was carried out by members of the white-supremacist Aryan Brotherhood gang.

Christopher Paul Mason, 31, was arrested for the crime in December, but court documents obtained by New Times indicate police have arrested two more people in connection with the slaying of 35-year-old Joshua Calkins.

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Arizona Corrections Officer Accused of Serial Shoplifting at Walmart

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A mugshot and surveillance stills of Hugo Rivera's alleged Walmart thefts.
A serial Walmart shoplifter was caught this week, and he turned out to be a corrections officer, according to authorities.

Hugo Rivera, 34, shoplifted from Walmart stores at least five times, according to the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, and had already been banned from entering any Walmart store when he was caught in the act earlier this week.

Arizona Department of Corrections spokesman Doug Nick tells New Times that Rivera resigned from the department after his arrest, and that he had no disciplinary history other than "relatively minor" incidents.

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Owner of Motorcycle Maker Sucker Punch Sallys Accused of Fraud

Gerie Leigh Clayton, the owner of Scottsdale-based custom motorcycle maker Sucker Punch Sallys, has been arrested on felony theft charges.

Scottsdale police say Clayton, 64, defrauded at least two people by taking money for custom bikes that were never made.

"They had placed orders from out of state or out of the country and made significant deposits to have the work done, and these custom motorcycles weren't put together and weren't shipped out," Scottsdale Police Officer Kevin Watts tells New Times.

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"Pregnant Man" Thomas Beatie Stalked Estranged Wife With GPS Tracker, Cops Say

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"Pregnant man" Thomas Beatie has been arrested on suspicion of stalking his estranged wife.
Thomas "Pregnant Man" Beatie has been arrested in Phoenix on suspicion of stalking his estranged wife with a GPS tracker.

Beatie, a woman who underwent a sex change in 1997, became famous a few years ago because of eyebrow-raising pictures of a pregnant body beneath a bearded, male-looking face. "He" since has had three children.

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Sky Harbor Airport Passenger Found With 92 Pounds of Weed in Checked Luggage

One of the weed bags ready to fly to Pittsburgh.
A passenger on a flight out of Phoenix's Sky Harbor airport tried to check luggage containing 92 pounds of marijuana, according to the TSA.

A TSA spokesman says the Phoenix Police Department was contacted once agents made the discovery.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, 39-year-old Lauretta Blanton had actually spread the load among three checked bags, and two of the bags actually made it onto the plane.

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Terry Haupt of Colorado Loves Dogs -- Maybe a Little Too Much

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Image: DodosD via Wikipedia
Sheriff's deputies arrested a Colorado man on Wednesday on suspicion of conspiracy to commit bestiality after he put an ad on Craigslist that was answered by a police officer.

Terry Wayne Haupt, 52, apparently thought his dreams of puppy love had come true when a woman answered the ad he placed on September 25 seeking a woman interested in dogs.

For the next couple of weeks, he chatted with the "woman" about his desire to have sex with her and a dog at the same time. On the other side of cyberspace, though, there was no one eager to fulfill Haupt's furry fantasy -- just Deputy Dave Evans.

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White Supremacist Gang Member Arrested After Assaulting Man at Bar

Joseph Burgoyne
A Glendale man has been arrested after yelling racial slurs and hitting a man over the head with a beer bottle.

Joseph David Burgoyne, 28, was at Denim and Diamonds Bar in Mesa when he allegedly yelled "white power" and "nigger" at the victim. When the victim confronted Burgoyne, Burgoyne allegedly attacked him with a bottle, injuring the back of the victim's head.

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