Top 10 Famous Arizona Executions

Gallows in Tombstone, Arizona
Arizona has carried out some of the most high-profile, newsworthy or just plain messed-up executions in the country.

With the combination of Wild West, big-city Southwest, a conservative penchant for capital punishment and a dash of incompetence, Arizona's death-penalty history is more interesting than most.

Take our quick trip to the end:

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North Scottsdale Sex-Abuse Suspect Nabbed; Second Woman was Able to Flee Attack

Addison John Reyna
A 20-year-old north Scottsdale man arrested on Thursday is suspected of two brazen, attacks on women in his neighborhood.

Scottsdale police arrested Addison John Reyna in his filthy home on Thursday afternoon following an investigation into the attacks, the latest of which occurred on Monday.

Court records indicate that the victim in Monday's harrowing incident barely escaped whatever Reyna had in mind for her.

Meanwhile, Reyna's father claims his son has an alibi, saying they were together the whole day on Monday.

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Peter Steinmetz Receives Leniency From Deal-Making County Attorney Bill Montgomery

Attorney Marc Victor and Peter Steinmetz at August's news conference.
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery seems to enjoy playing Let's Make a Deal, even if he gets burned now and then.

In his latest move of seeming leniency, Montgomery's letting AR-15-toting brain scientist Peter Steinmetz escape serious penalties as long as he promises to, among other things, keep his weapons out of sight while he's at Valley airports for the next two years.

The high-profile deal Montgomery made with Shanesha Taylor, the woman who raised $114,000 after leaving her kids in a hot car while at a job interview, didn't work out so well. When Taylor didn't comply with the terms of her deferred prosecution deal, an equally high-profile story about the deal's failure made headlines.

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Shanesha Taylor Fails to Fund Kids' Trusts; Prosecution to Move Forward

Shanesha Taylor
Shanesha Taylor, the Scottsdale mom who left her kids in a hot car in March while on a job interview, has blown today's deadline to fund trust accounts for her kids.

In July, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery signed off on the deal to keep Taylor out of jail as long as she used $60,000 of more than $114,000 in Internet donations to set up the trust funds.

Despite Taylor's embarrassing broken promise today, though, Montgomery does not appear to be enthusiastic about prosecuting the woman whose case has become a cause celebre.

UPDATE:Late this afternoon, Montgomery's office sent word to New Times that the prosecution will now be moving ahead. (See that and the latest news on the case below.)

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Shanesha Taylor May Not Have Enough Donated Money to Comply With Plea Deal

Shanesha Taylor's tearful mugshot caused a flood of sympathetic donations last spring.
Shaneshsa Taylor may no longer have enough of her donated money to fund trusts for her children as required under a deferred-prosecution deal, a court motion states.

Taylor became an Internet sensation after her March arrest for leaving her kids in a hot car during a job interview, in part due to her evocative, tear-filled mugshot. She raised $114,775 in an online fundraiser, and the money helped her negotiate a deal to keep her out of jail with no conviction on her record.

See below for update.

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Sean Quaid, Local Gun Owner, Thwarts Phoenix Credit Union Heist and Kills One of the Robbers

Charles Knowles/Flickr
Sean Quaid was just another Arizona gun owner on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, he became a hero.

Police say Quaid thwarted a bank robbery in north Phoenix on Wednesday by first swiping the keys out of the robbers' getaway vehicle, then shooting one of the thugs who carjacked a pickup truck in the parking lot.

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Orange Is the New Black Actress Laverne Cox Speaks Against Phoenix Prostitution Ordinance

Ashley Cusick
Laverne Cox and Monica Jones at yesterday's press conference.

Emmy-nominated actress Laverne Cox came to Phoenix to speak on behalf of Monica Jones, a transgender Phoenix student convicted on charges of manifesting prostitution in April.

Cox, Jones, and Jones' attorneys all claim that the Phoenix city ordinance under which Jones was arrested is unconstitutional and discriminatory. Jones' attorneys filed an appeal of her conviction this week.

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Mesa Cop Charged with Sex Crimes in the Line of Duty

A Mesa police officer has been indicted on three felony sex-crime offenses, all of which allegedly occurred while he was on duty.

Justin Cherry, 34, is charged with two counts of sexual assault and one count of sexual molestation of a child.

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"High-Jump" Bank Robbery Suspect Turns Out to be Twins -- Cops Nail Them in Action

Images: Phoenix police
The "High-Jump Bandit," seen here with bundles of cash, is actually two twin brothers, police say.
Phoenix police arrested twin brothers on Wednesday in connection with a series of Valley bank robberies, including one committed under police surveillance.

The arrest appears to solve the case of the so-called "High-Jump Bandit," whose prolific robberies prompted authorities to seek help from the media in late July. Alan Michael Bain and Neal Martin Bain, both 51, were booked into jail on July 30 -- immediately after robbing an Ahwatukee bank.

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Jarrett Maupin, Congressional Candidate, Takes Partial Credit for Shanesha Taylor's Plea Deal

Jarrett Maupin
Jarrett Maupin, an Arizona Congressional candidate, reverend and community advocate, is taking some of the credit for Shanesha Taylor's money-for-freedom deal with prosecutors.

A controversial figure, Maupin -- president of the Phoenix-based Progressive Christian Coalition -- nevertheless was seen to be working closely in the highly publicized criminal case of the underemployed mom who left her kids in a car while at a job interview. While admitting Taylor made a mistake, Maupin says he's pleased at how well things turned out.

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