Pedro Lopez-Marroquin Accused of Offering Up $100 to Kids in Apartment Complex to Have Sex With Him (No Takers)

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Pedro Lopez-Marroquin
Pedro Lopez-Marroquin isn't exactly a pickup artist -- according to police, he was just walking around a Phoenix apartment complex with $100 in his hand, trying to get kids to have sex with him.

Believe it or not, nobody took him up on his offer.

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Moses Shepard Gets Prison Time for Turning One Date Into 18 Years of Stalking

When did Tucson resident Moses Antonio Shepard's chasing of a woman turn into an interstate stalking case?

According to the federal government, some point before the 18-year mark.

Shepard was sentenced yesterday to 100 months in prison, as the 19th anniversary of his one and only date with his victim comes in September.

According to federal court documents, Shepard followed the woman back-and-forth across the country since getting rejected for a second date in New York in the early '90s.

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Jacob Nelson Gets 4.5 Years in the Slammer for Hopping in Bed With a Random 14-Year-Old

Jacob Nelson
Believe it or not, sneaking into a house and stripping down to your underwear to hop in bed with a random 14-year-old girl could lead to prison time.

Four-and-a-half years in prison, in Jacob Nelson's case.

In July, Phoenix police said that Nelson, 35, waited for a father of two to leave the house around 8 a.m. one morning, and crawled into the house, where the 14-year-old girl and her 11-year-old brother were sleeping.

Police said Nelson hopped into bed with the girl, wearing just his boxer-briefs, and told her to be quiet.

As you can imagine, a 14-year-old girl waking up next to some 35-year-old weirdo in his underwear did not stay quiet -- she screamed.

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Curtis Mann Was Creeping Out and Chasing 13-Year-Old Girls, According to Tempe Police

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Tempe PD
Curtis Earl Mann
"Chasing girls" is supposed to be a colloquialism, not an actual game plan to pull off at a Tempe park.

Curtis Earl Mann apparently missed that memo, as Tempe police say the 19-year-old was literally chasing a pair of 13-year-old girls through Harelson Park on Monday.

According to police, Mann approached the pair of teenagers around 5:20 p.m. at the park, which is behind Tempe's Kyrene De La Mariposa Elementary School.

Mann engaged the two in conversation, then "followed and chased" the two girls when they tried to run away from him, according to the cops.

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Someone Was Touching Butts Again at Arizona State University

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It's probably safe to say plenty of butts are touched just every night at Arizona State University, but cops say someone was doing it illegally on Wednesday.

This isn't the first booty problem at the University, as ASU police had to deal with a serial booby- and booty-gripper starting in August 2010.

Police caught the suspected groper in September.

Now ASU police are dealing with a butt slapper, although the new guy hasn't reached "serial" status.

Police put out a crime alert yesterday, saying two female students were slapped in the rear on the first floor of a dorm on the University's Tempe campus around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

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Mesa Creep(s) Hid From Women, Grabbed Them From Behind

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As a heads-up, there are some weirdos -- possibly one weirdo -- who have hid in some random places around Mesa and grabbed women from behind.

Mesa police Detective Steve Berry tells New Times three women have reported being grabbed from behind by a guy, with two of those cases occurring on Friday.

Police say these incidents have taken place around canal banks and open fields, where there are walls or bushes for the guy(s) to hide behind.

Berry says detectives are still working on the cases, and as of now, police are not tying the three cases together.

The women who were grabbed -- two teenagers and a woman in her 20s -- have given varying descriptions of the weirdo who grabbed them.

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Octavio Quintana Grabbed A Random 14-Year-Old Girl's Butt For Being "Disrespectful"

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Octavio Quintana, who apparently grabs butts when he feels disrespected.
For a 32-year-old man, following around a random 14-year-old girl and running away after grabbing her butt is pretty creepy. Finding out where the girl lives and showing up at her apartment on Valentine's Day takes it to a whole new level.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Octavio Quintana wasn't too happy that the random 14-year-old girl he was following around Chandler streets wasn't giving him attention.

Quintana decided to get back at the girl for being "disrespectful" -- by grabbing her booty.

Cops say Quintana started walking behind the girl while she was walking down Arizona Avenue around 7 a.m. on February 7, and tried to chat her up.

Seeing as the 14-year-old girl wasn't exactly interested in a random 32-year-old who came out of nowhere, she didn't respond to him.

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Tucson Man Convicted of Stalking New York Woman...For 18 Years

Say what you will about 47-year-old Moses Antonio Shepard, but at least he's persistent -- he was recently convicted of stalking a New York woman...for the last 18 years.

Shepard was convicted last week of two counts of interstate stalking for stalking the same woman for nearly two decades, the U.S. Attorney's Office announced this afternoon.

According to the feds, Shepard met the victim at a running club in New York City in 1992. As we mentioned, he then spent the next 18 years stalking her -- despite her repeatedly telling him to leave her alone.

The stalking included emails, phone calls, letters, and other unwanted communications.

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"Raven," Profiled In Our Series on Mentally Ill Homeless, Gets Chased Out

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Late last year, we published a story about a guy known as "Raven," a mentally ill man who had been living for more than a year in a central Phoenix park.

mob mentality.png
​The piece described how several of Raven's "neighbors," folks who live in the area around the big park, had gotten to know the usually friendly middle-aged man and helped him out with food, water and companionship.

Sadly, not a happy ending to this story. (Photographic hint to the left, i.e. an angry mob).

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Alleged Super-Stalker Gregg Pfeifer Pleads Not Guilty to Stalking, Arson Charges

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Gregg Pfeifer's got a little bit of a stalking problem.
A Phoenix man who spent a good portion of 2011 stalking his ex-girlfriend was in Maricopa County Superior Court this morning where he pleaded not guilty to one count of arson, one count of stalking, and six counts of aggravated harassment.

Since July, Phoenix police have received at least 33 reports that Gregg Pfeifer, 35, has been stalking a former girlfriend. He's allegedly made multiple harassing phone calls, drives by the victim's house repeatedly, and has sent several threatening emails.

On the morning of December 27, police say Pfeifer set the victim's car on fire...again.

According to court records obtained by New Times, the victim had to install a $2,000 video surveillance system to keep an eye on Pfeifer. On the morning of the 27th, the cameras rolled as Pfeifer set the victim's car on fire...for the second time.

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