John Hauskins Ousted as Maricopa County Transportation Chief Over Misconduct Claims

John Hauskins, the award-winning transportation chief for Maricopa County, has been ousted from his job following a series of wide-ranging misconduct allegations.

Hauskins, also the county engineer, submitted a letter of intent to retire from his position on October 9, two days after he was put on paid administrative leave for unknown reasons. The leave followed written counseling letters and reprimands in 2014 and 2013 for alleged mistreatment of a staff member, dishonesty, and incompetence at his job, records obtained by New Times show.

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Maricopa County Officials Violated Rights of Lawyer Who Spoke to Newspaper, Says Judge

Maricopa County officials violated the rights of a former deputy county attorney by firing her after she spoke to a local newspaper, a federal judge confirms.

In an eight-page ruling last week that upholds February's $638,148 jury verdict in the case, U.S District Judge Frederick Martone wrote that "more than sufficient evidence" proved lawyer Maria Brandon's allegations that the county retaliated against her for talking to an Arizona Republic reporter in 2010.

Oddly, the Republic didn't cover the trial or jury verdict that it helped cause.

But the case and new ruling cover important ground when it comes to the rights of government employees who state their personal opinions in a public forum.

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Ed Moriarity, Lisa Aubuchon's Ex-Lawyer From Montana, Disbarred in AZ

Ed Moriarity, the Montana lawyer who represented former county officials including Lisa Aubuchon, David Hendershott and Joel Fox, has been disbarred in Arizona.
Ed Moriarity, the Montana lawyer who worked for Lisa Aubuchon, David Hendershott and Joel Fox, has been disbarred in Arizona.

A complaint by the State Bar of Arizona, followed by the July 15 disbarment order, explains that Moriarity knew claims by former Maricopa County officials Aubuchon and Hendershott were false, yet moved forward with a frivolous lawsuit against two Valley lawyers and other defendants.

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Lisa Aubuchon and Rachel Alexander Sue Over Debt They Owe in Lawyer-Discipline Case

Image: Facebook
Rachel Alexander and Andrew Thomas
Disgraced legal professionals Lisa Aubuchon and Rachel Alexander hope to avoid paying the cost of their disciplinary proceedings with a fresh lawsuit they filed last week.

The civil complaint filed on July 2 is yet another piece of fallout from the "unholy collaboration" of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and ex-County Attorney, disbarred lawyer and gubernatorial candidate Andrew Thomas.

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Mary Rose Wilcox Gets Her $1 Million Check From Taxpayers; Won't Say How She'll Spend It

The larger of Mary Rose Wilcox's two settlement checks.
Mary Rose Wilcox finally got her million dollars from taxpayers.

The only question now is how the former County Supervisor, who's running for Congress, will spend the money.

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Mary Rose Wilcox Settlement Check to be Cut? Maricopa Supervisors in Exec Session Today

Earl and Mary Rose Wilcox with their lawyer, Colin Campbell.
It appears that Mary Rose Wilcox will finally be able to deposit a few hundred grand of taxpayer money into her bank account.

Wilcox, the former longtime County Supervisor who resigned to run for Congress, won another court ruling on June 2 for her right to a pre-arranged $975,000 settlement with the county, but hasn't been paid yet.

That could change after this morning, when an executive session of Maricopa County Board of Supervisors took place that may have decided the issue.

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Supervisors Spend $375,442 and Counting to Stop Mary Rose Wilcox From Getting $975,000

Image: Ray Stern
Earl and Mary Rose Wilcox, with their lawyer, Colin Campbell.
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has spent $375,442 to stop Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox from receiving a $975,000 settlement and is preparing to spend more.

A lawyer hired by Maricopa County will fly to and stay in San Francisco at county expense for a March 11 hearing on the settlement matter before the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The lawyer, Jeffrey Leonard, also will bill the county for his continued work on the case -- even though it's no longer in doubt that Wilcox deserves the settlement money because of the reckless and improper actions of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

The biggest joke of this case, though, is that the county almost certainly would have to pay more than $975,000 (plus legal fees) to Wilcox should it prevail in this appeal. Maybe a lot more.

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Disciplining Andrew Thomas and Others Cost State Bar a Total of $616,571

The State Bar of Arizona spent $616,571 for the disciplinary proceedings related to former Maricopa County Andrew Thomas' unethical acts.

Rick DeBruhl, spokesman for the lawyers' organization, says the State Bar came up with the final bill total today. As our previous story today on the topic of Thomas relates, Thomas, Lisa Aubuchon, and Rachel Alexander have agreed on a restitution repayment amount of $101,294 of the total.

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Andrew Thomas, Lisa Aubuchon, and Rachel Alexander Ordered to Pay Back Discipline Costs

Image: Ray Stern
Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas, Lisa Aubuchon, and Rachel Alexander have been ordered to pay back $101,294 in restitution for the cost of their disciplinary proceedings.

Thomas, a former Maricopa County Attorney, and Aubuchon, his go-to deputy, were disbarred last year in high-profile proceedings that followed several years of intrigue and corruption committed with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. A three-member panel that included the state's Disciplinary Judge, William O'Neil, found that Arpaio and Thomas launched unethical attacks on their county political enemies with the help of Aubuchon.

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Don Stapley Payout for Sheriff Arpaio's Antics: $3.5 Million

Image: New Times
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors didn't just settle with New Times' former top executives today -- the panel also settled with former Supervisor Don Stapley.

The county (or rather, its insurance company) will shell out $3.5 million to Stapley, who represented the east Valley on the board from 1994 to 2012 and infamously was arrested without good cause and smeared publicly by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

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