Supervisors Spend $375,442 and Counting to Stop Mary Rose Wilcox From Getting $975,000

Image: Ray Stern
Earl and Mary Rose Wilcox, with their lawyer, Colin Campbell.
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has spent $375,442 to stop Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox from receiving a $975,000 settlement and is preparing to spend more.

A lawyer hired by Maricopa County will fly to and stay in San Francisco at county expense for a March 11 hearing on the settlement matter before the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The lawyer, Jeffrey Leonard, also will bill the county for his continued work on the case -- even though it's no longer in doubt that Wilcox deserves the settlement money because of the reckless and improper actions of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

The biggest joke of this case, though, is that the county almost certainly would have to pay more than $975,000 (plus legal fees) to Wilcox should it prevail in this appeal. Maybe a lot more.

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Disciplining Andrew Thomas and Others Cost State Bar a Total of $616,571

The State Bar of Arizona spent $616,571 for the disciplinary proceedings related to former Maricopa County Andrew Thomas' unethical acts.

Rick DeBruhl, spokesman for the lawyers' organization, says the State Bar came up with the final bill total today. As our previous story today on the topic of Thomas relates, Thomas, Lisa Aubuchon, and Rachel Alexander have agreed on a restitution repayment amount of $101,294 of the total.

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Andrew Thomas, Lisa Aubuchon, and Rachel Alexander Ordered to Pay Back Discipline Costs

Image: Ray Stern
Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas, Lisa Aubuchon, and Rachel Alexander have been ordered to pay back $101,294 in restitution for the cost of their disciplinary proceedings.

Thomas, a former Maricopa County Attorney, and Aubuchon, his go-to deputy, were disbarred last year in high-profile proceedings that followed several years of intrigue and corruption committed with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. A three-member panel that included the state's Disciplinary Judge, William O'Neil, found that Arpaio and Thomas launched unethical attacks on their county political enemies with the help of Aubuchon.

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Don Stapley Payout for Sheriff Arpaio's Antics: $3.5 Million

Image: New Times
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors didn't just settle with New Times' former top executives today -- the panel also settled with former Supervisor Don Stapley.

The county (or rather, its insurance company) will shell out $3.5 million to Stapley, who represented the east Valley on the board from 1994 to 2012 and infamously was arrested without good cause and smeared publicly by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

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Ex-Prosecutor Lisa Aubuchon Can't Have Law License Back, Arizona Supreme Court Says

Lisa Aubuchon, the ethics-bending ex-prosecutor who filed bogus criminal charges against a judge, has lost her appeal with the state Supreme Court to get her law license back.

Aubuchon and her former boss, former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, were disbarred last year for abusing law-enforcement procedures in their fight against county enemies with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The ex-lawyer, who lives in Tempe, has been paying a steep financial price for her bad actions -- and it could grow much steeper.

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Andrew Thomas, Lisa Aubuchon Want Terry Goddard's Testimony Tossed in Stapley Suit

doh thomas.jpg
Disbarred former prosecutors Andrew Thomas and Lisa Aubuchon want former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard's testimony tossed from former Maricopa County Supervisor Attorney Don Stapleys lawsuit.

Yes, that lawsuit -- one of the larger pieces of detritus left over from years of county infighting. Stapley, who quit politics last year after a series of scandals that helped bring down former County Attorney Thomas but also damaged the veteran Mesa politician's career, is hoping to claim his piece of a taxpayer-funded feeding frenzy.

(See below for Thomas and Aubuchon's 16-page court motion, and the damning, 15-page report on Thomas and Aubuchon, with 100 pages of attached exhibits, by Terry Goddard.)

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Andrew Thomas and Lisa Aubuchon Slapped by Ninth Circuit; No Immunity in Stapley Suit

Image: Ray Stern
Sheriff Arpaio and his buddy Andrew Thomas
Maricopa County's most famous disbarred lawyers, Andrew Thomas and Lisa Aubuchon, were slapped down by the Ninth U.S. Circuit of Appeals today in a bid for immunity from a lawsuit.

The ruling allows former Maricopa County Supervisor Don Stapley to proceed with his lawsuit against the former County Attorney, his sidekick, and the county in general.

But the best parts of the ruling are what the Ninth's judges said about Thomas' unethical efforts to stick it to his political enemies.

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Peter Spaw, Negligent Prosecutor, has Law License Put on Probation in Andrew Thomas Flap

spaw peter testimony 1.JPG
Peter Spaw, deputy county attorney, will have his law license on probation for two years and will pay a $15,060 fine for working on a bogus federal racketeering suit.
Peter Spaw, the negligent deputy county attorney who helped harass innocent officials with a merit-less racketeering lawsuit, will have his law license put on probation for two years, the state's Disciplinary Judge has ruled.

Spaw, who still has his high-level job as the Maricopa County Attorney's Office Asset Recovery Bureau manager, also agrees to keep his nose clean, take an ethics class and pay a $15,059.55 fine as part of his punishment for the Andrew Thomas-era violations.

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Top Eight Reasons Why Nobody Should Vote for Andrew Thomas for Governor in 2014

thomas stern pic 1.jpg
Image: Ray Stern
Andrew Thomas is running for governor. Here are our eight top reasons why he shouldn't get a single vote.
Andrew Thomas followed up on last year's rumor that he might run for governor with an official announcement today.

Knowing that anything's possible in Arizona, the so-called meth lab of democracy, we thought we'd put out this helpful voting guide.

So, without further ado, we offer you our best eight reasons why you'd have to be nuts to vote for Thomas:

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Wolfswinkel Family to Get $1.4 Million in County Settlement Over Legal Abuses; $5 Million in Total Payouts Thanks to Andrew Thomas and Joe Arpaio

wolfswinkel conley.jpg
Developer Conley Wolfswinkel: $1.4 million richer thanks to incompetence and corruption by Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas.
Developer Conley Wolfswinkel, his family and company will received $1.4 million in the largest Maricopa County payout yet to victims of the legal abuses of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

As the county just confirmed, the Wolfswinkels are getting more in this settlement than the $1.27 million that went to former Judge Gary Donahoe, or the still-disputed $975,000 settlement to Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox.

Corrupt practices by Thomas, Arpaio and some of their overly loyal underlings from 2008-2010 have now cost the county a cool $5 million in taxpayer-funded payouts to victims.

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