Mel Gibson's "Re-Branding" Campaign Following Latest N-Bomb-Dropping Tirade Involves Joining Arizona's Minutemen -- at Least it Should, According to Hilarious PR Suggestion From the Baltimore Sun

If you're gay, black, Hispanic, Jewish, Asian, a woman, or you're just able to hear, you may be pissed off at Mel Gibson these days.

And for good reason -- the dude's nuts.

Aside from the public outcry following Gibson's screeching at his now-ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, that "if [she] gets raped by a pack n***ers, it will be [her] own fault," RadarOnline's slow leak of the now-infamous recordings of phone conversation's between Gibson and Grigorieva have landed the Lethal Weapon star in a bit of a PR pickle. (Wonder what Lethal co-star Danny Glover thinks about Mel these days?)

Fortunately for Mel, the Baltimore Sun has a five-point "re-branding" plan for the foul-mouthed star, which includes joining Arizona's Minutemen Civil Defense Corps.

If you're not familiar with Mel's most-recent rants, we've got a small dose for ya after the jump.

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DMX and Arizona Judge Contribute to Postponement of Celebrity Rehab Show

The VH1 reality show Celebrity Rehab has run into a bit of a production snag that has postponed taping of the upcoming season.

While there is certainly no shortage of celebutards fucked up on drugs, there is a shortage of celebs willing to sell their souls to the reality gods and have their recovery from substance abuse used as entertainment.

It's reported today that despite signing  reality stars like Tila Tequilla, and Jason Wahler -- of Laguna Beach and DUI fame -- the show has failed to sign anyone else.

The show's creator and host, Dr. Drew Pinsky, has reportedly been turned down by celebs like Heather Locklear, Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller, Jenna Jameson, and was even given the cold shoulder by Lindsay Lohan, who was offered $1 million for her participation.

There is one drug-ravaged celeb who agreed to be on the show, but, unfortunately for Dr. Drew, he's sitting in a Maricopa County Jail and a judge won't let him out to "recover" on national television.

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Kendra, of Hugh Hefner Arm-Candy Fame, Made a Sex Tape and her Co-Star Happens to Be a Cage Fighter From Arizona

Reality TV star and Playboy playmate Kendra Wilkinson.

Move over Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Pam Anderson, and the droves of other celebutards who thought the sex tapes they "privately" made with their one-time significant others would never see the light of day -- there's a new celebrity sex star on the rise and her "co-star" happens to be a local boy.

You may be familiar with Kendra Wilkinson, the one-time "girlfriend" of geriatric Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner.

Wilkinson was made famous for being hot as hell but dumber than a fucking rock her charm and charisma while living with Hef at the Playboy Mansion and starring in E!'s The Girls Next Door with Hef's other two bimbettes who were one-fourth his age.

Hef and his hoochies split a few years ago, and Wilkinson seemed to be settling down with her new husband, NFL nomad Hank Bassett -- with whom she now has a child.

But Kendra's new "mommy dearest" persona is taking a beating these days with news that she and an old flame made a sex tape, now being made public.

Kendra's co-star Justin Frye.

Kendra's old beaux and co-star, we learned today, happens to be a cage fighter from Lake Havasu named Justin Frye, and he's the one who sold the tape for 50 percent of slaes and a $100,000 bonus to Vivid Entertainment, the porn company that planning for its release.

Frye is described as "a thrill-seeker who can be seen riding motorcycles, snowboarding, and partying.

We tried to get hold of Frye this afternoon at a gym where we hear he trains but were told he wasn't there.

However, we tracked down a slideshow of Frye's "partying," which you can see after the jump. Be warned, though, Frye and his buddies make the Jersey Shore boys look classy.

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Nik Richie Sued Again By Texas Woman, Removes Most Retaliatory Posts About Her From TheDirty.Com

It looks like Nik Richie's getting nervous.

richie nik kroq.jpg

On the heels of a new lawsuit filed against him, the self-described "reality blogger" took down several blog posts from that had targeted a woman who sued him last year for invasion of privacy.

Richie published the posts last week to retaliate against Kristen Creighton of La Porte, Texas, who won a $1.5 million judgment in October against Richie and his company, Dirty World.

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Nik Richie Strikes Back at Texas Woman Who Won Lawsuit; Vows to Make Her "The Face of Herpes"

richie nik kroq.jpg
Nik Richie vows to get back at the woman who sued him successfully for invasion of privacy

Nik Richie vows to make the Texas woman who won a lawsuit against him the "face of herpes in America" as retaliation.

As mentioned last week, Richie's finances will be examined at a hearing in the Valley this week following his loss last year of the lawsuit.

The woman from La Porte, Texas, who sued won a $1.5 million default judgment against Richie for invasion of privacy after alleging that he published a picture of her on his Scottsdale-based Web site,, along with mean comments about her herpes infection.

Richie bragged to Los Angeles' KROQ radio recently that the site rakes in about $130,000 a month in revenue.


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Nik Richie Claims TheDirty.Com Pulls In $130,000 a Month; Owes $1.5 Million After Default Judgment


richie nik kroq.jpg
Nik Richie says his Web site brings in about $130,000 a month -- which is a good thing for him, since he owes $1.5 million after losing a Texas lawsuit.
​Nik Richie bragged on a radio show recently that his Web site is bringing in big bucks -- catching the attention of a Houston lawyer trying to collect on a $1.5 million judgment.

As we related last month, Richie lost an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit to a Texas woman after his Web site,, published a picture of the woman along with comments about her herpes infection.

Attorney Chris Bell, who represents the woman, says Richie used a "risky strategy" by not showing up to court last October. A judge entered a default judgment against him, ordering that he and his company, Dirty World, each pay the woman $750,000.

Richie (a.k.a. Hooman Karamian) should be showing up for a debtor exam, scheduled in Phoenix for May 14, Bell says, during which he'll be made to answer questions about his finances.

But as Bell points out, Richie told Los Angeles' KROQ radio on April 30 that his Web site pulls in about $130,000 a month.


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Jesse James, Husband of Sandra Bullock, Out of Arizona Sex Rehab

Jesse James
An Arizona rehab center has apparently cured another pseudo-celeb of his addiction to sex.

Jesse James, the bad-boy biker husband of Academy Award winning actress Sandra Bullock, was spotted outside of his California home -- sans-wedding ring -- after spending a few, short weeks at a rehab center in Tucson, where he was getting treated for "sex addiction."

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Nik Richie's Legal Problems: Lost $1.5 Million Texas Lawsuit in 2009, Others Attacked on Web Site Plan to Sue

Hooman Karamian, a.k.a. Nik Richie of, was ordered to pay $1.5 million to a Texas woman last year

Does Nik Richie's new wife know about his legal bills?

Richie, founder of the Scottsdale-based Web site, lost a $1.5 million judgment last year for posting a La Porte, Texas, woman's picture with snide comments about her herpes infection.

More lawsuits could be on the way, one Canadian magazine reports today.

Reality star Shayne Lamas better have signed a prenup with Richie -- whose real name is Hooman Karamian -- before getting hitched in Vegas last week, unless she's always wanted to visit bankruptcy court.

Court records from Harris County, Texas, show Richie's company, Dirty World and Richie himself were ordered to pay $750,000 each to the woman in La Porte, near Houston.

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Jesse James Checks Out of Arizona Sex Rehab After One Week -- Then Checks Right Back In

Jesse James, the bad-boy biker husband of Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock, checked into a rehab facility in Tucson last week to start battling his addiction to sex. Today, it's reported that James left the facility but quickly checked back in to continue trying to "save [his] marriage."

Since he was outed as a serial cheater about two weeks ago, James has been linked to enough women to give Tiger Woods a run for his money -- and like Woods, James came to Arizona to try to cure his wandering wiener.

Unlike Tiger's wife, it seems Bullock isn't buying the whole "addiction" excuse, and it's being reported that she is close to filing for divorce.

According to the gossip site Radar Online, James got news of Sandy's divorce plans and tried to call her. Bullock, however, wasn't havin' it and refused to take his call, the site claims.

That's when James decided to split from the facility.

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Alice Cooper Busted by Speed Camera in Scottsdale

Alice Cooper got a speed-camera ticket:


cooper alice speed camera.jpg


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