Jerald Newman, Bloodied by Buckeye Cop in '11 at Walmart, Nets $30,000 in Settlement

Jerald Newman just seconds after being slammed to the ground by a Buckeye cop at a Walmart on November 24, 2011.
Buckeye will pay $30,000 to police-brutality victim and California resident Jerald Newman in a much-publicized 2011 case of Black Friday mayhem at a Walmart.

The payoff is less than the $500,000 sought originally by Newman. But it still provides some justice in a case that saw the Maricopa County Attorney's fail to act on a state Department of Public safety recommendation of an assault charge against a cop.

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Black Friday 2012 Video Roundup -- Fights, Crowds, Dogpile at Local Walmart and More

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walmart dogpile.jpg
Image: YouTube
YouTube video of an apparent dogpile over a sale item at a local Walmart on Black Friday.

This Black Friday, (which began on Thursday), seemed tamer than last year, but a survey of YouTube vids this morning still turned up a few gems.

We begin this compilation of seven videos with what looks like a dogpile on a TV or some other boxed item at a local Walmart. An employee has to put the shoppers in time-out for a moment. Following that is one of several videos we found that show the very long lines some of you waited in last night.

After that, we turned to the national scene for a sampling of the latest films on various fights, crowds and other retail pandemonium. We'll update this post later if any must-see TV shows up.

Scroll down for the embedded videos:

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Morning Poll: Thanksgiving Day Shopping -- Did You Do It?

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black friday hell.jpg

We sympathize with anyone who has to work on a major holiday like Thanksgiving Day.

Instead of the traditional descent into T-Day nirvana, belly packed with turkey, stuffing and cerveza (or your liquid sustenance of choice), more of the retail workforce than ever is heading to Walmart, Target or the local mall on the evening before Black Friday, compelled to serve hordes of after-dinner bargain hunters.

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Jerald Newman, Bloodied at Black-Friday Walmart Sale by Buckeye Cop, Files Lawsuit in Time for Holidays

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grandpa takedown 2.jpg
Jerald Newman filed a lawsuit today against the Town of Buckeye and the police officer who knocked him to the ground during a Black-Friday sale.

Jerald Newman, the California grandpa bloodied by a Buckeye cop during a Black-Friday sale at a Walmart last year, alleges false arrest and assault against the officer in a lawsuit filed today.

Newman became a symbol of Black Friday chaos last year after the well-publicized incident.

Buckeye police officials said Officer Kevin Rorke used proper force against Newman, who was alleged to have shoplifted an on-sale video game. But video taken by shoppers shocked he public: Newman was slammed to ground so hard he lost consciousness for a moment while bleeding from a head wound.

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Kevin Rorke, Buckeye Cop, Cleared of Wrongdoing in Black Friday Arrest at Walmart; Suspect Jerald Newman Files Notice of Claim Vs. Town

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newman jerald.jpg
Jerald Newman was left bloodied by police at a Walmart last Black Friday after being accused of shoplifting. He's now suing over the incident, while the cop who body-slammed him has been absolved of wrongdoing.

Town of Buckeye police officer Kevin Rorke has been cleared of wrongdoing in the bloody Black Friday arrest at a Walmart of shoplifting suspect Jerald Newman.

No charges were ever filed against Newman, either.

And now Newman is suing the town, says Buckeye police spokesman Lieutenant Jared Griffiths.

(A Buckeye Risk Management official returned a call after this article was published and told us Newman hasn't yet begun litigation, but has filed a notice of claim against the town in which he demands $500,000. If the town rejects the claim, Newman could sue.)

The Black Friday case made headlines worldwide back in November after Newman was body-slammed by Rorke at the Walmart in front of a stunned crowd of shoppers, some of whom said Rorke had acted with excessive force.

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Jerald Newman, of Bloody Black Friday Arrest at Walmart, Not Charged Yet on Allegation of Shoplifting and Resisting Arrest

newman jerald.jpg
Jerald Newman was left bloodied and bruised after his arrest at a Buckeye Walmart on Black Friday. Witnesses say a cop was too rough with him.

Jerald Newman, the grandpa whose bloody arrest at a Walmart on Black Friday made national headlines, hasn't yet been charged on allegations of shoplifting and resisting arrest.

Buckeye police Lieutenant Jared Griffiths tells New Times that his agency did submit the charges to prosecutors. But the Maricopa County Attorney's Office sent the case back to the police agency for further investigation.

Griffiths says the agency plans to shore up the case and resubmit it next week.

"We have asked Buckeye to provide us with some additional information we need in order to make a charging decision," writes Jerry Cobb, spokesman for County Attorney Bill Montgomery, in response to an e-mail we sent him.

Witnesses at the Walmart claimed that Buckeye police officer Kevin Rorke was too harsh on Newman during the arrest.

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Bloody Black-Friday Arrest at Buckeye Walmart to be Investigated by AZ Department of Public Safety

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grandpa takedown 2.jpg
Image: YouTube
Jerald Newman

The Arizona Department of Public Safety will conduct an independent investigation of the bloody Black-Friday arrest of a Walmart shopper.

Jerald Newman, 54, was knocked unconscious after a Buckeye police officer performed a "leg sweep" on him while arresting him on suspicion of shoplifting. (UPDATE: The officer's name has been released: Kevin Rorke.)

The story of the Black Friday arrest (which actually occurred late Thursday night) went viral, boosted by a graphic video shot just after the take-down of the limp and bloody suspect.

Newman's family contends the suspect, who was later booked into jail on suspicion of shoplifting and resisting arrest, had merely tucked a video game in his waistband to either help his grandson or prevent an unruly mob from taking the game from him.

Whether or not Newman was resisting arrest has become a major question in the case. A CNN reporter who happened to be at the store on Thursday says Newman wasn't resisting as a cop led him away.

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Buckeye Man in Bloody Take-Down Arrested for Shoplifting, Resisting Arrest; "Video Games Flying" in Store Chaos, Says Report

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grandpa takedown 2.jpg
Image: YouTube
Jerald Newman was knocked unconscious in a take-down by police last night at a Buckeye Walmart.

Buckeye PD released its version of a shoplifting suspect's bloody take-down during last night's Black Friday event at a Walmart, saying the guy brought on his injuries himself.

Jerald Allen Newman, 54, was arrested following a chaotic scene at the store in which a video-game display was destroyed by a mob of shoppers. Video shot by onlookers shows the moments after Newman hit the floor, as cops lifted the unconscious man's head from a pool of blood.

Yet Newman wouldn't have ended up on the ground if only he had handled his arrest differently, says Buckeye Assistant Police Chief Larry Hall.

"He's responsible," Hall says.

Hall does admit the department made a mistake -- by not getting its side of the story out early enough.

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Buckeye Police "Body-Planted" Grandpa at WalMart in Black Friday Mayhem

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black friday 50 percent sign.jpg

Police "body-planted" a man at a Buckeye Walmart's Black Friday event after the man put a video game in his waistband while helping a grandson who was being jostled in a crowd.

The take-down, which left the man bloody, was one of several violent acts reported across the country related to America's annual orgasm of retail sales.

This year's Black Friday has spurred robberies in California and South Carolina, and a mischievous pepper-spray attack on shoppers in Porter Ranch, California, that hurt 20 people.

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