5 Valley Bank Robbers Wanted by the FBI -- and Their Disguises

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Bank robberies seem so blasé these days -- the creepy man walking into the bank, handing a note to a teller demanding money, and taking off before cops arrive.

But so much more goes into it: what to wear, how to conceal your face, and how to haul away your loot. Styles vary, and there is some creativity involved, as we discovered on www.bandittrackerarizona.com, an FBI-sponsored website. Check out how five Valley bank robbers caught on camera tried to conceal their identity.

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DPS Officer Shoots And Kills 15-Year-Old In Stolen Vehicle

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Arizona DPS

An Arizona Department of Public Safety officer shot and killed Alexander Wilson at a gas station, who had decided to ram the officer's vehicle in order to escape, police say.

Sunday night around 9:30, the officer ran a license plate on a Chevy Tahoe near 27th Avenue and Camelback Road. The car's plates came back as stolen, and the the officer pursued the Tahoe, which the 15-year-old Wilson steered into the parking lot of a gas station.

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"Bearded Bandit" Robs His Fifth Bank, He May Also Not Have A Beard

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The "Bearded Bandit."
A bank-robbery suspect the FBI's calling the "Bearded Bandit" has struck again, as has the FBI's bank-robber-naming department.

The "Bearded Bandit" may have robbed five Valley banks, but whether he actually has a beard is up for debate.

According to the FBI -- and the pictures it has provided -- there's definitely something on his face resembling a beard, but it (along with his hair) could be fake.

Either way, the latest bank hit by the man who's allegedly a "Bearded Banded" was a Chase location on Shea Boulevard in Phoenix on Wednesday, his fifth since December.

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"Thou Shalt Not Steal Bandit" Strikes Again?

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Has the bandit struck again?
It appears a thief the Federal Bureau of Investigation's bandit-naming department has dubbed the "thou shalt not steal bandit" may have struck again -- this time in Phoenix.

Phoenix police say the First Fidelity Bank branch near 32nd Street and Lincoln Drive in Phoenix was robbed this morning by a gun-wielding thief who already was in the building when employees showed up to open the bank.

The unknown robber tied up at least two employees and put them in a separate room before fleeing with an undisclosed amount of cash about 7 a.m. today.

The employees were released about 90 minutes later when another employee reported to work to find her colleagues tied up.

Police haven't said how the suspect entered the bank, although, there was reportedly a rectangular hole cut in the roof -- which happens to be the exact M.O. of  the "thou shalt not steal" bandit, who earned that name by breaking into a Christian book store in order to gain access to a Peoria bank in 2009.

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This Guy Robbed Three Banks

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If you know this guy, call the cops.
The man pictured above is responsible for three bank robberies over the past month, and cops need the public's help tracking him down.

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Former Female Bank Teller Arrested for String of Bank Robberies

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Phoenix PD
Danyelle Gerrie
We hear stories about bank robberies almost every day in the Valley, but it's not too often that the suspect in the robberies is a former bank teller. Almost as infrequently is the suspect a woman.

Danyelle Gerrie, 25, allegedly is the exception to the apparent rule.

Gerrie was arrested yesterday for a string of armed bank robberies in Phoenix.

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Phoenix's Latest Bank-Robbing Bozo Dubbed "Bad Teeth Bandit" by Authorities

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The "Bad Teeth Bandit" hard at work.
The man now-dubbed by the Phoenix Police Department as the "Bad Teeth Bandit" has struck again, this time hitting a Wells Fargo on Tatum Boulevard in Phoenix not far from a different Wells Fargo he robbed a few weeks ago.

The suspect, described as white, about 35 years old, 5-foot-8, with a thin build and "messed-up" teeth, has now hit six Phoenix banks, four of which were Wells Fargo branches.

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Phoenix Bank Robbed by Someone Who Actually Had a Gun

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Peoria Police Department
This guy robbed a bank. If you know him, call the cops.
Well, the sun came out today, which, here in the Valley, often means a local law enforcement agency needs the public's help in tracking down some bozo who robbed a bank.

The latest bank heist is brought to you by the Phoenix Police Department, which announced today that it's looking for the man who robbed the Bank of America at 10459 N. 28th Drive in Phoenix yesterday afternoon.

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Convicted Scottsdale Bank Robber Possibly Lookin' at 80 Years in Clink

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Michael Yanni
It seems nearly every other day we get a press release from a Valley law enforcement agency asking for the public's help in tracking down someone who robbed a bank. It's rare that we hear any news of one of those robbers being caught or convicted.

Today is one of the rare days.

Michael Yanni, 26, formerly of Scottsdale, pleaded guilty yesterday in U.S. District Court to robbing banks in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Carefree in 2006 and 2007, the U.S. Attorney's Office announced this morning.

In total, Yanni copped to four robberies.

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"Overtimetime Bandit" Strikes Again. By "Again," We Mean he Hit the Same Bank Twice

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The "Overtime Bandit"
The "Overtime Bandit" is at it again -- for the second time in three months he's robbed the same Mesa bank.

The bandit, dubbed the "Overtime Bandit" because he tends to strike on weekends or at the end of the work day, robbed the Desert Schools Federal Credit Union at 2355 S. Alma School Road in Mesa yesterday -- the same bank he's suspected of robbing back in May.

He's believed to have robbed two Chandler banks, too; the Chase Bank at 1080 W. Chandler Boulevard, and the U.S. Bank at 1159 West Chandler Boulevard.

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