Arranged-Marriage Fiasco Leads to Guilty Pleas for Three Members of Iraqi Family

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Left to right: Tabarek Altameemi, Mohammed Altameemi, and Yusra Farhan.
Three members of an Iraqi family living in Phoenix pleaded guilty to various charges related to the alleged abuse of a fellow family member for refusing an arranged marriage.

Yusra Farhan, 50, pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisonment, and Mohammed Altameemi, 45, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for alleged attacks against their 19-year-old daughter. The girl's younger sister, 18-year-old Tabarak Altameemi, pleaded guilty to assault.

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CPS Received One Report Claiming Jerice Hunter Abused or Neglected Jhessye Shockley

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Jhessye Shockley
Despite what's previously been said by Jerice Hunter's family, information released by Child Protective Services says it received just one report accusing Hunter of abusing or neglecting her 5-year-old daughter, Jhessye Shockley.

Of course, Hunter has been charged with child abuse and the first-degree murder of Jhessye, whom police believe is dead.

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Jhessye Shockley's Mother Jerice Hunter Arrested for Girl's Murder

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Jerice Hunter
The Glendale Police Department has just announced that Jerice Hunter, the mother of missing and presumed dead 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley, was arrested for the murder of her daughter.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said Hunter's charged with first-degree murder and child abuse.

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Laurie Kelly Allegedly Gave Beer to Random Homeless People to Watch Her Kid While She Went to Work (as a Prostitute)

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Laurie Kelly
Laurie Kelly told the cops she has "a manic sexual rage inside of her which she cannot control, and needed to have sex."

Because of this, police say she gave beer to some random homeless people in a Mesa park and told them to watch her 6-year-old kid while she went to work as a prostitute.

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Sean Donahoe's Accused of Punching a Bunch of Children, Knocking One's Teeth Out

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Sean Donahoe's accused of punching kids.
A Scottsdale 10-year-old told police he couldn't say why he no longer had his two front teeth, because his parents told him it was "their little secret."

Well, secret's out folks -- police say those teeth went missing because his step-dad choked him out and dropped him onto a tile floor.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the boy told a school psychologist yesterday that his step-father -- 25-year-old Sean Donahoe -- had hurt him, at which point police were notified.

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Maria Robles' Baby Daughter Hospitalized for Suspected Scorpion Sting, Doctors Discover She Actually Had Some of Mom's Meth and Ecstasy

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Yuma County Sheriff's Office
Maria Robles
A 10-month-old girl was flown from a Yuma hospital to Phoenix Children's Hospital last week, as it was believed that the girl had been stung by a scorpion.

Turns out, there was no scorpion -- the little girl had eaten mom's meth and ecstasy.

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Mailman Kevin Campbell Accused of Punching Kid (Again)

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Kevin Campbell
A U.S. Postal Service employee is accused of punching one of his kids, a whole two days after the cops were at his home for a "similar incident" with his other kid.

This time around, police say an officer was actually inside Kevin Campbell's Phoenix house as he let his son know he was "gonna kick [his] ass."

According to court documents obtained by New Times, one of Campbell's two sons called the cops Friday night, and the kid pointed the officer to a back bedroom when he arrived.

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Daniel Avey Accused of Going on Motorcycle Ride and Leaving Kids, Ages 3 and 5, Home Alone to Play With Lighters

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Daniel Avey
Daniel Avey went on a motorcycle ride Tuesday night, which probably wouldn't have been a problem had he not allegedly left his children -- ages 3 and 5 -- home alone to play with lighters.

The cops say that qualifies as child abuse.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, a neighbor came out of her house and found Avey's children crying in front of the Phoenix home, and the youngsters told the woman "their dad had left them."

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Jaccob Billiter Allegedly Whipped 6-Year-Old With a Hose, Dropped Him on His Head for the Crime of Drinking From a Sprinkler

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Jaccob Billiter: the kind of guy who beats his kids then runs away, according to the Sheriff's Office.
The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office says a 6-year-old was whipped with a hose and dropped on his head by his father, who then tried to hide to hide from the cops.

The 6-year-old's crime that earned an alleged beating from his father: drinking from an irrigation system.

YCSO says deputies got the call, and showed up to the scene in Paulden -- north of Prescott -- to find Jaccob Billiter's 23-year-old girlfriend with his two children.

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Maria Rivera, Accused of Shaking Baby to Near Death, Had Multiple Run-ins With CPS for Allegations Involving the Same Kid

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Maria Rivera
Maria Rivera, the 21-year-old woman accused of shaking her 11-month-old daughter Stormi to near-death, had two prior run-ins with Child Protective Services involving allegations of abuse against the girl.

Rivera claims she only shook Stormi because she fell unconscious after falling down some stairs, although Phoenix police detectives say hospital staff informed them "the only way to sustain these types of injuries [is] by severely shaking the baby."

Aside from noting that Stormi was still in critical condition in the hospital on Wednesday, a CPS report briefly describes the agency's two other encounters with Rivera.

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