Phoenix Man Coughs Up Nearly $2,000 for a Dinner Date with Joe Arpaio and Steven Seagal

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It turns out the worst way to get rid of $1,800 is not to light it on fire or flush it down the toilet.

According to a totally necessary press release from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, a fellow named Jeff DeWitt won a charity auction to have dinner with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and actor Steven Seagal, for $1,800.

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Cary Dolego, Queen Creek Man Homeless in Ukraine, Gets Rejected by "Yulia"

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dolego abc news.JPG
Image: ABC News
Cary Dolego of Queen Creek was interviewed by ABC News back in March for a story on international matchmaking. After the camera crew went home, he stayed in the Ukraine, being found this week in a train station among homeless people.

Cary Dolego, the love-seeking Queen Creek man we wrote about yesterday who's homeless in the Ukraine, has been rejected by "Yulia," the surgeon with whom he'd been e-mailing.

The former write-in candidate for the 2010 Arizona governor's race went to the Ukraine in the spring as part of a matchmaking service, followed by cameras from ABC News. After failing to find a mate, having his bank account frozen and getting kicked out of an apartment, he ended up on the streets of a small town with other homeless people. Social workers found him this week, disheveled and dirty, but carrying a suit and personal computer.

Since our article, which was based on Ukrainian news reports, a reporter for the Associated Press not only phoned Dolego at the hospital where he'd been treated for pneumonia but managed to get ahold of his dream girl, Yulia.

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Cary Dolego, Former Write-In Candidate for 2010 Governor's Race, Found Homeless in Ukraine After Failed Love Quest

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dolego cary hat.JPG
Image: YouTube
Cary Dolego, former Arizona write-in gubernatorial candidate, ended up homeless in the Ukraine after a failed matchmaking trip.
Cary Dolego, a former Green Party write-in candidate for the 2010 Arizona governor's race, was found among homeless people in a Ukrainian town last week following a failed quest for love.

A Youtube video (see below) shows Dolego, 53, sitting on a bed in a hospital ward, explaining to an interviewer how he arrived in Chernovtsy to meet a woman.

Dolego had originally traveled to the Ukraine on a "romance tour" to meet potential brides -- as explained in an ABC News special on international matchmaking that featured him.

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