Echo Magazine: Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and First Lady Nicole Stanton Named Man, Woman of the Year

Stanton Nicole Greg.jpg
Nicole and Greg Stanton
Echo Magazine has selected Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and his wife Nicole as man and woman of the year for taking a strong stance in support of the LGBT community.

Here's an excerpt from the article honoring the Stantons:

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Sheriff Paul Babeu Named National Sheriff of the Year; Now a Self-Proclaimed "Toughest Sheriff" Like Joe Arpaio

There's a new "toughest sheriff" in town.
Look out Joe Arpaio, there's, um, a new "toughest sheriff" around here.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu was named the National Sheriff of the Year by the National Sheriff's Association over the weekend, much thanks to his crusade to rid his county of illegal immigrants.

Like Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Babeu is now a self-proclaimed tough guy, too.

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Sedona's Red Rock Scenic Byway Named One of America's Top 10 Road Trips -- and Not Just for Hippies

Red Rock Scenic Byway
Sedona's received loads of negative ink over the last six months -- thanks primarily to a certain snake-oil salesman who organized a "self-help," sweat lodge event that left three people dead -- but it's still a hell of a place to take a drive through, according to a recent ranking of America's 10 best road trips.

Yahoo Travel gave Sedona a little love by ranking the Red Rock Scenic Byway on its list of America's 10 best road trips, alongside iconic drives like California's Route 1 through Big Sur.

The 7.5-mile stretch of road, also known as Route 179, starts in Sedona and runs south, ending at Interstate 17 near Rimrock.

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Phoenix New Times Takes 13 First-Place Awards in AZ Press Club Competition -- Including Designer of the Year

Jasmine Hobeheidar and Peter Storch sweep two Press Club design categories, take three first places, and Storch wins Designer of the Year.

Phoenix New Times writers won 26 awards - including 13 first-places -- over the weekend at the Arizona Press Club awards banquet for work published in 2009.

The big winner was art director Peter Storch, named Designer of the Year, one of the contest's four most prestigious awards.

About Storch's winning entry, the judges wrote, "This portfolio was filled with complex concepts, and the ideas alone made it a contender for the top spot. But what put it there was execution."

Storch, with assistant art director Jasmine Hobeheidar, also won three first places in design categories and swept all seven awards in two of the categories. The firsts were in Illustration, with artist Rory Kurtz; Multi-Page Design; and Cover Design.

Columnist Sarah Fenske took two first places. She won the John Kolbe Award for Politics and Government reporting for her cover story "Mr. Clean Elections" and the Don Schellie Award for Column Writing.

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Phoenix New Times Does It Right, Says Editor & Publisher Magazine


editor and publisher logo.jpg
​Time to toot our own bugle:

The Phoenix New Times has been selected as one of the "10 That Do It Right" for 2009 by Editor & Publisher magazine. Our competition in the field: Every other newspaper in the country, apparently. The magazine says this isn't a "best-of" award, "but rather a collection of newspapers that are doing one particular thing very well (sometimes more than one thing), and merit recognition for that effort and achievement." Sounds good to us.

New Times is being honored primarily due to -- you guessed it -- our ongoing coverage of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The other nine newspapers that "do it right" for this year include the Las Vegas Sun, St. Petersburg Times and Star Tribune in Minneapolis.

Here's what E&P has to say about lil ole us:

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