The Company You Keep: Sheriff Joe Is One Step Removed From Vladimir Putin

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Arpaio and Seagal in 2012.

They say you're only as good as the company you keep.

Action star Steven Seagal likes to keep company with some of the world's so-called tough guys. His television show Steven Seagal: Lawman sprang from his friendships with two nationally famous sheriffs: Louisiana's Harry Lee and our own blowhard, Sheriff Joe. But the star seems to be taking his bromances to a new, international level.

Seagal's latest buddy is none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin. The actor was quoted on a Russian television station in June as saying, "I'm Russian, I love Russia, I love Russian people, and I love your president." The two reportedly share a love of martial arts. But it seems Seagal's support (surprise, surprise!) also extends to Putin's politics.

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Arpaio Uses Murder of West Virginia Sheriff for Self-Promotion

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can't get up.jpg

There's no end to how Sheriff Joe Arpaio can spin anything for a bit of shameless self-promotion. In West Virginia Thursrday, Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum was shot while in his car on a lunch break. Moments later, and 1,950 miles away in Phoenix, this sad news is fed through Arpaio's media-perversion machine and emerges something like this:

"According to Maricopa County Deputy Chief of Patrol, Dave Trombi, today's killing of Sheriff Crum has heightened security concerns for Sheriff Arpaio. Arpaio's life has been the subject of numerous threats from many quarters ranging from members of Mexican drug cartels to mentally deranged individuals, according to Trombi."

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Joe Arpaio Recall: Here's How to Sign the Petition

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Since we first started getting details about the effort to recall Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, readers have asked us how they can sign the petition.

Respect Arizona filled us in on a few ways to signing the petition, as the committee is attempting to gather more than 300,000 valid signatures to trigger the recall election.

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-Joe Arpaio Recall Paperwork Filed With Maricopa County Elections Department

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Arizona Republic Declares Joe Arpaio Recall Effort "Should Fail"

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The act of smoking meth.
At this point in time, it would be nearly impossible to convince us that there wasn't a crystal meth smoke-a-thon at the Arizona Republic's editorial board meeting on Sunday night.

The Republic editorial board has declared that the Arpaio recall "should fail," adding, "The recall is as much of an abuse of Arizona law as anything Arpaio has done."

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-Joe Arpaio Target of Recall by Same Community Leaders Who Ousted Russell Pearce
-Joe Arpaio Recall Paperwork Filed With Maricopa County Elections Department

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Joe Arpaio Recall Paperwork Filed With Maricopa County Elections Department

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Photo by Matthew Hendley
Sheriff Joe Arpaio
UPDATE: Joe Arpaio Target of Recall -- It's Official -- by Same Community Leaders Who Successfully Ousted Senator Russell Pearce

The political committee that's apparently going to try to recall Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio filed its registration paperwork with the county elections department this morning.

It's still not clear exactly who's behind the committee, Respect Arizona, but Citizens for a Better Arizona president Randy Parraz told Stephen Lemons this morning that he knows some stuff about it.

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-Joe Arpaio Recall? Randy Parraz Says No Involvement in Effort Claimed by Petition Partners

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Deborah Braillard Settlement, for MCSO Jail Death, Rejected by Board of Supervisors

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Deborah Braillard
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors rejected the $3.25 million settlement for the family of diabetic Deborah Braillard, who died in 2005 after not getting medical treatment in MCSO jail.

ABC 15, which has been closely tracking the Braillard case, reports that the vote ended in a tie after Supervisor Don Stapley recused himself, which means the case will go back to trial.

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-Joe Arpaio's Victim Deborah Braillard: Seven Figure Settlement in Wrongful Death Lawsuit
-What's Mom Worth?: When a Woman Became Deathly Ill in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Jail, Guards and Nurses Ignored Her Agony

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Who is Sheriff Arpaio for $2,000?

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arpaio jeopardy question.jpg

Did anyone else get the question to this answer right on Jeopardy on Tuesday evening?

Sheriff Arpaio's Most Ridiculous Moments of 2012 (Thus Far)

Arpaio sweaty.jpg
From an authoritative book review on a book he never actually read to backlash from a cockfight with Steven Seagal, it's been a busy first six months of 2012 for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. With the Fourth of July upon us, it's only right that we honor this self-anointed American hero with a list of Arpaio's Top 5 Ridiculous Moments of 2012 (Thus Far...).

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El Mirage Rape Victim, 13, Decides Not to Pursue Case Dropped by Sheriff Arpaio's Office in '07

Categories: Arpaio
arpaio children story art.jpg

A 13-year-old girl whose molestation claims were ignored by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office doesn't want to pursue her case, the girl's mother tells New Times.

We're not disclosing their names. But we mentioned the Chicago-area mother and daughter in our February 16 feature article about how Sheriff Joe Arpaio's misguided priorities led to numerous sex-crimes cases being poorly investigated.

In what police reports call a credible and "clearly prosecutable" case, the girl alleged in 2006 -- when she was 8 -- that her father had been molesting her for about two years. A detective from the Sheriff's Office interviewed the girl in 2007 but didn't bother to interview her father, who was sitting in an Arizona prison at the time because of a conviction for armed robbery.

The case was similar to dozens of others in El Mirage and elsewhere in the Valley that weren't worked by Arpaio's office from 2005 to 2007 -- even while the sheriff found time to dedicate immense time and manpower to projects like training police officers in Honduras. 

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National Review: Sheriff Joe Arpaio "Will Not Win and (Does) Not Deserve To"

national review logo.JPG

An unsigned opinion article in the conservative magazine National Review today states that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio doesn't deserve to win re-election.

The magazine has previously run articles that defended Arpaio, but the sheriff's recent "birther" madness pushed it over the edge.

That's understandable, because the National Review has already debunked the same so-called evidence Arpaio recently released that purports to prove President Obama's birth certificate isn't real.

Here's what the magazine has to say about Arpaio and other birther-conspiracy nuts holding public office:

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