Pima County Medical Examiner Finds a Way to Identify More Missing Border Crossers

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CPOA via Flickr

Pima County has one of the largest collection of missing-persons reports in the nation.

Of the Mexican border crossers that die in Arizona each year, mostly due to heat exhaustion and dehydration, most are unidentified. But because heat causes their bodies to dry out and mummify, it makes identifying them by fingerprinting almost impossible.

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Loop 101 in Scottsdale Getting More Lanes as Part of Several Highway Changes in 2014

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Alan Stark via Flickr

The Arizona Department of Transportation plans to move forward on several long-anticipated projects this year, particularly on the Loop 101 and 202 highways.

All the projects will be funded through federal and state highway funds, which are collected through gas taxes, vehicle license fees, and auto registration fees, according to ADOT.

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10 Arizona Towns With the Best Names

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Robert Huffstutter via Flickr

Not every town in Arizona has a name its townspeople ought to be ashamed of, as we explored in our list of the 10 Arizona towns with the worst names.

Now, we'll give you the list of the 10 best-named towns in Arizona:

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10 Arizona Towns With the Worst Names

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Robert Huffstutter via Flickr

You know who sucks at naming towns? A lot of people who have set up shop in Arizona.

Check out the 10 worst names for Arizona towns -- including towns like Santa Claus, Arizona, and Nothing, Arizona -- below:

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Phoenix Man Crushed by 30-Ton Boulder Near Flagstaff

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Coconino County Sheriff's Office

A man from the Phoenix area was hit and pinned by a 30-ton boulder while he was trying to remove a different boulder from a dirt road near Flagstaff.

The Coconino County Sheriff's Office says the man, whose name hasn't been released, was part of a crew that was going to work on a radio tower on Mount Elden, which is northeast of Flagstaff.

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Don't Tread On Me, I'm DON SHOOTER!: Senator Allegedly Assaults Teacher


One Arizona school may need to hire guards to protect itself -- not from gang violence or fear of school shootings, but from Yuma Republican State Senator and advocate of guns in schools, Don Shooter. 

Yuma PD says that Shooter burst into a charter school for troubled teens that his grandson attends, where he yelled at and intimidated a teacher. A police report notes that the teacher, Danielle Munoz, would like to press charges. Shooter could be charged with assault, trespassing and interference or disruption of an educational institution.

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Portion of PHX Sky Train Opens Soon, Rest To Be Completed "In The Future"

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Phoenix Sky Train

Phoenix Sky Harbor tweeted yesterday that its new PHX Sky Train will open April 8th.

The Sky Train will ferry visitors from parking lots, the car rental area, the light rail stop on 44th Street and to the various terminals. So far, workers have completed 1.7 miles of track. But there are two more portions to be completed. The next .7 miles should be finished sometime in early 2015, and the last 2.5 miles will be finished sometime "in the future," according to Phoenix Sky Harbor. (Hopefully for Sky Harbor this happens before the entire Valley turns into an arid martian landscape due to global warming, see recent L.A. Times article.) 

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Guess What a Kingman Man in a Stolen Car Kept in a Box Labeled "Meth Time"

Mohave County Sheriff's Office
Richard "Meth Time" Prunty
If you have four warrants for your arrest, and you're in a stolen car, we suppose carrying around a box labeled "Meth Time" isn't outside the realm of possibility.

According to information provided by the Mohave County Sheriff's Office, the man doing the aforementioned things was 20-year-old Richard Prunty, a Kingman resident.

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