Joe Arpaio Claims for the Zillionth Time That He Was Almost Blown to Smithereens

Photo by Matthew Hendley
Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Stop us if you've heard this one before: Someone far, far away from Maricopa County has been arrested for threatening to blow Sheriff Joe Arpaio to greasy chunks.

It's possible you've heard this one before because this happens to be the fourth time an alleged "bomb threat" has been made against Arpaio since April, the MCSO claims.

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Joe Arpaio's Armed Patrols of Schools to Continue for Another Year

Photo by Matthew Hendley
A posse member in action.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's armed citizen patrols of schools is continuing for another school year.

Arpaio's NRA-approved posse patrols went without any serious incidents last year, when Arpaio instituted the program in response to the Newtown, Connecticut, elementary school shooting.

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California May Free Ill and Elderly Inmates, but Joe Arpaio Offers to Jail Them Instead

Photo by Matthew Hendley
Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Due to prison overcrowding in California, state officials there are planning to release about a thousand inmates and relocate thousands more, according to recent media reports.

The plan, according to the Los Angeles Times, is that "low-level criminals, as well as seriously ill and elderly inmates, could be released."

That's not sitting well with Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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Joe Arpaio Celebrating the 20th Birthday of His "Concentration Camp," Tent City

The grand opening of Tent City in 1993.

Who celebrates 20 years of running what they describe as a "concentration camp," and takes pride in exposing men and women to the elements of the desert?

Only the leader of that "concentration camp," of course -- Maricopa County Fuehrer Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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Joe Arpaio Wants to Run the Department of Homeland Security in Kenya?


Here's your "Moment of Zen" for the day: Elderly Sheriff Joe Arpaio wonders if President Obama will call him for the Department of Homeland Security post being vacated by Janet Napolitano.

It seems a bit strange that Arpaio has a desire to collude with a president he claims has a fake birth certificate.

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Joe Arpaio's Latest "Death Threat": Man Says He'll Take Imaginary Cartel Bounty

Photo by Matthew Hendley

The definition of "death threat" continues to grow for Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office arrested a Peoria man for making a "death threat" against Arpaio, by making a comment online about taking a $2 million bounty from Mexican drug cartels for Arpaio's head. The main problem, of course, is that a $2 million bounty from Mexican drug cartels for Arpaio's head doesn't exist.

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Joe Arpaio's Disgusting Arm Sling Actually Purchased by Human Being

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, appearing at least 90 percent dead in this photo with wife Ava.
An actual person has agreed to pay thousands of real, American dollars for Sheriff Joe Arpaio's (likely) smelly and dead-skin-encrusted arm sling.

The buyer, retired California cop Buck Dikes, won the eBay auction with a $2,600 bid.

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Want to Blow Joe Arpaio's Head Off? You'll Get Arrested for Saying That

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Deputies from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office are taking a vacation tracking down a wanted man in Southern California this week, after yet another non-credible "death threat" was directed at Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

It appears that saying you "want" to blow Arpaio's head off is the same thing as threatening to do so, at least in the eyes of the MCSO.

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Joe Arpaio's Gross Arm Sling for Sale on eBay

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Some disgusting human beings are bidding on a piece of used medical equipment that's covered in elderly Sheriff Joe Arpaio's dead skin cells.

The eBay ad, which doesn't include Arpaio's jock strap as a free bonus, alleges that the money is going toward MCSO's MASH unit for abused animals.

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Joe Arpaio, Elderly Sheriff, Claims He's a Victim of Discrimination (LOL)

Allegedly not-dead Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
Elderly Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio claims he's a victim of discrimination.

Because of Arpaio's age, he's being targeted by MCSO deputies who are pulling over elderly drivers en masse. He's being grilled about his citizenship because of how his skin looks, and is being held by deputies longer than people who don't look like him. Whoops, never mind, we're thinking of Latino people.

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