Jan Brewer Stars in Another Jan Brewer Brain Fart, With Eight Pronunciations of "Tuskegee"

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Governor Jan Brewer cut the head cheese.

Stop us if you've heard this one before, but Governor Jan Brewer had an incredibly difficult time spitting out words.

Brewer was commemorating those famous African-American pilots from World War II yesterday -- you know, the Tusakee, Tusks, Tuh-see-gee, Tuskegee, Tuska-skee, Tuske-tuh, TUSKEGEE, Tus-kee-kee, Tus-kuh-kee Airmen.

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Jan Brewer Still Hasn't Made Up Her Mind on Run for Unconstitutional Third Term

Matthew Hendley
Governor Jan Brewer

Governor Jan Brewer still hasn't made up her mind on whether she's running for a likely unconstitutional third term.

We say "likely unconstitutional" because the Arizona Constitution says a governor can't hold office "for more than two consecutive terms," and we're under the impression three is more than two.

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Jan Brewer Claims to Have Had a "Positive" Meeting With President Obama

Photo by Matthew Hendley
Governor Jan Brewer

From what we can tell, Governor Jan Brewer didn't do anything obnoxious to the President of the United States today.

It appears that the governor avoided embarrassing the state's residents again, by choosing to keep her finger away from President Obama's face on this occasion.

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Equality Arizona Supports Referendum Against HB 2305, Known as the Voter Suppression Law

Equality Arizona is endorsing efforts to let voters decide whether to keep a recently approved law that makes sweeping changes to the election process.

Protect Your Right to Vote, a political committee, is backing the referendum of HB 2305, a law opponents say suppresses voters ability to get on the ballot or cast one.

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Jan Brewer Ranks Among Worst Governors in Nation, Says D.C.-Based Watchdog Group

Jan Brewer
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a liberal-leaning watchdog group, released a report today naming the worst governors in the nation -- and not surprisingly, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer made the Top Ten.

Good ol' Brewer isn't one to disappoint.

Although she didn't rise to level of "ringmaster" in CREW's circus-themed examination, she did earn the title of "clown."

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10 Strangest Things That Have Come Out of Jan Brewer's Mouth in the Last Year

via Fox News
Governor Jan Brewer, on the verge of saying something colossally dumb.
It has gotten to the point that the public is generally unfazed by Governor Jan Brewer's monumental struggles with the English language.

That includes earlier this week, when Brewer kind of expressed her support for the "Gang of Eight" immigration bill, and her press team spent the rest of the day explaining that she really didn't. But Brewer has enlightened the public much less on many more occasions -- check out our list of the 10 strangest things that have come out of Brewer's mouth over the last year (which doesn't include any physical objects, just words):

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Jan Brewer Praised for Endorsing Immigration Bill, Which She Didn't Actually Endorse

Photo by Matthew Hendley
Despite what you may have heard, Governor Jan Brewer did not endorse the "Gang of Eight" immigration-reform bill.

However, it certainly may have sounded like she endorsed the bill, given her apparent inability to speak clearly.

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Jan Brewer Signs Elections Bill to Keep Third Parties Away, Prevent Counting of Some Votes

Governor Jan Brewer
Governor Jan Brewer signed an elections bill into law that fixes things that never really seemed to be broken.

Brewer's signature on House Bill 2305 will help keep third-party candidates off ballots, will help prevent people from getting early-voting ballots, and bans political groups from picking up early-voting ballots from people and dropping them off with elections officials.

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Jan Brewer to Speak at Dedication of New Shooting Range Because, Um, Guns

Governor Jan Brewer, the chief executive of the Colt Single Action Army Revolver State™, will be spending her Wednesday morning speaking at the dedication of the sacred ground known as the Tri-State Shooting Park.

Somehow, folks in Bullhead City have survived 13 years without a public shooting range, and the Arizona Game and Fish Department is heading up the dedication ceremony on Wednesday.

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Watch Jan Brewer Brain-Fart Twice While Making Up the Phrase "Belt Bucket"

As Governor Jan Brewer says about the feds, "This is just another . . . (pause) . . . notch in their . . . (pause) . . . belt bucket, if you will."

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-Jan Brewer Blunders that Feds' National Release of Illegal Immigrants Is Payback, Punishment for Arizona

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