Phoenix Meth-Head Chases Imaginary People Into Ceiling of Tempe Hotel, Police Say

Nathan Jongewaard via Flickr

A Phoenix meth addict locked himself inside a bathroom in the lobby of a Tempe hotel for nearly an hour in his quest to chase down two imaginary people, police say.

Jason Meyers, 33, managed to crawl into the ceiling at one point, although court documents obtained by New Times don't indicate whether that was before or after he broke a toilet and smeared his own blood all over the walls of the bathroom.

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Naked Meth-Head in Phoenix Park Claimed Stranger Offered to Wash His Clothes, Cops Say

Phil Roeder via Flickr

A naked meth-head in a Phoenix park told police he had a good reason he was walking around completely naked.

Steve Charow, a 47-year-old Phoenix resident who just happens to be a registered sex offender (surprise!) tried to explain that a Good Samaritan he met in the park offered to wash his clothes for him, so he stripped down and handed them over, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

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Shane Chavis Skipped Court for His Naked Silly String Episode in Dollar Store; Cops Allegedly Catch Him With Drugs Again

See also: Four Days of Meth Use Leads Scottsdale Man to Naked Picnic in Dollar Store Bathroom -- Before Covering Store in Silly String

Shane Chavis, after the naked Silly String experiment
Shane Chavis -- best known for his role as the allegedly naked man who had a naked picnic in a Dollar Tree bathroom before he used 10 cans of Silly String to decorate the Phoenix store -- was arrested again yesterday for skipping out on his court date in that case.

You might think that the Silly String episode would've been the point where Chavis turned it around, but police would probably disagree, considering the needle loaded with heroin allegedly found in his pocket yesterday.

It was March 2010 when the Silly String incident occurred, as he was busted by a Dollar Tree employee who noticed water running under the door of the store's restroom.

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Mark Lockhead in Another Naked-Meth-Head Story

Mark Lockhead knows it's illegal to walk around in public with his junk hanging out. But he did it anyway -- after smoking meth, of course.
The latest addition to New Times' ongoing series on naked meth-heads is 39-year-old Mark Brian Lockhead, who was found naked -- and, of course, hopped up on meth -- outside a Phoenix motel Friday night.

About 9 p.m. Friday, Phoenix police were called to the Paradise Motel at 2433 East Van Buren Street in Phoenix in response to a naked man harassing hotel patrons. One of those patrons was a 4-year-old girl, who got a good look at Lockhead's junk.

Lockhead, who's "self-employed," was seen by officers standing in the doorway of his hotel room completely in the buff.

The complaining witnesses -- two middle-aged woman and a 4-year-old girl -- told police that when they walked past Lockhead's room, he came out (completely naked), didn't say anything to anyone, but made eye contact with one of the woman and smiled.

Needless to say, the women were "offended and shocked."

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Naked Meth-Head to Cops: I'm Lying Naked in Field to Feel "Closer to God"

Jose Juan Peralta feels closest to God while on meth and lying naked in a field.
​When most people want to get closer to God, they go to church. Not 36-year-old Juan Jose Peralta. According to police, he finds smoking meth, stripping down in a Mesa field, and exposing himself as the best way to get cozy with the creator.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Mesa police were called to a field near 500 East Nance Lane after a man reported seeing a naked guy "waving his arms wildly in the air" -- his genitals in full view of the victim and his 13-year-old son.

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