Emma Lovett, Home-Porn Girl, and Mounted MCSO Deputies - Together at Last

Image: twitter.com/LovettEmma/media
Emma Lovett gets some love from an MCSO mounted deputy.
Home-based porn girl Emma Lovett appears to be enjoyed by at least one mounted Maricopa Sheriff's Office deputy in a Fourth of July Twitter pic.

"Peace," officer!

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Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu's PAC Gets Donations From Former Suns' Owner, Others

A Paul Babeu selfie you won't see in the sheriff solicitations for campaign funds.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu raised about $26,000 in the first five months of the year for his political action committee dubbed "Paul Babeu for Arizona."

You might wonder who's donating to the border hawk Republican who derailed his own Congressional campaign by sending half-naked photos of himself and sexually charged text messages to an anonymous man, and posting an online profile on a hook-up site for gay men -- which included his penis size and what sexual positions he prefers?

(And who can forget the allegations leveled against Babeu by his former lover, a Mexican national who claimed that Babeu threatened to deport him is he revealed the sheriff was gay.)

On his list of donors -- Jim Click, owner of auto dealerships in southern Arizona, donated $1,000; political consultant Jason Rose chipped in $2,500; former Phoenix Suns owner Jerry Colangelo was good for $1,000; and Matt Benson, former Arizona Republic reporter and spokesman for Governor Jan Brewer, kicked in $100.

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State: Cold Case Posse Can Use Maricopa County Sheriff's Office as Corporate Address

Image: Photo illustration by Phoenix New Times; Wikipedia picture..
It turns out that the Maricopa County Sheriff's Cold Case Posse can use the Sheriff's Office headquarters address in corporate filings, even though the posse's based somewhere else.

Rebecca Wilder, spokeswoman for the Arizona Corporation Commission, checked in with the agency's staff this morning at the request of New Times to find out why the posse's in "delinquent" status.

Her answer:

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Arpaio's Obama-Hunting Cold Case Posse in Trouble With State for Filing Bogus Address

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Brian Reilly and Mike Zullo in happier times.
The ultimate Obama birthers, the members of the county's Cold Case Posse, listed a bogus address in filings with the state and now may have their corporation dissolved.

Arizona Corporation Commission online records show the Cold Case Posse corporation, a nonprofit, is in "delinquent" status.

It has 60 days to fix the problem. But since the problem is that the posse was trying to hide its real address from the public, it seems unlikely it will be fixed in a way that reveals an honest street address, as state law requires.

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Randy Pullen, Candidate for Treasurer, Was Investigated in SCA Campaign-Finance Scandal

Image: Facebook
Randy Pullen
Randy Pullen, a CPA who's running for state treasurer, is either a fool or a liar.

Not in general, mind you:

We're talking strictly about his role in a campaign-finance scandal that helped destroy the careers of three of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's top men.

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Ex-MCSO Deputy Allegedly Had Drugs in Evidence Bags in His Garage


Ramon Charley Armendariz, who was an MCSO deputy before his run-in with police last week, had drugs in his garage that investigators found in evidence bags, according to court documents.

According to court documents, deputies found "possible drugs" at Armendariz's place, including pot, meth, heroin, and LSD. These finds were made after Armendariz called 911 Wednesday night to report a burglar in his house -- a burglar that didn't exist.

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Unmarked Posse Cars to Ditch Government Plates After Birther's Tell-All Article

Brian Reilly with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo, chief investigator for the Cold Case Posse's Obama conspiracy case.
Was last week's posse crisis triggered by a former Cold Case Posse's whistle-blowing article on March 9?

Brian Reilly, the former posseman and an ex-Surprise Tea Party member, believes so.

A new policy affecting posse cars and other vehicles put into effect on Thursday suggests he could be right.

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Sheriff Arpaio to Visit Posse in Sun City to Discuss Vehicle-Insurance Problem

Image: Ray Stern
Sheriff's Office vehicles displaying government plates, in apparent violation of a 2012 Sheriff's Office policy change, sat idle on Wednesday.
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will reportedly discuss the snafu over vehicle insurance for posse vehicles in Sun City today.

Meanwhile, we found out that a third posse unit has parked its vehicles, contradicting information put out previously by the Sheriff's Office (which didn't respond to our inquiries about the fact on Wednesday).

The problem seems to have begun when a Sheriff's Office representative sent a memo on March 24 to posse units operating vehicles with government plates to let them know they were in violation of a July 2012 policy change.

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Maricopa County Posse Vehicles Violate Policy, May Lose Authorization by April 24, Memo Says

Image: Ray Stern
Sun City posse vehicles remain parked as of Tuesday.
A March 24 memo sent by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office to Valley posse organizations warns that many posse vehicles violate a 2012 policy.

The memo, obtained by the Phoenix New Times this morning, came about a week before the announcement over the weekend by the Sun City West and Sun City posses that they'd suspended operations. The posses later said they were open for business -- but that they couldn't use their vehicles, which remained parked as of Tuesday afternoon.

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Arpaio's Office: Sun City Posse Halted Vehicle Use Itself Due to "Insurance Glitch"

Image: scwposse.com
Sun City West posse members in an undated photo.
Contradicting several published reports, Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio's office now says that no posse program was ever suspended due to an insurance "glitch."

The precise nature of the "glitch" still isn't being explained to the public by county leadership or Sheriff Arpaio.

But it seems to have something to do with 115 vehicles owned by posses that have not been covered by insurance, or at least not the right insurance.

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