John Kavanagh's Roast of Joe Arpaio Sets Liberal Ninnies Aflame with False Indignation

Luster Kaboom

To read all the fake outrage spewed by schoolmarmish lefties over state Representative John Kavanagh's skewering of Sheriff Joe Arpaio during a recent roast of the aged autocrat, you'd think Kavanagh had shot a Mexican man in Reno just to watch him die.

Don't get me wrong, I take a back seat to no one in spanking the right-wing Republican from Fountain Hills whenever I can.

I've ripped Kavanagh new orifices in the past over his support for Arizona's ethnic-cleansing law, Senate Bill 1070, and for his slavish political alliance with recalled, disgraced former state Senate President Russell Pearce.

I've excoriated Kavanagh, chair of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, for accepting free trips for himself and his wife to Azerbaijan and Commie China, and then turning around and sticking it to poor Arizonans with a bill to restrict panhandling.

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SB 1062 Uproar: Can Arizona Democrats Capitalize on It in November?


Update 2/26/14 5:59 PM: Jan Brewer Vetoes SB 1062

Back in the dark ages, Republicans used to be all about the economy, stupid. A chicken in every pot, a home-entertainment center in every living room.

Take, for instance, our last great Republican president -- William Jefferson Clinton. He demonstrated that a Democrat (in name) could be pro-business, and during his presidency, the nation enjoyed eight years of peace and prosperity.

Sadly, the GOP long ago abandoned the putative goal of economic prosperity for the mental mud-wrestling of ideological politics.

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Joe Arpaio's Bread and Circuses on Blast in Randy Murray's The Joe Show

Randy Murray Productions
"It's amazing what I say and what I do and what I get away with," says Arpaio in The Joe Show

Most places in the United States are not dominated by a single personality. Sure, in Washington, President Obama's every movement is news, and in New York, it's Gotham's mayor who garners the most media time.

Yet here, in the nation's sixth-biggest city and fourth-biggest county, not a week goes by that we are not told -- usually more than once -- that Sheriff Joe Arpaio bestrides Maricopa County like a two-bit colossus with a bad haircut.

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Tom Horne's High-Priced Legal Beagles Cannot Explain Away Horne's Blatant Corruption

Pool Photo by Tom Tingle, Arizona Republic
Horne, kissing his political career goodbye...

Day one of an administrative hearing into alleged campaign-finance shenanigans by Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne found Phoenix attorney Buddy Rake's genteel Texas drawl dipping in and out of the Federal Election Commission's definition of what constitutes illegal "coordination" by a candidate.

That's what Horne is alleged to have done with the independent expenditure committee Business Leaders for Arizona in 2010, when his political operative and current outreach director, Kathleen Winn, set her gun sights on Felecia Rotellini, the Democratic candidate for attorney general.

Rake is part of a four-man team of lawyers representing Horne and Winn. At question is whether Horne and Winn coordinated the creation and financing of a TV ad attacking Rotellini as a pro-illegal, pro-union liberal who "sold Arizona out."

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Birthers, Birchers, and Assorted Republinuts Let Their Freak Flags Fly, While Dems Become the Party of Pot

New Times Photo Illustration
I have a terrible confession: I heart Sand Land Republicans.

For a sheer boredom-killer, there's nothing like a congregation of them, such as at the Arizona GOP's mandatory January meeting, where I'm always entertained.

Where else can you watch a pretty conservative five-term U.S. senator be censured by his own party because he's not wingnutty enough?

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John Kavanagh Could Teach Panhandlers a Few Tricks

State Representative John Kavanagh revels in his self-appointed role as the rightwinger Arizona lefties love most to hate.

Since recalled, disgraced former state Senate President Russell Pearce (Kavanagh's pal) was pounded into mainstream political irrelevance in 2011, Kavanagh's eclipsed his erstwhile mentor to become Sand Land's Lord Voldemort for liberals, dreaming up all kinds of ways to send those on the D-side into fits of apoplexy.

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