Abortion Queen Cathi Herrod Is Back With Another Sick Piece of Legislation Endangering Women and the Doctors Who Serve Them

GOP legislators shamelessly bow and scrape before Cathi Herrod.
Without abortion and gay sex, Cathi Herrod would cease to exist, melting like the Wicked Witch of the West hit with a torrential downpour.

Why, the more sodomy, scissoring, and pregnancy terminations there are, the better off Herrod, president of the Center for Arizona Policy, is.

See, her six-figure salary at the far-right, evangelical Christian "nonprofit" depends on her fanning the flames of hatred against gays and railing against the evils of not carrying a pregnancy to term.

Ironically (or not, depending on how you look at it), you could say Herrod's doing a dang good job of keeping the abortion rate high in Arizona.

According to Planned Parenthood, nearly 30 pieces of CAP-backed legislation restricting abortion have been introduced at the state Legislature since 2009.

In that time, the number of abortions performed in the state has increased from more than 10,000 in 2009 to more than 13,000 in 2013.

Herrod contends this rise is because of a change in reporting requirements that occurred in 2010.

Sure it is, Cathi. (Wink.)

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Arpaio's End Game: Judge Snow Sets the Sheriff's Contempt Hearing for April, but Joe Has Some Tricks Up His Sleeve

Gage Skidmore
Arpaio: A slow decline seems inevitable

Would it surprise you one iota if I told you that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has boasted of investigating federal Judge G. Murray Snow and his family, according to some very credible sources?

I doubt it, particularly if you've been in Maricopa County for any length of time and have not had your head up a camel's hindquarters.

After all, this is the same sheriff who has a 22-year history of ginning up criminal charges against his enemies, opening their mail, tailing them, investigating them on bogus accusations, arresting them without cause, implicating them in bizarre conspiracy theories, and otherwise violating their civil rights under the color of law.

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Ankle-Biters: Bill Montgomery Spurns the Canine Crazies, and Arpaio Goes Prosecutor-Shopping, Again

Montgomery's standing tall against the Green Acre lynch mob, for now.

An indigo army of the insipid recently laid siege to the Maricopa County Administration Building in downtown Phoenix to berate County Attorney Bill Montgomery for dropping almost all charges against the owners and caretakers of Gilbert's Green Acre Dog Boarding facility in the deaths of 20-plus dogs last June.

Purple is the color the canine crazies adopted for ribbons in support of what they refer to as the "Gilbert 23." As they rallied on the steps of the building that's home to Monty's offices, they held purple balloons and hugged pups swathed in purple.

"We can't breathe," read one sign, "because we are sealed in a room without ventilation."

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Reasons to Welcome 2015: Governor Bruja and AG Horne-Dog Exit Stage Right, and Arpaio Could Be Held in Contempt

Photos by Gage Skidmore
Compared to has-been Jan Brewer, our new governor, Doug Ducey, at least has a college degree, and is not nearly as nasty as the bruja.

Am I wrong to feel weirdly optimistic, here at the start of 2015?

First, there's the prospect that federal Judge G. Murray Snow finally will find Sheriff Joe Arpaio in contempt of court in the ACLU's big racial-profiling case Melendres v. Arpaio.

Granted, waiting for Arpaio to get his just deserts is a little like watching cobwebs grow, but Judge Snow seems at long last to have gotten the message I've been blasting for some time now.

Which is: Until Arpaio is held in contempt, he and his office never will truly comply with Snow's rulings in Melendres. You'll recall that in 2013, Snow found the MCSO guilty of racial profiling and ordered a series of reforms, including a monitor.

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Blue Babies: Police Chief Danny Garcia Was Right about Cop Union PLEA, Which Is Why He's Gone

Ex-Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia, the latest victim of the PPD's parasitic police union.

Former Phoenix Police Chief Danny Garcia fought the law, and the law won. And too often, the law in this town is spelled P-L-E-A, the acronym for the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, the union that "represents" around 2,600 rank-and-file Phoenix cops.

I write "represents" in quotation marks because, though PLEA is required by city ordinance to be the bargaining unit for all Phoenix officers below the rank of sergeant, only about 2,000 are dues-paying members.

Even fewer bother to vote in PLEA's leadership elections. According to PLEA's own website, just "253 valid ballots" were counted in the 2013 PLEA election of officers, which included current president, the ever-dyspeptic Joe Clure.

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Obama's Executive Action on Immigration Reduces the GOP to a Blubbering Mass of Bigoted Whiners

Obama: turning the tables on dimwitted GOPers with his immigration gambit.

President Barack Obama's pre-Thanksgiving executive action granting a temporary reprieve from deportation for up to 5 million undocumented individuals was a brilliant example of asymmetric warfare.

Just two weeks after a major Republican midterm victory, with GOPers gaining control of the U.S. Senate, increasing their numbers in the U.S. House, and promising to undo Obama's signature achievement in office, the Affordable Care Act, Obama outflanked his massive, lumbering opposition and sent it scattering.

Depending on which bigoted blubberers from the right you want to cite, the tuskers are ready to retaliate with a lawsuit or by shutting down the government or by defunding certain federal agencies or by impeaching the president.

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Green Acre Lynch Mob: Joe Arpaio Leads Media and Public on Mission of Vengeance Against Jeff Flake's Son

Dennis Gilman; Gage Skidmore
Montgomery caved to emotion in the Green Acre case, Arpaio has skillfully exploited it.

I rarely look to politicians for common sense, but I thought Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery had stumbled onto some at a press conference in September, when he addressed the situation at the Green Acre Dog Boarding facility in Gilbert.

Montgomery explained that he'd just received the voluminous results of an investigation by the Sheriff's Office into the deaths of more than 20 dogs at the business in June. Hyperthermia and suffocation have been offered as reasons for the deaths.

The canines expired after getting left overnight in a locked, crowded room where the air conditioner was not working properly.

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Mob Rule's Rejects: How the Ninth Circuit Thwarted the "Will of the People" and Why That's a Good Thing

Francisco Goya/Museo del Prado
Spanish master Francisco Goya's 1799 etching The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters easily could apply to the insanity of 21st-century America

Like a visual version of an earworm -- you know, those songs that get caught in your head and you can't get out -- I've been thinking a lot lately about a famous 18th-century etching by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya called The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters.

It features an image of an artist asleep at his desk while a collection of owls, bats, and other creatures of the night swirl about him.

My "eyeworm," to coin a term, is a result of too much television and Twitter, two marvels of modernity that project the stupidities of mankind.

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County GOP Chair A.J. LaFaro Wants His Own Cult, and Puente's Carlos Garcia Gets a Reason to Vote

Dennis Gilman
Republican wild man A.J. LaFaro may be going back for a second helping of whupass from GOP blogger Barbara Espinosa

A lot of Latinos are ticked by President Barack Obama's decision to delay any further executive orders on immigration until after the election.

But let's be honest, with the U.S. Senate up for grabs in a handful of close races around the country, to have done otherwise would've been foolhardy.

Obama's delay may not save the Senate from falling to the Republicans, but while there's still a chance to retain the upper chamber, why hand the GOPers a 9-­iron to whack the Democrats with?

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Bill Montgomery's Alliance with Anti-Islam Bigot John Guandolo Has Made Us Less Safe

Demonstrators outside Montgomery's recent anti-Islam seminar in Tempe, countering hate with positivity

One rule of McCarthyism is that anyone critical of scurrilous activity by its practitioners instantly is suspect.

In the 1950s, communists and communist sympathizers were the bugbears of infamous Wisconsin U.S. Senator Joe McCarthy, whose name has become synonymous with the unscrupulous ruining of reputations.

For Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and disgraced former FBI agent John Guandolo, the target is an entire religion, Islam.

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