Ruben Gallego, Quickly Ascending Political Star, Likely Heading to Congress

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Monica Alonzo
Ruben Gallego and his wife, Kate, celebrating victory.

Ruben Gallego's political star has ascended quickly in Arizona politics.

Last night, the 34-year-old beat out a politically connected and well-known Democrat in a race for Arizona's 7th Congressional District.

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In November, he'll face a challenge from Independent candidate Jose Peñalosa, an immigration attorney, and Libertarian Joe Cobb.

But given Gallego's well-oiled and well-funded political machine -- and significant victory over Mary Rose Wilcox, a fixture in Latino politics -- it's unlikely Peñalosa or Cobb will put a significant dent in Gallego's general election campaign.

Even so, Gallego and his team want to continue urging residents to vote in the general election to help other statewide Democratic candidates.

That is, after some much needed sleep.

Andy Barr, a consultant on Gallego's congressional campaign, says that "part of the reason so many people gravitated to this campaign is because it's about something bigger than just one candidate."

The aim is consistent turn out from the predominately Latino districts.

"We can't just go to voters a few weeks before an election and ask them to vote," Barr says. "We need to make people feel connected to their community."

Getting people to show up on Election Day is what Gallego is good at.

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The winners of the sixth annual Izzy Award are JOHN CARLOS FREY (for reporting on U.S./ Mexico border deaths

Nathan Schneider
Nathan Schneider

Two years in the House and now he'll have a cushy $100k job in Wash D.C., benefits...retirement...


As an over 35 year resident of the valley, I am ECSTATIC that Gallego beat Wilcox. I have hated that biiiiitch for many years.

CONGRATS Mr. Gallego and THANK YOU to ALL who voted for him.


Wilcox shouldn't have accepted money from the county she was charged with managing. She shot herself in the ass when she colluded with David Smith for a cool million dollar severance package.

Good riddance

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