Tom Horne's Complaint Against Mark Brnovich's Judge Wife Rejected

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Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne has a fierce following among certain women. In fact, the guy's got a whole cadre of gals willing to do his bidding, a veritable Praetorian Guard of political hatchet-ladies.

Kathleen Winn, Horne's outreach director and co-defendant in his campaign finance case, comes to mind. A die-hard Horne loyalist, I guess you could say she's the captain of Horne's Praetorian Guard.

One Horne partisan from Pinal County is Teresa Ottesen Binder, whom I met at a cocktail-party/fundraiser for the AG that I crashed back in May.

Binder struck me as a nice enough person, though like most in Horne's ever-dwindling camp, she seemed completely incapable of explaining her support for a sleaze like Horne.

Susan Brnovich's appearance in this campaign video for her hubby Mark is a-okay, according to AZ's Commission on Judicial Conduct

Binder was on the host committee for a May fundraiser for Horne, and in 2013, when Horne held a press conference, backing legislation allowing select educators to pack pistols in public schools, Binder, a substitute teacher, was there to support the proposal.

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I didn't know when I met her that Binder had used a piece I'd written in February to lodge a complaint against the wife of Horne's primary rival Mark Brnovich.

Read the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct's decision on Mark Brnovich's wife, Judge Susan Brnovich.

See, Susan Brnovich is a Maricopa County Superior Court Judge, and she has appeared in a YouTube video for the campaign, wherein she discusses what a great guy her husband is, natch.

Pretty tame stuff, but there was a legitimate question about whether Judge Brnovich was allowed to do this under Arizona's Code of Judicial Conduct, which bars judges from campaigning for anyone but themselves.

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Why does Arizona have so many corrupt scumbags in government?

Francisco Cortez
Francisco Cortez

Why is this guy even relevant? He's as corrupt as they get.


District -27 Rebecca  Rios  ...


Therr is a dude that knows what time of day it is. Wow.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Now, finally, we at least know HorneBoi's wife's name. She certainly has stayed out of the limelight. What I don't understand is that after everything that's happened, she hasn't kicked him out of the house. His "taking care" of his Cuban mistress should be more than enough to make her run off to Vegas to get a quickie divorce.


Hes still an intern at corruption compared to  to "Teflon Joe"  Arpaio.


@eric.nelson745 who knows maybe she has a thing lined up on the side too with Fernando, the pool guy! you'd be surprised how wild and crazy some old folks are. 

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